Weekly poll: is the Asus Zenfone 9 the perfect phone for you?

31 July 2022
Small but powerful, with few compromises (though some might prove to be deal breakers). Is this the best small Android flagship?

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  • 04 Sep 2022

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2022People need to stop with this ridiculous obsession with upd... moreThats exactly what just kept me from considering this great looking phone which is perfect for me by design...

Right today, how many months of update time are left? I dont care about android 15, 16 whatever.. i want a monthly security update for at least 3 years from the time i buy, which is likely several months after product launch. Why 3 years? Thats the time period the battery lasts long enough for me... and as the device is perfect and a well thought buy then, i tend to stick with it at least 2 years.

So thats why i wait for 2023... buying from a company providing the appropriate service time.

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    • Tqg
    • 07 Aug 2022

    We need UBports with Anbox on it!

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      • Anonymous
      • L66
      • 06 Aug 2022

      Its heavy on the price comparing to the other manufactures. Plastic back that ages badly, no wireless charging, 2y support. I could buy it for 150€ off the current price. I thought about waiting a year to get it cheaper but the support would last only a year - that is no bargain.
      So Im still stuck with my 4yo LG G7 Thinq that I got for 500€ and still runs pretty smooth.
      Flagships are getting more and more overpriced every year.

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        • Klinge
        • vrt
        • 05 Aug 2022

        Finally a model I can consider to change from my previous Oneplus 7 Pro.
        To be honest the O7Pro is having no issue, but the big and heavy phone was so much of pain in daily life.
        I really wish more smaller flagship phones will hit the market for good options.
        (Iphone mini is not considerable, because of the terrible battery life)

          After half a year of self experiment, I am totally annoyed with iOS and would like to switch back from iPhone 13 mini to Android. However, the two smallest somewhat usable Android phones are still 1.5 cm longer than my iPhone 13 mini, not even reducing the height by the totally useless notch by another 8mm or so. I really like the size of my iPhone 13 mini, ist feels so great. However, iOS is such rubbish and the cameras are surely not better than any Android Flagship.

          The other point is indeed wireless charging. So I have Qi plates to protect the cable connection, should I intend to sell it (or use it forever). since this is way too much money for a normal phone, before the iPhone 13 mini my most expensive phone was the LG G5 with around 500 € a few weeks after its release. Since I am a user with need of more than 128 GB (more like 200), this would not be any cheaper.

          So I need some time to think about changing phones already again. Rebuy and so will give me 650 € or so. Additional costs of 150 €. Losses for two Qi pads and carbon case are there as well (about 100 €). So inventment would be 250€ for a phone that is not necessarily better, but much more suitable to me softwarewise (and unlock method wise too) and on the downside 15mm longer and 4mm wider, which would kill the compact factor for me.

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            • Anonymous
            • mt4
            • 05 Aug 2022

            It's way to small for my taste

              blue, 31 Jul 2022You know what? The childish crying about microSD everywhere... moreIt's always relevant and will stay that way forever. Not everyone wants to rely on cloud storage with slow internet storage. Even if you have external hard drive, there's no guarantee all phone has native OTG support.

                blue, 31 Jul 2022You know what? The childish crying about microSD everywhere... moreYou know what else? Having a microSD card slot wouldn't hurt you WHATSOEVER :)

                  Anonymous, 31 Jul 2022Professionals, Android emulation gamers, Offline users and ... moreAudiophiles

                    Wireless charging, face unlock, longer Android OS Upgrade support and iPhone level cameras would have made this phone 📱 perfect me.

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                      • YHu
                      • 04 Aug 2022

                      Anonymous, 02 Aug 2022Worse Performance.... LOL, bet you have never used it. I ha... moreHeadphone jack is not obsolete at all. Just because every other company followed Apple doesn't mean people are happy with it, there just few other choices.

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                        • RODIM
                        • YHu
                        • 04 Aug 2022

                        This is pretty much perfect except for one thing, I need an sd card slot. I love the size, a headphone jack, processor, ram, front camera location, screen, multifunction button, battery... So, so good. But no card slot is a deal breaker.

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                          • Vendhar
                          • tZ4
                          • 03 Aug 2022

                          Asus phone is good hardware wise, camera is ok but is notorious in delaying software update.

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                            • I@H
                            • 03 Aug 2022

                            definitely my next phone, but im gonna wait till black friday or december for extra discount XD

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                              • 02 Aug 2022

                              Anonymous, 02 Aug 2022This phone seems practical from the following standpoint: ... moreFor me, I would add wireless charging to be better...

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                                • Douglas
                                • xAH
                                • 02 Aug 2022

                                I would buy one, but unfortunately it's not compatible with Verizon in the US.

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                                  • AlexGSI2000
                                  • Fvd
                                  • 02 Aug 2022

                                  Yes - I have pre-ordered mine.
                                  This will be the replacement for my BlackBerry Key2 - I had held off replacing in the hope a new BB would be released - but since this was a no-go I was on the search for a suitable replacement that wasn't too big.

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                                    • Joe
                                    • ajT
                                    • 02 Aug 2022

                                    Ever heard of the phrase "Buy the phone for what it's worth now?"
                                    I absolutely adore the zenfone lineup.Unfortunately,the 8 did not convince me.And with the 9 not even being available in my country yet,I'll still need to wait.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • U@W
                                      • 02 Aug 2022

                                      This phone seems practical from the following standpoint:
                                      1) 5.9 inches - Not very large and not very small
                                      2) 3.5mm - The sound if paired with a good quality headphones is pure bliss(I own a LG G7Thinq and the quad dac is mind blowing)
                                      3) Good battery
                                      4) Decent camera
                                      What could have been better:
                                      1) Camera lens protrusion
                                      2) Atleast 3 years of software update given the price tag
                                      3) Price

                                      Other than that it's a standout phone amongst a crowded run of the mill mobile market

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                                        • rJq
                                        • 02 Aug 2022

                                        Anonymous, 01 Aug 2022And in addition, worse performance, worse batterylife, one ... moreWorse Performance.... LOL, bet you have never used it. I have SD version and it flies with amazingly optimized one UI and timely updates. Headphone Jack is kinda obsolete. Maybe gaming phones require it, but most TWS have very less lag nowadays so I guess it ain't coming back. Removal of SD slot is a bummer but again very few flagships have it.