MediaTek benchmarks the Dimensity 9000: faster CPU than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, slower GPU

17 December 2021
Not by much in both cases - the two chipsets perform within 15% of each other. 

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Anonymous, 17 Dec 2021Once you try a higher tier phone with better chipset and st... moreI mostly tend to agree somewhat with that, as most people "know no better" or "be none the wiser". But for people who can see/feel the difference, it sure does make going back a bit challenging.
But even after being used to 120Hz and a fast phone (for most people), and being able to tell the difference b/w 60 & 120hz in most cases (some 1st party apps that run on 60Hz still felt so smooth due to the animations/acceleration, etc that I had to turn on the overlay just to confirm, I hadnt changed any of the dev. options), I still don't find going back to my previous phone (SD820) "laggy" or experience breaking as most stuff worked quite well due to the stock os/ui (Google Now). Sure it lagged a bit when updating apps and got choppy if I opened up way too many tabs in Chrome (820 was hot and 4GB was a stretch by 2021), but for the most part I never felt that it was "too slow" despite having only 4 cores (its GPU was still faster than most mid-rangers up until 765G I believe), in fact I still love sometimes booting up my Lumia 730. I only upgraded bcoz I couldn't find a genuine battery and fps replacement.
But I cant say the same about low-mid range phones from a few years ago, especially the chinese and sammy phones filled with bloat, tons of notifications and already dated chipsets. Whenever someone elder gives me their phone to help with something, I sometimes pull my hair out as it takes ages to anything due to so much stuff filled to the brim.

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Anonymous, 17 Dec 2021Even SD430 does daily job. Otherwise these chips would no... moreOnce you try a higher tier phone with better chipset and storage, it's really hard to go back to garbage phones that stutter and lag with most mundane daily tasks, like updating apps on GooglePlay, browsing web and browsing social apps. Chipsets exist because some people can't afford higher models or they simply don't know better. I remember how I couldn't play games if they had poor framerate and whenever I asked other people who weren't into computers and gaming, they couldn't see or feel there is something wrong with how games "perform". It's same here. But once you try a top end, it's hard to go back. And for a good reason as experience is just so smooth and seamless and you don't have to wait for anything ever.

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Dragon should wake up fire them all. Now.

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2021GSMA doesnt have any review of the 1080 powered phones, whe... moreJust search Exynos 1080 GFXBench. It's within the ballpark of Snapdragon 870 and Dimensity 1200.

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DrakeX, 17 Dec 2021Woahhh that GPU score is unreal, a substantial improvement ... moreGSMA doesnt have any review of the 1080 powered phones, where did u find those numbers?
I always wanted to compare my D1200 to that

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2021If antutu was really worth, phone with similar specs would ... moreThats because the variety varies far more than it used to back in the day

Nowadays smartphones have :

Wider variety of screen resolutions 720,1080,2k,4K
Variety of RAM options / speed DDR 4,4x,5
Different storage options: emmc, UFS 2,2.1,3 etc
Phones with secondary chipsets : display chips etc
Phones now have thermal components: fans , coper pipes
(never existed ins smartphones previously)
Various refresh rates

AnonF-1013367, 17 Dec 2021Arm v9 is CPU onlyI stand corrected

ae86, 17 Dec 2021Competition is good but these people arguing made no sense.... moreThis ^^^

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AnonF-1013367, 17 Dec 2021looses* WTH?!

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IpsDisplay, 17 Dec 2021Still inconclusive when the context of the g710 is a comple... moreArm v9 is CPU only

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Anonymous, 17 Dec 2021These benchmarks only measure the speed of the CPU and GPU.... moreIf antutu was really worth, phone with similar specs would not have so much different scores.

Few years ago, phones with same specs did not have even 1000 points difference, now you see some with 120.000 more.
Even between phones of same brand.

Reference vs reference they perform exactly as expected the X2 performance is to the marginal line 1239 QRD vs MTK president 1273. QC opted for more compromises on small core's (less and shared L2) and smaller victim coach on SoC lv compared to the MTK (3785 vs 4324) on the other side we finally got a worthy upgrade on GPU side regarding QC. I don't like neither I would prefer more efficiency oriented sustainable 2 and 4 CPU core's (no X2's) with such GPU and much faster (and lower latency) RAM instead of more of it or cupping and increasing victim cache.

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KondriX, 17 Dec 2021Ha, if you're not gaming even Snapdragon 665 is good a... moreEven SD430 does daily job.
Otherwise these chips would not exist.

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Anonymous, 17 Dec 2021I bet a chinese maker will show antutu score when announcin... moreThese benchmarks only measure the speed of the CPU and GPU. Antutu measures the speed of the memory and storage as well and is the more accurate benchmark when measuring the speed of the phone.

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2021Its so bad. Expensive, weaker gpu and old architekture for ... moreQualcomm can't even answer to AV1 codec

Or to losing market share

Or to poor thermal performance

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Shanti Dope, 17 Dec 2021It's the maximum supported but not always advisable to... moreThat's why I said More GPU cores but with less clock speeds on each core.

So that you won't suffer from throttling and heat

AnonF-1013367, 17 Dec 2021That's right, Mali g78 MP24 is the same performance as... moreStill inconclusive when the context of the g710 is a completely new v9

With significant changes to even having direct firmware into the GPU for the first time ... front end command

We have to wait an see if this inefficiency arguement is still relevant

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Its so bad. Expensive, weaker gpu and old architekture for midranges. Lets wait for Qualcom answer with succesor of SD780/778

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IpsDisplay, 17 Dec 2021That is inconclusive.. Benchmarks are static peak perfor... moreThat's right, Mali g78 MP24 is the same performance as snapdragon 865 GPU while using 2 more watts of power, build on 30% more efficient node. Mali is inefficient, big, low shading units GPU, even if you put more cores the performances will be almost identical. This time it will have the node advantage over the snapdragon, they might be close.

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dimensity have advantage from tsmc maf process but they still bad in term of arc design, if snapdragon 8 gen 1 use the same tsmc maf process i bet they will have higher score just like dimensity 1200 vs 870, the former use 6nm tsmc + cortex a78 yet still below 870(7nm cortex a77) in terms of cpu

in terms of gpu, other than score, compability, optimization and feature adreno gpu still the champ in android realm so beyond the score gpu wise snapdragon will still be king, emulator wise adreno still have the very needed features than mali gpu used by dimensity