Sony Xperia 5 III finally becomes available in the US

11 January 2022
The release stateside comes more than three months after the phone was in stores in other countries.

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Why not, it's still a super high-end device with SD888 (won't be really dethroned for a few more years) and the price isn't too much for such a unique device. If I didn't have the Note 20 Ultra, I would probably get this or Xperia 1 III.

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    • 7X1
    • 12 Jan 2022

    Shouldve been released months months months months ago when hype was still up with the SD888 now that new gen SoCs coming up. I dont expect much demand on these besides Sony Fans & maybe those who still wants 3.5mm jack & sd card slot.

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      • KLU
      • 12 Jan 2022

      Yeah, the article is right, they don't care much of not just US market, but also the entire global market, other than Japan itself. Sony these days is a joke.

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        • 12 Jan 2022

        So this is the reason, why many Sony sales employee wrote kind of comment like "no 3,5mm jack = no buy, no micro usb = no buy, etc." in the last couple of days..

        I wonder how little is the marketing budget of Sony.

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          • 12 Jan 2022

          Better than S22.
          Way better than 14 pro, also cheaper.