Google’s Senior VP says he isn’t asking for iMessage on Android, but for RCS to work on iPhone

11 January 2022
This follows a colorful conversation on Twitter over the weekend about iMessage, SMS, and RCS support for iPhone.

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  • Anonymous

It's funny how Google claims RCS is some sort of "standard". It's not. They just shill it in Android and just assume it's a "standard" everyone wants. To be honest, no one really cares and given it's Google's feature, most don't even want it. SMS is universal and works from old feature phones to brand new top of the line flagships. If you need a short written word to someone, that's what you'll use. People who care about privacy they use nothing from Google or Facebook. They either use at least Telegram or better, Signal.

  • AnonD-1034114

Tigolebitties, 11 Jan 2022Why should u even use wired when u can transfer it using cloudDo you even realize how horribly stupid you sound? Why should anyone with an iota of sanity choose online transfer of data, INCLUDING PERSONAL, when offline transfer of the same is just an Android away?

CptPower, 11 Jan 2022Yes man simplicity where apple forces you to buy even more ... moreWhy should u even use wired when u can transfer it using cloud

  • Anonymous

ASTROS, 11 Jan 2022This ain't apple vs google or ios vs android, it'... moreIf Google v Facebook. I hope they both lose.

  • Anonymous

I've used iphones many times through the friends live by apple products...but none of us use imessage.
And I'd rather eat my own vomit that turn imessage back's good for those that like it...but it's the first thing I turn off

  • Anonymous

Apple's ecosystem is best for earning profit in history they deserved to be in guinness world records list

  • AnonD-1034114

TheMan, 11 Jan 2022I think Google should be cancelled. They are completely out... moreWelcome to GSMA Karen Harris!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2022Yeah only android users can code /s You probably just wr... moreActually I'm studying pen testing now besides day-to-day programming.
Also, I'm running Kali on my Android without root.
You can't even run a simple shell script on PrisonOS, not to mention emulating/installing/running a whole different OS on top of the native OS.

How stupid you need to be to complain about person who use Android, it shoukd be other way around, kids shoukd bully others with iPhones :D talking seriously, this all research is dumb. No person should feel outcased because it using different phone when their friends, it just shows how stupid people are.

Sure. I'd like RCS to be universal... so now that it's clear. I support it.

  • Anonymous

Apple isn't holding back RCS; Apple doesn't need RCS or any of the purportedly "standards" others are lobbying.

Unsurprisingly, Google and its vassal companies are the ones being held back by the inferior messaging technology.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2022While I don't use whole ecosystem as much, apparently ... moreI call BS to this Apple ecosystem is the only one that works claim.
I use an S21U with Galaxy Watch 3 and quite often I'm on my Windows laptop (HP) and I get the notifications on all 3 devices. Only when my watch is on my wrist and only when I'm using the laptop. The phone is a constant notification as it should be (unless I turn it on silent). I didn't even need to look into linking my phone with my laptop, it asked me and I said ok. Boom, done.

The "Apple ecosystem" is nothing but a fancy name to draw in simple minded people.

iPhones users barely use WhatsApp. They all use iMessage. And iMessage works perfectly well with Apple Watch. You can even send voice messages through iMessage using your Apple Watch.
I wish Android users would have something like that.

WhatsApp does not exist as a native app on Smartwatches and functionality is limited.

iMessages?! What ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2022Doesn't work like that bud, when none of your friends ... moreAlso why would one WANT to use Facebook's junk anyways lol?

  • Anonymous

sa11oum, 11 Jan 2022Apple won't do this. Some people in the US only buy iP... moreDoesn't work like that bud, when none of your friends are on WhatsApp.

Tigolebitties, 11 Jan 2022Ppl are choosing IOS over Android for their simplicity tbh.... moreYes man simplicity where apple forces you to buy even more apple related things because no of their devices works with anything els which ahvent apple moniker or logo on it.
Thats not simple or simplicity but complicated complication.
For example without Itunes you cant even send data from phone to a windows powered PC.
Compared to that Android works with everything else regardless of brand.

AlienKiss, 11 Jan 2022Yes, it's true. We, Android geeks will always make fun... moreNicely said.
Kudos for you mate.

Dark side of patents. Apple got also many only-on-iOS apps. On the other side we got internet and other popular platforms, too boring to use just messages now.

Borland, 11 Jan 2022Everybody is saying Apple ecosystem is great and once you e... moreMan i did same thing when Iphone 6 was a brand new device.
Thats very long ago.
Litterary i hate when company forces you to do things you dont want.
Like to purchase only their products to have a cooperative ecosystem and world where everything apple branded works together but you are unable to connect anything else not related to apple.
I hate to spend money on costly things.
Yes its right i own a Lenovo gaming laptop for 1800 bucks which was very costly but with same specs apple non gaming product would start at 4000+