Sony Xperia 1 IV unveiled with revolutionary continuous zoom camera

11 May 2022
The outward design of the phone may look mostly the same, but Sony also upgraded the screen, speakers and the other cameras on the Mark 4.

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AlienKiss, 11 May 2022Same here! I'm buying this or Xperia I III just for th... moreHow will samsung ever recover from losing their one best customer

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    • 11 May 2022

    CptPower, 11 May 2022OnePlus 10 pro is trash and doesn't even have half the... moreIP65/IP68 is not a gimmick and the phone is not dead after 10 secs.
    but mos timprotantly if it dies its covered by the warranty as is IP65/IP68

    the shitty case form ali won't do anything and your phone will be dead for gh\ood

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      • 11 May 2022

      So, They are adopting the same approach but harder this time.
      Only premium products with heavy price.

      This tactics worked with their tv range,, So, should work here too.

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        • 11 May 2022

        Therr's no need for the word continuous here. "Zoom" lens always means continuous. It just isn't used correctly by many people. Smartphones usually don't have zoom lenses, but prime lenses.

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          • 11 May 2022

          Hildr, 11 May 2022Comparing what's comparable: Xperia 1 IV: 1399€ Ipho... moreWell, FIY, Sony have already remove charge and other things from the box, but only domestic, even before Apple does with Iphone
          This is just that now they apply it on international level :D

            YUKI93, 11 May 2022Finally, a real improvement to the periscope telephoto came... moreThey strategized to announce it later so that the hype won't be destroyed by long release schedule. At least, that's what I'm thinking about it, which is a great move since announcing it around the same time as Samsung announces their new flagship would make them look bad due to super late release date.

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              • 11 May 2022

              YUKI93, 11 May 2022Even GSMArena mentioned in the review that the 120Hz refres... moreCan be fixed by rooting with custom kernel too change modify voltage current settings.

              My Sony Pro-i is rooted and with custom back carbon fibre 3mm thick instead off cheap garbage glass.

              Payed £200

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                • 11 May 2022

                Very complete, but I would have put the fingerprint reader on the screen and I would have waited for the Snapdragon 8 gen 1+ to have given this device a boost, I imagine that Sony would leave it for the Xperia pro ll, in any case it has plenty of power

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                  • 11 May 2022

                  This time I was prepared to be disappointed. Sony out right refuses to come up to flagship standard. They are just bent on choosing 1 or 2 things to make better on a very dated device. "For Christ sake SONY!!" come up to flagship standard and then add all your fancy 'first'. The price won't be an issues just make it worth the money.

                    Anonymous, 11 May 2022i found my next phone!!!!After Samsung pretty much copied A... moreSame here! I'm buying this or Xperia I III just for the SD card slot and the 3.5mm jack 👽🎆
                    Sorry Samsung, you lost me by removing the SD card slot.

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                      • 11 May 2022

                      Fanboy hater , 11 May 2022The Sony Xperia 1 IV meets all the requirements that a flag... moreMeanwhile samsung be like, we can't give sd card slot, head phone jack, a charger, also no snapdragon because there is no enough space also nobody wants it, but still we will call it flagship and juice hell of money out of crap.

                        All the shills will say this feature rich, no compromise phone is for "professionals" or "photographers".

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                          • 11 May 2022

                          Can IT do esim, SIM And micro SD? Also bit bit.big, but seems to be least bad phones released last few years

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                            • 11 May 2022

                            HK, 11 May 2022Sony....the company that makes phones only to bring new cam... moreUnlike Apple, this phone have Headphone jack, 4K Screen and no Cutout bezel.

                              Anonymous, 11 May 2022You are ignoring one of the good differentiating features t... moreHere's the deal. There's not a single brand providing EVERY single demand of it's customers. Some are cutting down on features. Some are removing accessories from boxes. At the end of the day, we have to choose what we're willing to sacrifice & what not.

                                Whackcar, 11 May 2022You're ignoring all the good things they've kept ... moreBesides, a charger can be bought separately. But you can't add a 3.5mm jack or a SD card slot on any phone that doesn't have it already.

                                Man yyes you cant thats why we have a cloud storage and a far better wireless bluetooth audio without any stupid cables hanging around you like from Xmas tree.
                                Anyone can buy charger thats right but noit all wendors who sells sony phones have Sony branded chargers exact ones supported by this phone. .

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                                  • 11 May 2022

                                  i found my next phone!!!!After Samsung pretty much copied Apple with removing the jack and the microSD slot I stopped buying their phones.

                                    Fanboy hater , 11 May 2022The Sony Xperia 1 IV meets all the requirements that a flag... moreOnePlus 10 pro is trash and doesn't even have half the requirements that a flagship smartphone should have.Man you funny at least you get stock android without any bloatrware and a charger in the box.

                                    *no gorilla glass Victus on the back Not needed since anyone with a bit of brain buy a case or book case to protect whole phone.

                                    *no IP65/IP68 dust/water resistant certification Not needed since is an expensive gimmick not worth the money. Any waterproof case for 5 from alliexpress does a lot better job.
                                    10 seconds in sea water and your IP resistant phone is dead.

                                    *no expanded card slot.
                                    Cloud storage is your expansion. by the way 256 or 512GB is far more than enough.
                                    10 years back people had 16 up to 32 options and were happy. Your P*rn library doesnt impress anyone.

                                    *no 3.5mm jack Bluetooth audio is future since from very long time ago. And is always better because its wireless. Cables are obsolette and burden to me.

                                    Sony is officially one of the top dogs in the flagship smartphone sector.🤣😂😋 Since they excluded charger they arent.
                                    What next they exclude SD slot and jack??? Then what???

                                    Maybe oneplus 10 pro is not the best flagship on the market but contain far less bloatware than sony and a charger in the box. Rest is dependable but everybody needs a charger.

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                                      • 11 May 2022

                                      Sony....the company that makes phones only to bring new camera stuff. Rest of the phone, dnt care, no need to change, improve. Much like Apple.
                                      I love Sony phones, they are beautiful to look at, but too expensive.

                                        SuuperBaka, 11 May 2022I wonder what people are gonna argue for thisNothing.
                                        For the first time in a decade, I'm impressed with Sony's product. That says a lot.