Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 details leak

18 November 2021
Both foldables will be improved next year.

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what to expect for zflip 4:
- better battery? no need, battery is great already
- faster charging.. YEAH, it's shocking that despite 2 batteries there's no parallel charging.. omg, how could they even release such low specs 15w, 9w wireless?
- crease? is fine, love to touch it..tho in dark it's too noticable
- SPEN? small spen would be fine
- camera under display?? YES please, remove those disgusting punchholes already!! wating for 4 seasons already for this madness to stop.. or remove selfie completely. Screw the front camera.
- USB3/Dex.. well to be honest, noone is using Dex so it's not an issue.. i thought it is.. but it's not.

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I need a flip but with an external display like the Motorola Razr 5G. Unfortunately I am returning my Razr, it’s an alright sexy stove. It also screeches to replace a decent speaker. I love Motorola and not a fan of Samsung at all, but I will buy a Flip once I can answer to texts on the external display. Even with weaker processors they usually sell in my area, I would still get Samsung. I didn’t know HOW important were stereo speakers, wireless charging and …well… a good camera AND TO NOT BURN lmao

  • gogo

Dr Jones, 29 Nov 2021Samsung needs to add DEX support to the FLIP4. DEX is a maj... moreMy thought exactly

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Design wise, i would consider the hinge crease as the deal-breaker for now for a lot of people, but personally, i think Samsung could change the form factor a little bit, making the phone wider, giving the space to a 300 mAh battery increase, with a a better night mode, and a pricing at 800$ level, would make them a million of sales numbers

Dr Jones, 29 Nov 2021Samsung needs to add DEX support to the FLIP4. DEX is a maj... moreI agree, DeX is an amazing feature and the fact that the Z Flip 3 don't have it is a missed opportunity, especially considering the size of this thing, is kind of crazy thinking that it could be a computer.

  • Dr Jones

Samsung needs to add DEX support to the FLIP4. DEX is a major selling point for me. With its small form factor the phone would be the ideal phone for someone who doesn't want to have a huge bulge in their business suits, but still wants the option to have a computer like experience when they arrive at the conference hotelroom. Thats how I use my 10e. I would never go for a fold - it is size ridiculous. Even though it is big, it's still not good for serious typing. With a wireless keyboard, a USB C/hdmi cable and a mouse in my suitcase I get the best of all worlds. I could do the same with a flip - if only it had DEX ...

Ker-Man, 23 Nov 2021... Aaand, your point is... What? That UDC is an awful tech that will prevent better ones from getting released, because people are obsessed with it.
And we should have MULTIPLE available options, not being stuck with a single one.

  • Ker-Man

Demongornot, 21 Nov 2021Just think for a second. It doesn't make any senses t... more... Aaand, your point is... What?

Shane1, 22 Nov 2021Love my flip 3 however they charging speeds and battery lif... moreTotally agree, Shane! Love my Flip 3 but hate the battery life and slow (15W) charging. It's an otherwise, great phone that I would recommend to anyone who wants to get away from a traditional form factor. The Fold is too big and expensive... this is all you need.

  • Shane1

Love my flip 3 however they charging speeds and battery life need improvement majorly. Seriously that is my only complaint about this phone as an ex district manager who sold phones.

joe nodden, 21 Nov 2021So you're arguing that we shouldn't have a front ... moreJust think for a second.
It doesn't make any senses to do it with anything else than UDC.
Remove the UDC and you are left with a fulldisplay, exactly what you'd get if there was a phone with no front camera.

Notch and punch holes ? You gain the privacy advantage, but you still have the display intrusion.
Bezel ? You can just cover the camera for privacy (no need to remove it), won't give you a fullscreen display, and they are rare anyway.

Except pop-up, flip up and sliders who are even rarer, there is absolutely no other way to get a phone with no front camera and a fulldisplay.
So yes, I still stand for what I said, the only advantage those things have, is that those who aren't afraid to break the phone can remove the camera and get a true fullscreen while also having privacy.

Once again, I've already said it so many times, but here we go again :
Every single other market in the planet DO cover niches, there are even brands specialized into niches, in facts there are brands who even do niche's niches products that not a lot have the experience, will, space, money, time, etc to buy, setup and/or use.
The smartphone market is the ONLY ONE that doesn't cover any kind of niches, and to an extreme, to the point where fricking toothbrushes and nail clippers have much more diversity and choices for all types of users than Smartphone.
While smartphone, thanks to a huge potential number of combination of features, designs and options, is one of the market that has one of the greatest potential for diversity.
And this IS the issue, we SHOULD have other things than the same design again and again.

Demongornot, 19 Nov 2021Well, just think about how I said that the only good thing ... moreSo you're arguing that we shouldn't have a front camera. Okay. Make that clear. Don't say, "the only good thing about underdisplay camera would be to remove the camera", because not having a front camera has nothing to do with under-display cameras.

I would understand that kind of nonsensible wording if you were speaking, but you typed that out. There's no excuse for something you have an infinite amount of time to correct.

Still, I agree, I would buy a phone with no front camera if I could. Selfies are useless and people can look at their reflection to see if their face is a mess or something. The issue is that the market for logical people is a niche one. People will look at a phone with no front camera and think of it as a flaw regardless of how much more sensible it is.

SpiritWolf, 19 Nov 2021Then you must to learn to comprehend what are you reading. ... moreNo it very clearly made little sense.

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SA466, 19 Nov 2021What features of the Z Fold 3 would you sacrifice to meet a... moreMid range soc(like snapdragon 700 series) Mid range cameras(like galaxy a52s wide and ultrawide cameras), 6gb ram, 128gb storage, main display 60hz and no need for water protection.

  • Anonymous

sa11oum, 21 Nov 2021The Z Fold should be folding the other way... make it so th... moreHuawei did that and consumer reception was negative. It's true that folding it the other way provides better aspect ratio, but you and I are in the minority. Majority of consumers have spoken. Majority of buyers prefer the cool factor of folding a screen to 1mm radius over practical screen ratio.

The Z Fold should be folding the other way... make it so that when you fold it it's shorter and wider. I don't understand why Samsung haven't done it that way, it would make the outer screen a better aspect ratio and it would look more like a normal smartphone when it's folded. and when it's opened up nothing would change!

SpiritWolf, 20 Nov 2021Was easy to me. Remove under display spy cam and voila!, no... moreYeah, but I think the confusion did come from how it sounded kinda like a compliment to underdisplay camera.
But yeah, that's what I meant, more precisely, I wanted to convey something in the form of:
"If no new phones with pop up/no front camera get released, at the time I'll need to change my phone, I'll take one with a UDC and simply remove the camera, but it will not mean that I like the tech."

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I'm still waiting for anyone to make a foldable screen smartphone with a 21:9 outer cover screen and a 1:1 inner main screen. Huawei nearly got the formula right with the Mate X2. I'm not impressed with the Galaxy Z Fold's cover screen at all because of app scaling issues.

Demongornot, 19 Nov 2021To be fair, I have autism (atypical), which, as usual for a... moreWas easy to me. Remove under display spy cam and voila!, no spy cam and enjoy screen without punch hole . Easy. :-)

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AverageIndianUser, 20 Nov 2021I think the only improvement that can convince people to sw... moreSpot on!