Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 details leak

18 November 2021
Both foldables will be improved next year.

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  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 19 Nov 2021Lemme make myself clear. I hate punch holes, I hate the way... morePlease don't start the punch hole argument with this guy..

Demongornot, 19 Nov 2021Maybe because both are as stupid as each others? Literal... moreLemme make myself clear. I hate punch holes, I hate the way companies prioritize camera quality over display quality in under-display cameras, (I still think under-display cameras have a ton of potential) I love pop up cameras, and I don't mind cameras in the bezels. (I mean look at the Meizu 16s Pro)

What makes no sense to me is the way you're arguing. The first analogy makes no sense and your original comment makes little sense.

joe nodden, 19 Nov 2021What the heck are you saying? In the first half you're... moreMaybe because both are as stupid as each others?

Literally, it is like :
1: A house where you have no windows, but instead you have some pinholes you need to put your eye against to see the outside, (and you can't see when someone outside is looking at you if you aren't close enough), just so you can justify having a big continuous wall, and because "ElEcTrIc StOrEs ArE mAdE oF mOvInG pArTs AnD wIlL bReAk, AnD mY hOuSe WoN't Be AbLe To StAy UnDeRwAtEr EvEn iF wAtEr CaN aLrEaDy PaSs ThRoUgH tHe DoOr".
2: Putting a hole in your TV, so you can put a 60mm speakers in it...
Just so the sound come from in front of you, rather than just putting a soundbar under your TV...

Bezels were fine, pop-up were fine, heck, even the iPhone notch is fine, at least it comes with many sensors, but it was never meant to be for Android OS because of the notification area.
Because of the punch hole, we went from this :
Which by the way looks really good, no need for "edge to edge display"...
To a single hole for a single camera and a more expensive and less effective ambient light + proximity sensor combo.

And in fact, I wouldn't care about punch holes, teardrop notches and underdisplay camera if they were not flooding the market and preventing any other options/designs/features to be available.

The battery capacity should be bigger.... There's simply no reason for such a weak capacity battery to be coupled with a device meant for productivity, sporting two high refresh rate panels.

Demongornot, 19 Nov 2021"improved" under display camera tech. That'... moreWhat the heck are you saying? In the first half you're insulting under-display camera tech, and in the second half you're going off on a tangent about punch hole cameras?

I'm waiting for the Fold 4 to get released so I can get the Fold 3 at half the price. I don't see much changes.

I don't need the Flip 4 because I figure the only improvement might come from a bigger cover display and I already have that covered by the Razr 5G. I doubt they increase much of the battery.

The Flip 3 is close to flawless for me. None of the Flip 4's improvements would really affect how we use them. Be like the Flip 3 but only slightly better in a few areas. The 3 wasn't a drastic improvement from the original Flip 5G.

"improved" under display camera tech.
That's the same principle as polishing a turd, this "tech" is just a waste of money, resources and potential.
The ONLY good think about it is that we can teardown the phone, remove this privacy invasive spycam, and enjoy a phone without the punch hole horror.

  • Jason

I wish that Samsung will increase the battery capacitive, now it's bad.

  • Anonymous

Samsung should focus on s22 ultra.

Champoikoi, 18 Nov 2021Have the Flod3 - Would just like the size to get bigger so ... moreSamsung will not solve all of the Fold letdowns in one generation.

I expect the Fold 4 to only get better UDCs, current-gen flagship grade main cameras, and more software polish with Android 12L. Anything else is extra.

Crease removal, larger screen, larger battery, S-Pen slot will be shelved for later generations for obvious reasons.

Have the Flod3 - Would just like the size to get bigger so the outer display is more wider and work on that battery. Needs to be bigger. Coming from a Note20 Ultra, the camera is trash as well. That needs to be greatly improved. I think all three things could be addressed, but my bucketlist request is a S Pen slot. PLEASE. I know the phone would have to be bigger, so I don't see this happening.

  • dudeX

Niche phones. Still a long way to go...
But for that kind of money samsung must find a way to put a real flagship cameras in these phones.

  • Nikojas

The only reason I didn't get the flip 3 was the poor battery life so that's the one thing I need improved if I'm going to get the flip 4.