Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 details leak

18 November 2021
Both foldables will be improved next year.

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Have the Flod3 - Would just like the size to get bigger so the outer display is more wider and work on that battery. Needs to be bigger. Coming from a Note20 Ultra, the camera is trash as well. That needs to be greatly improved. I think all three things could be addressed, but my bucketlist request is a S Pen slot. PLEASE. I know the phone would have to be bigger, so I don't see this happening.

    • d
    • dudeX
    • n2p
    • 18 Nov 2021

    Niche phones. Still a long way to go...
    But for that kind of money samsung must find a way to put a real flagship cameras in these phones.

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      • Nikojas
      • 32x
      • 18 Nov 2021

      The only reason I didn't get the flip 3 was the poor battery life so that's the one thing I need improved if I'm going to get the flip 4.