Samsung Galaxy S8, now 5.5 years old, receives a new firmware update

Peter, 19 August 2022

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ launched in early 2017 to much acclaim after a long career they received their final update in May 2021. We thought it was the last update, anyway, Samsung has just come out with a quick fix.

The changelog for firmware G95*FXXUCDVG4 just says “GPS stability has been improved” and that’s about it. That doesn’t sound like enough to account for the 420MB download size, but if there are any other fixes, they weren’t important enough to mention.

And this really is just a fix, the phone remains on Android 9 with a security patch from April 1 2021. Still, that’s more than we expected from a phone that is now 5 and a half years old.

Samsung Galaxy S8 receives unexpected firmware update (which improves GPS stability) Samsung Galaxy S8 receives unexpected firmware update (which improves GPS stability)
Samsung Galaxy S8 receives unexpected firmware update (which improves GPS stability)

This GPS fix seems to be the same (or basically the same) as the one sent out to Galaxy J7 phones in Asia (the J7 hails from the distant 2015). And these may not be the only old phones to be updated.

GalaxyClub reports that several other old phones are about to get an update – the Galaxy S7 from 2016 and even the Galaxy S6 from 2015. The more recent Galaxy S9 (2018) will of course also be updated as well. None of these are on the official list of supported phones, the oldest S-series generation still getting regular updates is the Galaxy S10 from 2019, which is on a quarterly schedule (the S10 Lite is still on the monthly schedule).

Samsung recently announced that its flagships will receive extended support - 4 OS updates and 5 years of security patches, but that covers only the 2021 devices and newer (so S21 series and up). Older devices (including the S10 series) and those from the A and M series are getting 4 years of support (but again nothing as old as the S8).

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Reader comments

  • Scully
  • 06 Jan 2024
  • nx@

Ive still got the S8 and my Wifi is perfect

  • Null
  • 13 Nov 2023
  • BVv

Yeah, it sounds like the "automatic update" you clicked wasnt actually from samsung, and youre probably already infected. Good luck with that.

  • Anonymous
  • 31 Jan 2023
  • Ekq

They had done a automatic update on my phone and now all I get is message about virus and needs cleaned up and when I try to clean it up is wants you to down load more apps and it's very hard to use now. Thinking very hard about going to a iPho...

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