The Google Pixel 6 series refuses to charge with certain USB-C cables

30 November 2021
Only look for high-quality, PD-approved cables.

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  • Zteam

My Xiaomi Mi 6 does the same thing, it works great with some cables (including the one I got with the phone of course), but some cables, doesn't seem to fit properly and just seems to slide out slightly...

It's not a big deal at all, but it has been annoying once or twice, when visited friends and didn't have my own cable with me. (the other cable worked perfectly with her phone)

  • TurboSnail

xpga2rcaddy, 01 Dec 2021FYI, the S21 Ultra has Object Erase so not like this is a first. Object Eraser is nothing new. I saw it in Nokia Lumia 920 that came out in 2012.

  • TurboSnail

This is even worst with wireless chargers. Sometimes just don't take any wireless charger.

Its like how some Samsung phones are very picky with the chargers. It goes all the way back to the Galaxy S 2 days. The phone with the wrong charger will actually start to discharge instead of charge. I always try to have a couple of oem chargers on deck when I own a Samsung phone.

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2021But you'll trust pharma companies who have total confl... moreI will trust scientists and doctors who really knows about them (not those 2-3% who are rather conspiracy theorists than scientists).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2021That's just another lame excuse for forcing you to buy... moreThere's a difference between an expensive charger and the cheapest garbage that is spewed out of china at an unprecedented rate. I've purchased many many combo packs of chargers for $4.99 +/- and usually 1/3rd actually work properly.
I get a Samsung branded (not loyal to Samsung chargers, but using the name for this purpose) for $12.99 +/- and it works flawlessly and forever.
Now I don't think $12.99 is expensive for something that actually works, though it would be nice if they included these things in the box like the good old days.

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2021This is simply the best phone I have ever owned. Stonkin... moreFYI, the S21 Ultra has Object Erase so not like this is a first.

Hi. I was trying so many chargers. I was naive, and first ried to charge it with my Find x2Pro charger. Took ages. Than Samsung A51, took about 2hours from 30% to 100. Than old Xperia XA2 charger. Again , did not even checked the time but watched a full handball game and it was on seventy something. Only good think, if it's charged battery last about 2-3 days. Could anyone recomend a specific phone charger?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2021So Apple have low quality cables and chargers hahawhy u not mention LG and Xiaomi together ?

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 01 Dec 2021Ok, so answer this, what if someone wants, IDK, a better qu... moreWell, I have 2 braided cables that work perfectly fine with the phone. I'm also using old chargers, either from my laptop or a 3rd party, off brand, one and I still have no issues. Just use cables, and chargers, that support PD. It's an international standard and should be used by everyone, Chinese companies are the ones using proprietary charging technologies and which company has their own tech, that's way worse than using a standardized one

  • Anonymous

This is simply the best phone I have ever owned.

Stonkingly good.

Magic Eraser? the best feature innovation in 10 years.
Bravo Pixel.

  • Anonymous

Kriegsherr, 01 Dec 2021Its the same everywhere. people rarely use their own judgme... moreBut you'll trust pharma companies who have total conflict of interest selling them?

Owner, 01 Dec 2021"the fact that Google didn't include a compatible... moreOk, so answer this, what if someone wants, IDK, a better quality cable like with braided material? What if someone needs a smaller one when connected to the car? What if someone is buying the Pixel 6 series by trading in their current phone (where the charger has to be included in the box)? You got the better end of the situation so congrats but not everyone else is so lucky.

No one wants to buy a cable/charger for more than necessary if every other charger outputs the same voltage. At least allow all cables and chargers that go 25W or lower.

  • AlienKiss

You're using it wrong! You forgot to charge the charging cable first!
I know it sounds funny, but I'm kinda expecting this to happen in the next few years 🤣

  • Nick m

I've just purchased a Pixel 6 Pro. It's a very nice phone (having previously owned a Huawei P40 Pro and Oppo Findx3 Neo). Have any of these people panning it actually used it? Fingerprint scanner is fine. Battery life is holding up well.

Regarding chargers, I've got 2 that work with it. Another storm in a teacup.

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2021That's just another lame excuse for forcing you to buy... moreIts the same everywhere. people rarely use their own judgment. Another shocking thing now a days is listening to celebrities who know nothing about the topic. For example, i won't take my advice on vaccination/treatment for a specific disease from a football player or an insta celebrity.

  • Hello Its Me.

Using an Anker Nano Pro and an old Anker cable here with no problem

  • Owner

"the fact that Google didn't include a compatible charger and cable in the retail box.

So if you are a Google Pixel 6 owner, don't hesitate to shell out a couple of extra bucks for a proper USB-C cable because it might not work with your phone."

This is misinformation if you haven't purchased the device. You get a compatible cable with the device. You don't get a charger because I have a Pixel 2XL and didn't need another one. Lots of people throw theirs in the bin. The fact the phone protects itself from dangerous voltage peaks and drops is awesome, I wish all phones had this much protection circuitry. You should be ashamed of the spin you put on this article.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2021A colleague at work had issues with his, he forgot his char... moreSo Apple have low quality cables and chargers haha

you are very poor google ... like your samsung friends and the biggest poor apple..and you are no better.