Google's foldable to be called Pixel Notepad, cost around $1,400

25 January 2022
The Google Pixel Notepad will have a Tensor chip, but inferior cameras to the Pixel 6 Pro.

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  • 12 Feb 2022

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2022Worst experience with Google pixel mobile. Contain bugs and... moreWat it isn't even out

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    • 01 Feb 2022

    Worst experience with Google pixel mobile. Contain bugs and overpriced.

      YUKI93, 26 Jan 2022A foldable glass screen panel is still not a thing, so don&... moreI know, that was the point I was making.

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        • Dan
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        • 26 Jan 2022

        Hopefully it's better than the 6 pro line up, waste of money

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          • 26 Jan 2022

          I don't know why these tech companies are wasting money on un useful products.

            Haven't found a need to have the interior screen on my fold 3. Use the smaller screen 95% of the time. I have pretty much concluded that this has been the worst phone I've bought. Too late now though I've already sent in my Note 10+ as a trade in to Samsung.

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              • 26 Jan 2022

              Hope it will host a camera bar outer like pixel6

                Sun Sand, 25 Jan 2022Pretty sure realme, redmi and likes on going to be onboard ... moreRealme foldable smartphone is definitely in the works*. Not sure if Xiaomi will make a foldable smartphone under their Redmi sub-brand.


                  GrimReaper, 25 Jan 2022I wish LG didn't call it quits. The rollable screen w... moreCouldn't agree more. I used to own the first-gen Samsung Galaxy Fold until I saw the LG V50 with its DualScreen case. It really didn't take long for me to return my carrier-locked Galaxy Fold and buy the V50, which is still the best decision I made to date. Not only does the second screen still look like a normal smartphone, but I can also easily detach it if I don't want to use it. That is something I can never do with foldable smartphones. Also, bonus point for having IP68 dust/water resistance, MIL-STD-810G shock resistance, and offline FM Radio on board.

                  I also agree about the rollable screen idea. Think about the possibility of having a three aspect ratio in one screen panel. Foldable smartphones only have the fixed outer screen and the fixed inner screen to play with. By contrast, a rollable screen can go from a smartphone screen to a square-ish foldable screen and all the way to a tablet screen. That is why I'm hyping on the rollable screen idea way more than foldable smartphones. After all, LG themselves have ample experience with rollable screens from their Signature OLED TV R.

                    BlackAle, 26 Jan 2022I won't buy a foldable phone until I hear 'scratc... moreA foldable glass screen panel is still not a thing, so don't expect that to happen.

                      I won't buy a foldable phone until I hear 'scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7' from Jerry in a review.

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                        • Russel
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                        • 26 Jan 2022

                        Wider means it's going to be difficult to hold when folded. There goes half the appeal.
                        It's probably not gonna be all that high spec either. If it had a 1TB, 16 GB option, maybe there was a reason to consider. But it's google, they're not gonna increase hardware specs and pretend that they're good enough to compete with iphones...

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                          • 26 Jan 2022

                          18gb ram
                          Nvme memory
                          1inch sony sensors

                            Welp I was pretty hyped for it until I saw it was gonna use their Tensor SoC. That thing is slow.

                              For my personal taste
                              1. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
                              2. Motorola Razr 5G
                              3. Google Pixel Notepad
                              4. Oppo Find N
                              5. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

                              I know most of those will have the successors coming once the Pixel Notepad is released. Razr 3 and the 4th gens of the Flip and Fold.

                              If I got a Pixel Notepad, I honestly feel like it's just a waste of $1,400. Something to buy again. An expensive third wheel. I might return it after 2 weeks as I still see myself using the smaller flip phones. Just much easier to palm with one hand and fit in my shallow pockets. If it came with a stylus, then maybe I'll be more sold on it.

                              Pixel Notepad is something I'm interested but not something I'm dying to get because I don't really need it. I'm more TeamFlip. Prefer portability. But I'm glad Google is finally releasing a foldable. The market is shifting towards them like 5 to 5.5-inch phones became the norm 10 years ago but were still considered too big for some users. Now 5 to 5.5-inch is considered small these days. It's all about adapting.

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                                • 26 Jan 2022

                                So is it Notepad or Notebook?

                                  So you're giving me an Oppo N with a gap and a crease?! I can't wait. /s

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                                    • 26 Jan 2022

                                    And it will have lots and lots of bugs! Horrible cameras, too!

                                      This really isn't shocking news to me. The Pixel foldable was supposed to come out late last year but I guess Google decided to focus marketing only the Pixel 6 series. They didn't want to release too many stuff to cannibalize sales. The rumors of a lower price than the Z Fold was talked about several months ago.

                                      This is actually good news for people like me who wanted the Oppo Find N but don't want to import one from China and pay $1,800 for it. I just hope Google uses this year's Tensor chip and not from last year. I don't mind if they use inferior cameras than the Pixel 6 Pro. I rarely take photos. I'm using this more for emus. It might not even be used a phone at all. Too heavy. More like a Surface Duo instead meaning multimedia/mini-tablet stuff.

                                      I could also get another flip phone but having a third clamshell would feel too redundant. The book form factor is something different. Also, they have the most useful outer displays that the Razr and Flip will never have. I also prefer the much smaller size like the Find N. Having a tall, narrow outer display makes zero sense for me. Oppo nailed what Samsung couldn't do after 3 generations.

                                        Whether you like foldables or not, they're coming. We are still in a transitional phase with them very similar to when phones started getting bigger after 2011. I believe by 2024, foldables will take up 50% of what a techtuber covers. The regular slab will still be there but foldables will be just as common at owning. We got these Apple fans saying foldables are useless. But once Apple releases, they will cream their pants and will camp out to get one.

                                        Display technology actually dictates the market. And who makes displays? Samsung. That's why bigger displays and OLED won out. Apple is only at the mercy what Samsung does because they don't manufacture their own stuff like Samsung does. So we'll eventually see an iPhone clamshell or book form factor by 2024 because that's where Samsung directed the market to go to. Foldables.