No, our Android app doesn't contain a virus - it's a false positive

27 January 2022
Addressing some of the false positive reports users have been receiving.

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Lol AVG is the true virus here. It just slows down your phone BY A LOT, similar to viruses and malware. Any users that have AVG are living in the past. You get viruses by clicking dumb scam links like the "YOU WON 10,000 DOLLARS" thing. Anyone dumb enough to click obvious malware links deserve the suffering lol.,

  • Anonymous

Sounds like something, a person with a virus infected app would say

  • Anonymous

That’s why you buy the fruit brand company because its App Store is more secure πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Phones don't need an anti-virus the days, these anti-virus apps are virus themselves

  • Anonymous

Imagine using antivirus on a phone.

I didn't know the GSMArena app was in the play store, if it's here it means it's safe.

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Who uses AVG in this day and age fr 🀣

I don't use Antivirus software for Windows, let alone my smartphone. Windows Defender and Play Protect are pretty good enough by themselves.

That said, I haven't been using the app as well. Tried it, uninstalled it. I prefer the paginated news feed as well as the ability to have multiple articles open simultaneously on a browser in tabs so I can cycle through them quickly. Will probably give it another shot.

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dude.. install antivirus on android phone? omegalol

I doubt any of us believe that it was intentional. Long standing netizens are well aware of how AV programs can sometimes misbehave.

Android phones don't need antivirus software even if they never update their OS versions. Play Store takes care of it. So many don't understand this.

"Google has a myriad of very strict security and virus scans of its own via the Google Play Protect program"

LOL. Then explain the continuing malwares available on the Play Store that Google had to remove after being reported and infecting thousands of users?

And how can GSMarena be sure that the source code and/or compiler they use are clean?

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I didn't even know GSMArena had a app.

Tried it today but went back to browser one because the app doesn't add anything I need.

AnonF-1036264, 28 Jan 2022The REAL question here is Android itself is Spyware and Adw... moreThe REAL answer here is that you're a troll. Case dismissed.

  • AnonF-1036264

NeonHD, 27 Jan 2022The REAL question here is why is there even an antivirus ap... moreThe REAL question here is Android itself is Spyware and Adware. so why you need an Antivirus in the virus itself?

The REAL question here is why is there even an antivirus app for Android.....

Like everyone else has said, AVG (and other antivirus apps like Norton, Avast, etc.) are only here for the business. Besides, doesn't Android already have its own security layer since 5.1? I'm referring to the security patches.

I also don't find these antivirus programs useful on the PC either. I had something sus going on with my computer so I installed an antivirus and it literally detected nothing. The only things it detected as sus are stuff I already know like keygens and "subversive" programs like Win10Tweaker.

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GSMArena is the best ever

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Lol milenials and Gen Z don't know this awesome website so they rate right away like it's virus lol

  • fulgeru

Bulgarian hackers enslaved to Russians

The only real good anti-virus measure, is the common sense. Those "antivirus" apps only makes profit and consume and degrades user batteries by the excesive amount of ads that have included...