The Google Pixel 6 series refuses to charge with certain USB-C cables

30 November 2021
Only look for high-quality, PD-approved cables.

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  • Mir

Dometalican, 01 Dec 2021"but it's also a bit frustrating given the fact t... moreCorrect.
They call themself big company but actully they are so cheap from inside..

  • Mir

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2021Hey Google, aren't you ashamed that some cheap Poco ph... moreCorrect.

And to add insult, it still does not come with a charger in the box. Thanks, crApple for starting another awful trend.

  • Anonymous

Cheap quality from pixel again

  • Izzie

This isn't an "issue" as such, nor is it specific to the Pixel 6. This was true of the Nexus 5X and 6P too. USB-PD is a standard and if the cables aren't correct to the specification,, they won't work. Some manufacturers may not have stuck to the specification to allow a broader range of cables to be used.

"but it's also a bit frustrating given the fact that Google didn't include a compatible charger in the retail box."

Bingo. Unless you're going to accept all cables/chargers, you have to include it for this reason.

  • Anonymous

A colleague at work had issues with his, he forgot his charger and asked us at work if he can borrow one.

The apple one and my LG one refused to charge it, same with multiple Xiaomi ones.

The Samsung one he borrowed from another colleague did work.

I understand Google doesn't want you to use trash chargers, I still know too many people with Samsung and iPhones, even when both had chargers in box and people broke the OG charger and replaced it with trash that "is on the edge of burning your house down" quality.

But dear Google, original iPhone, LG or Xiaomi chargers are totally safe, so WTH are you not accepting those?

  • Anonymous

its ok , nothing perfect in this world ... it can fix it

and also its not apple ..

soo, its ok google , just take ur time to fix it ....

  • Anonymous

Everyone pointing flaws and giving honest review of pixel 6 seriws are getting shadow banned on YouTube.

  • Anonymous

Hey Google, aren't you ashamed that some cheap Poco phone suffers no damage from whatever charger you use, but your expensive Pixel devices are of so poor quality and fragile that you fear it can't do the same???

I pose these questions also to those who gladly give away their hard earned money for inferior quality overpriced products. Their spending habit is a major cause of these ridiculous, anti-consumer practices.

  • Anonymous

That's just another lame excuse for forcing you to buy expensive charger. Just like they do with headphone jack and TWS. The truth is, if Google fears their phones could be damaged from some random charger then it only shows their quality is poor! Superior quality product will endure more things you throw at it compared to poor quality products. This is another simple fact and common sense which consumers severely lack nowadays. They believe and swallow everything manufacturers and popular YouTubers/websites/media say.

Taara Kennedy, 30 Nov 2021This phone is probably the biggest fail of 2021 - totally u... moreAgree 100%!

This phone is probably the biggest fail of 2021 - totally useless trash phone that's overshadowed by pretty much all other mid-range phones.

  • Anonymous

Next time go for Samsung to avoid issues. One UI is miles better.

Many Android brand get more and more Apple like 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Haplo

db102000, 30 Nov 2021Another issue??? please, please don't buy this focking... moreWhy should I buy an inferior product for me, that in competitive configurations is also way more expensive?

  • AnonF-1009694

Spanky, 30 Nov 2021This issue coul have been easily averted if they would have... moreThere is already a cable in the box

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2021The "best phone of the year" according to famous ... moremore like, the most pathetic attempt to make a flagship

This issue coul have been easily averted if they would have PUT THE DAMN CHARGERS IN THE DAMN BOXES, instead of copying that fruit-logo company’s abusive, anti-consumer behaviour.

  • Marvmeister

They do provide a cable in the box but no charger. My Samsung Galaxy fold and Xiaomi mi 11 ultra cable do charge the pixel 6 aswell.