Samsung shuts down the Tizen app store

08 January 2022
The last Tizen OS-powered smartphone was released back in 2017.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022Color me surprised. Seeing how it went with BadaOS, I'... moreI also have the same question

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022Smooth? Stop drinking please 🤣I use one, and never saw any single lag more than 3 years now, i get more lag in fire tv than tizen.

  • Taki

Oh no… Anyways.

Sad... but happens...

  • Anonymous

Too many security holes in a UI written with 90's methodology. EFL, on which Tizen was based, was neat to show off in its day, but that was a very long time ago when the movie "Hackers" was state of the art. I can't believe that somebody in the 21st century tried to make a modern interface based on that steaming pile of garbage. Maybe if they were pledging the entire stack, but I don't think there was much hardening, if any, on Tizen, and pledge just kills the offending app, which is unexpected behavior for the overwhelming majority of tech illiterate smartphone users.

  • Anonymous

That's sad. They didn't try harder to make it successful

Oh no....... In other news

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Color me surprised. Seeing how it went with BadaOS, I'm actually surprised it lasted this long... Which brings up a question, Tizen is used on ALL Samsung TV's. Does this mean Samsung is sacking Tizen and will be installing Android TV on all their TV's from now on?

  • Anonymous

Samsung is better be ready to be enslaved.

Just wait till google forces then to resurrect TizenOS.

  • Anonymous

Is that mean Samsung is really gradually going with Fuchsia OS, then?

Duck of death, 09 Jan 2022They bought access to Tizen. If you look at all the sub det... moreSad, but true. The worlds need another search engine. I don't like tiktok, but its giving good competition to youtube, so its great that way.

It's sad, because another OS system is down, and were moving ever closing to only 2 locked-in monopolized ecosystems.

  • Anonymous

FOURSBLUE, 09 Jan 2022Samsung should have either created a OS from scratch or sho... moreThe whole world has been depending on Windows for the longest time. I think maybe behind the scene, they know Google might replace Android with Fuchsia so they could be co-developing it with Google.

Rip tizen 😞

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022I thought they were still working on Tizen in the backgroun... moreShutting down doesn't mean they totally ditch it. I'm sure it's somewhere in the storeroom just in case what happen to Huawei also happen to them.

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Hemedans, 09 Jan 2022Its not worst, its on par with lg web os and definiteley be... moreSmooth? Stop drinking please 🤣

People here are misinformed, or just plain lying.
Samsung has been restructuring their business the past few years. So a lot of that came at the expense of Tizen. If you had been careful tracking them, not only have their Tizen phones been getting less and less released, but they've reduced the update to their Tizen software.

What they're doing now, is being 100% reliant on Google for AndroidOS for their Watch, Phone, and Tablets. And all of Samsung's software division will be working on their "Samsung Experience" UI which will be ported on their devices. The good news is that Samsung can ensure their devices get 3-Years of updates, which is far better than the rest of the market which usually gets no updates (budget), or only 1-Year updates (midrange), or about 2-Years update (high-end).

What's in the works for the future? Samsung will also discontinue their Smart TVs, and convert to AndroidTV, possibly with a Samsung Skin. They will attempt to sell Tizen, which they're not very likely to succeed in doing. And probably end up open-source the entire project. That's great news for Linux Distro community. People give it flack, but webOS on Palm/HP was in many ways superior to Android in its heyday. And on TVs webOS is the best Smart TV experience, it's much smoother than the competing Sony and Samsung sets I've used. In fact, I've seen some midrange unbranded Chinese TVs now also shipping with webOS this year, so that's far from dead.

The best future for Tizen, in my opinion, would be if it got open-sourced AND it was adopted by Huawei. The Chinese Government has been looking for alternatives to American dependence, so this would be a major pathway. As is the acquisition of ImaginationTechnologies GPU division, slow expansion of SMIC's lithography capabilities, and the use of ARM CPUs (currently access to Cortex A76). If interested in this subject have a look at the JingOS or the JingPad A1, it's the best open-source product that's been released.

GregLu, 09 Jan 2022Since they have merged Tizen for Watch and Wear OS, I suppo... moreThey bought access to Tizen. If you look at all the sub details in Wear OS 3, it is Tizen. Identical. That is not something you skin. I'm guessing Samsung ensured some sort of veto on what the future of the OS will look like. I mean, Google clearly need the guidance. The only thing they're really good at is selling fake news. Too bad for the world in general and tech in particular that fake news always wins when you control it as widely as Google does.

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Hbk112, 09 Jan 2022What about those who are using z series phones like z flip ... moreSamsung Galaxy Z ≠ Samsung Z