Google Pixel 6a renders suggest compact midranger in the works

22 November 2021
The device is said to feature a 6.2-inch OLED.

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T the Tinkerer, 22 Nov 2021It likely won't have the tensor SoC, as there wouldn&#... morePixel A series are known for everyday use. Not their high performance. This A series will be same as others. It will be made with SD chipset, everyday computation power (as 3a/4a/5a) and long battery life (as 3a XL and 5a).

Aan2007, 22 Nov 2021152mm * 72mm ain't compact phone FFS, it has to be max... moreO really?

And who made those rules? Are you aware that world moves on and doesn't stop in 2012? That is no longer compact phone. This is current compact phone. As is pixel 5 and 4a

stivi737, 22 Nov 2021you now that you should pay for paid apps in Android too, d... moreI have always had android phones and the apps that I paid on one android phone can be used on next one.

If you are NEW to apple world, you will need to REPAY for all those apps because now they are on another platform.

I myself am an android developer. I would neither do not condone piracy

  • Anonymous

I think Google should give up on the smartphone market at this point, or at least stick to making midrangers with low expectations.

  • AngryLithuanian

Skar, 22 Nov 2021Actually, best compact phone right now is S10e, then 13 min... moreI didn't say Pixel 5 is the best, far from it. And none of the phones you mentiond have 6" screen. So I don't understand how those are revelant to my comment or your prefered dimensions you posted in your previous comment. Also isn't S10e discontinued already? Dope phone though, used to be my favorite from Samsung, sad they didn't renewed it.

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2021Android cannot be 'compact'. Any which tries t... moreIos devices can't even do some basic things that budget Android phones can.
That's coz the operating system is light and devoid of all the heavy duty features.

Android has multiple things running in background which gives an experience that is simply not available on ios.
Ios can't even do true multitasking as they employ the technique of apps freezing in the background. This is why a less capable OS ends up consuming less resources and hence less battery life.

Also Apple uses the lower power cores most of the time, thus foooling people into thinking the high performance cores on a15 are more efficient when in reality they are capped by TDP and not used often. Afcourse, don't expect Anandtech to write an article exposing this, they are busy accusing android manufacturers of cheating for activating high performance mode during benchmarks.

Also try 5g on iPhones, it will drain your battery in no time because apple won't embedd the modem internally.

ElioX, 22 Nov 2021You cant just make stuff up as "background data mining... moreThe way they spy on their own employees makes you think what they must be doing to their customers.

I doubt Google will price this below 500$

  • T the Tinkerer

It likely won't have the tensor SoC, as there wouldn't be very much differentiation. Please let it be a TSMC fab'd chip, please. It doesn't need the neural power of the proper 6/6 Pro, it's a midranger. It'll have great performance and excellent endurance like the Pixel A's before it.

  • Skar

AngryLithuanian, 22 Nov 2021There's Pixel 5 if you need those dimensions. The most... moreActually, best compact phone right now is S10e, then 13 mini (which could be too small, probably main reason it flopped).

Maybe iphone 8, SE had great size and thus having great sales (fingerprint sensor and price aside)

152mm * 72mm ain't compact phone FFS, it has to be max. 150 and max 70

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2021Can't you get dongles with proper ldac support in them?LDAC is for wireless.

  • Anonymous

Obviously it does not have tensor.
Otherwise this 6a and 6 would be 95% similar.
Another website reports SD765.

  • AngryLithuanian

Ska, 22 Nov 20216.2 is too big, also the width is a bit large at 71+mm G... moreThere's Pixel 5 if you need those dimensions. The most compact 6" phone on the market right now.

  • Anonymous

ElioX, 22 Nov 2021That phone costs 3 pixel 6 devices. Even my developer lapto... moreCan you say your name that you use for your android apps ? as in the developer / company name, so I know to stay away from your apps on the app store

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2021Looks at Xperia 1 pro, That phone costs 3 pixel 6 devices. Even my developer laptop is cheaper than that. My whole PC+accessories with which I build android apps and frameworks cost less than that.

That is not a price to be given to a smartphone. That is for filthy rich people that want to show off.

WhyGoogle, 22 Nov 2021Lmao! Like android phones have 3.5 mm jack dude which year ... moreYou cant just buy "iphone". With Apple ecosystem you will have to buy every bit of their products and subscriptions. Had several friends that been there and done that. I would never.

As I wrote in my post, buy a 9$ dongle and be done with 3.5mm jack. That simple.

Abscense of 3.5mm jack and microSD expansion is similar with all Apple phones and some Android phones. But it is definitely not an excuse to buy an Apple device.

Availability is another topic. But I would rather open a different argument - repairability. Apple is still the worst manufacturer for its repairability and 3rd party replacements. For android it is quite easy. Especially pixel.

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2021It is quite ironic that Google can't optimise their ph... moreYou cant just make stuff up as "background data mining and tracking" while excluding Apple - which is even worse in data safety and not even near to android 12 data security.

At least in android you CAN log EVERY event happening in phone by doing a standard "logging" event. Android is OPEN SOURCE. Not same as Apple and their "closed source" business.

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2021You know that those dongles have horrible sound?I do KNOW that if you buy a decent dongle (not Chinese rip-off) it would give you decent sound as if from 3.5mm jack itself. And not that expensive

You definitively haven't checked reviews of dongles. Check them out.

  • Anonymous

WhyGoogle, 22 Nov 2021Lmao! Like android phones have 3.5 mm jack dude which year ... moreLooks at Xperia 1 pro,