Samsung Galaxy S8, now 5.5 years old, receives a new firmware update

19 August 2022
The update improves GPS stability. This was unexpected since the S8 series received its supposedly final update a year ago.

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  • Brito
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  • 20 Nov 2022

Been using the S8 for 4 years now.... my wifi and mobile data stopped working for no reason, i tried several ways to solve it, without any success. So i went to a random phone shop, the guy at the shop told me it was probably due to lack of updates on my phone. So, i installed the last update that my phone has been asking for months....result: mobile data and wifi started working immediately, however battery is completely starts warming up a lot....i guess it is the end :(

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    • 09 Nov 2022

    shin, 10 Sep 2022Dont update it, it will destroy your phone software. Your p... moreIs that what blue screenvon phone is?

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      • shin
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      • 10 Sep 2022

      Dont update it, it will destroy your phone software. Your phone will started to lag and rebooting and stuck at samsung logo

        It wasn't any stability update at all. No one MUST install it! Avoid it like COVID!
        I've been using Galaxy Note 8 for a couple of years now with no problems. Just two weeks ago the battery lasted me for two straight days! Until last week when I saw this update and installed it. Ever since then, I have to start carrying my charger in my pocket when going out! That tremendous battery drain started just two days after I installed the update.
        They are so smart. They know that if the problem starts immediately after installing the update, you will take notice of it: so they coded it to destroy the phone two days later, in order to force you to go like: "After all the phone has even done well for lasting this long. Time to change it is long overdue. Which Galaxy should I even go for this time?"
        Then, you are now singing from their hymn book!

        It's not a conspiracy theory that this is happening. Do your research. Samsung and Apple we're once sued for 'destroying' old models in order to force users to buy newer models. ITS REAL. BELIEVE IT.

        Once your phone is old, don't install any update coming to it anymore, and you'll be fine.

        Cos you may not be as lucky as me, because I have my firmware on my PC. So after this horrible experience, I backed my stuff up and flashed my phone back with the original firmware. I'm writing this post with it, as it's working just fine.

        But the update has notified me of it's presence again. And guess what I did? I ignored the hell out of it!

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          • CGH
          • 02 Sep 2022

          Anonymous, 23 Aug 2022Cool conspiracy theory broI have been using Galaxy note 8 for a couple of years now with no problems. It's been fully functional and great battery life until the surprise update last week. After I installed the update, my battery started running down so fast that I had to keep my charger in my pocket before going out. It used to last for two days straight before I charge it, and my usage pattern hasn't changed whatsoever.
          Do what is said to be a conspiracy theory is real after all.

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            • Frank
            • n7Y
            • 30 Aug 2022

            Same here , after downloading and installing update S8 plus ask for my pincode ...but say unvalid pincode.
            after volume bottoms and power bottom hard reset still nothing.
            After 20 tries phone does reset to factory setting and all wiped ....
            Pincode working again but after connecting to the WIFI looking for updates and asks again for pincode ....WTF again pincode invalid
            Thx a lot Samsung ....think I will go to other manufactor

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              • Wtheck
              • g3Z
              • 29 Aug 2022

              I still use my s9 plus. Last time when i updated it, it got me sh111t instead of better performance. I got green screen. Sh11ttt. I cqn hardly use it outside because i have to lower the brightness to the lowest level.

              And a few days ago when I updated the other phone it also got me another kind of sh111ttt instead. Keep saying the sd card is removed unsafely.

              I was planning to buy the newest samsung 5g, now I change my mind.

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                • Abbas
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                • 28 Aug 2022

                Samsung Po, 25 Aug 2022to Kill the old running good deviceMy phone doesn’t work after the update why!!!

                  Can confirm. My Note8 was working perfect. I bought it on 23rd August and after the last update it's completely broken software wize. The phone is hot all the time, battery trains 3x faster. I constantly get " keeps stopping" popups.
                  F*ck corporate greed! F*ck Samsung!

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                    • Samsung Po
                    • 7kp
                    • 25 Aug 2022

                    to Kill the old running good device

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                      • 23 Aug 2022

                      ALPHABOY17, 21 Aug 2022I know a friend with a galaxy s10 plus after 2.5 years, the... moreMy S10 is 3 years old and the battery lasts me all day. It's still a great phone

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                        • 23 Aug 2022

                        SlendrMon, 22 Aug 2022This update MAYBE be to slow down the phone to encourage yo... moreCool conspiracy theory bro

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                          • 23 Aug 2022

                          My S8 has actually been plagued by GPS issues over the last 1.5 month.
                          I got the update yesterday and have yet to find whether this fixed it.
                          This all started suddenly, weeks ago, out of nowhere.
                          Since then, whenever I'm driving with Waze, it will work fine for a while, then start giving random directions, go left, right, turn back...
                          It's driven my crazy while I was on holidays!
                          I blamed it on Russia, trying to hack into GLONASS enabled phones maybe.
                          And that could be it, really. At the start of the invasion, Google made it easy to track Russian troops thanks to feedback from their personal phones, so Russians probably tried to retaliate on that front.
                          Would be interesting to know whether Armed Forces of Ukraine make use of Samsung phones.

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                            • gJU
                            • 23 Aug 2022

                            3060PlayZ, 22 Aug 2022Will my S3 Neo get an update too?lol no its too old

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                              • Energysnake
                              • p{b
                              • 23 Aug 2022

                              3060PlayZ, 22 Aug 2022Will my S3 Neo get an update too?Yes with hammer 😁

                                Will my S3 Neo get an update too?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • JA%
                                  • 22 Aug 2022

                                  S9 got an update too yesterday, security update remains 1.march 2022.

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                                    • 22 Aug 2022

                                    SlendrMon, 22 Aug 2022This update MAYBE be to slow down the phone to encourage yo... moreYou are 100% correct, Samsung is doing this for years. The last update is a bug to slow down the phone so that you're forced to upgrade. Hence the trade in program with later models ( trade in s10 to get s22 & so forth).

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                                      • 3xK
                                      • 22 Aug 2022

                                      5.5 year old S8 gets it
                                      What's even funnier is that the 7 year old Galaxy Note 5 got this update as well
                                      Am waking up this morning seeing my Note 5, and I see "Update Available"...

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                                        • Max
                                        • puj
                                        • 22 Aug 2022

                                        Using Lineage19.1 on my old S6 edge, so no problem with updates for old phones :)