The Google Pixel 6 series refuses to charge with certain USB-C cables

30 November 2021
Only look for high-quality, PD-approved cables.

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  • Kev

I find this so funny. Because almost every cable supports PowerDelivery. And yes, the most recent comments are right. This doesn't matter whatsoever, because cables are included in the box.

This is weird. My Pixel 5a won't charge with a 20W PD charger, but it will charge with a 65W PD charger from the same brand. I normally charged it with a 30W PD charger or a QC 3 charger, but It's annoying I have this 20W PD charger that doesn't work. The QC 3 port on the same charger probably works just fine now that I think about it.

It's not really an issue though is it? It's a safety feature to protect the handset from damage.

A well worth feature I'd say.

  • Anonymous

But there is a cable inside the box...

  • Anonymous

The cable IS included in the box, the wall plug is not.

  • Anonymous

Everyone bragging about USB-C and its wide support. Well, so much for that when you have a cable and phone outright refuses to charge entirely. LOL. What an epic failure. I'd understand if it limited rate on crappy cables, but not charging entirely, that's just beyond lame.

  • Anonymous

The "best phone of the year" according to famous youtuber. LOL !!!
Another day, another issue.

I had a P3 P4 and P5 and and was the same. With Sony is the same.

  • Anonymous

"Google didn't include a compatible charger and cable in the retail box."
..below the image of Pixel 6 with a box and a usb-c cable xD

  • kek

No surprises here, since HTC devices used to suffer from the same issue. Seems some old habits never die.

Another issue??? please, please don't buy this focking phone, buy a samsung instead

I use my moms pixel 4XL charger and works completely fine. It's a 18W charge and considering the 6 series peaks at 21W, you're not missing much (only 3W)

This is why I stick to Samsung, I can't buy a phone that refuses to charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!