Flashback: Toshiba TG01, the first smartphone to hit 1GHz, is now mostly forgotten

28 November 2021
Perhaps it was overshadowed by the HTC HD2 that launched only months later. Or perhaps the 1 GHz CPU and 4.1" display were just gimmicks.

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  • Anonymous

I never really saw speed tests of this phone. But the few I can recall I saw, didn't put it really in front of the competitors, especially when because it had a very very sh*tty GPU at its time.

  • Adungis

WTF this phone is so lit before

  • Anonymous

Also first phone with Arm v7 Cortex Archtiecture.

constipation, 30 Nov 2021I do, but unfortunately there are few people, included myse... moreThe argument that you "need" the screen to be small instead of the actual phone is so much nonsense I just don't even care about discussing this with you any long. It's... Apple in a nutshell. Zero innovation, all lies.

A very nice phone of that time and era unlike of what we have now.

Duck of death, 30 Nov 2021You're almost getting the point, but not quite. The... moreI do, but unfortunately there are few people, included myself, needed a phone that is really compact when it used, not just to be a fashion status. Just take it, Flip3 is big, not a compact phone, period.

Not to mention it's way off from price league that i was talking about, where the market for gargantuan phones at such price range is even more oversaturated than the flagship teritory.

constipation, 30 Nov 2021Flip3 is still bigger than even regular sized iPhone. It is... moreYou're almost getting the point, but not quite.

The whole idea with the Flip3 is exactly that. Be bigger than your average phone when you need it and smaller than any phone when you don't need it. No synthetic benchmarks needed to sell the idea, just common sense.

Duck of death, 28 Nov 2021The obvious reason the Galaxy S5 Mini was the last Mini Gal... moreFlip3 is still bigger than even regular sized iPhone. It is small when it's folded and unused, but it is 6.7" when it's in use. Still too big to be a compact phone. I'm using a Redmi Note 9 right now, but even an iPhone SE would be still too big for my liking. A Mini would be perfect. And if there's an option for a compact low-mid end android with nice specs at such size, i would like to want one.

Reason why small phones are dying is because no OEMs are interested enough to make one, not to mention it's hard to market such when everyone likes to advertise anything that's big of their products. We are enforced by the limited choices.

  • T-Dizzle

I remember the great 1ghz phone, the htc Droid Incredible. One of the game changing android devices.

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2021Don't try to decide what is relevant and what is not i... moreA 400 buck phoner sells more than a 1,000 buck phone? I would hope so, or you'd be a real fraud and Apple would be the thing they've always mocked everyone else for being. :)

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 29 Nov 2021You are not one of the sharpest knives in the drawer, are y... moreDon't try to decide what is relevant and what is not in the current phone industry. Anyways, your opinion hardly even matters because Apple is soon going to launch the SE and it will sell as good as the ones before so you will be proven to be wrong

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2021"Mini screens are useless" Wow. You really... moreYou are not one of the sharpest knives in the drawer, are you? I mean, if you'd read what you reply to you wouldn't have to pretend to be surprised to hear that mini phones are a relic from a feature phone past.

Nice to see these types of flashbacks to back in the day

  • Nikademus

Google Nexus One was first one I remember being available in the US, that came out a year later.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 20214 phones + 1 tablet (all with android). 2 devices were sa... moreAll phones will slow down. But try to reset them and wipe cache partition. Also disable all unneeded functions. Disable all notifications as well. You will see the difference.

  • well...

AnonD-1016694, 29 Nov 2021I don't know Toshiba make smartphone.Toshiba, NEC, Sharp etc....just that the international market not kind enough to handle them nor were they given much share in the GSM world.
Mostly if not wrong were in the Japanese market and only in the WCDMA range.

s4f786, 29 Nov 2021I think this and the HTC hd2 got unofficial android portsNobody bothered with android on tg01

Where as, the hd2 remained THE android developers phone for 3 years at least..

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 29 Nov 2021Reality check: Apple whines every year that their mini is u... moreLack of choice doesn't mean acceptance.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2021Clearly you're the one who doesn't like hearing t... moreExactly. Samsung mini failed because it was much downgraded phone compared to the flagships it was named after. And when Apple released the iPhone SE it was a runaway success with the same screen size even in 2016 when big screens had already taken over everywhere

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 29 Nov 2021Reality check: Apple whines every year that their mini is u... more"Mini screens are useless"

Wow. You really are one ignorant fellow here. So all those companies making compact phones are doing it for absolutely no reason ? Of course because it sells. And btw, who are you to decide what's useful and what's not ? It's about every person's preferences. Some prefer biggest screens and some more of a medium variety. FYI Apple still makes se model so the get facts right first