Weekly poll: the Asus ROG Phone 6D duo asks whether you'd have Dimensity over Snapdragon

25 September 2022
The ROG Phone 6D Ultimate has a unique motorized port that improves (external) active cooling while keeping the phone fairly water tight (IPX4).

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  • 17 Oct 2022

Well lets just hope this version doesn't have hardware issues such as motherboard and IC problems as the previous generation ROG's. Lewks kewl and nice and all but let's just hope it has durability

    ROG 6 is not launching in India I guess. It has been months and there's no official launch date yet.

      Akinaro, 26 Sep 2022Truth is that custom roms where never big in global market,... moreI never assumed custom ROMs were popular, but I do like custom ROMs. I think it's good when you have a bloated trash manufacturer ROM that you can put something much cleaner on it. Unfortunately since less phones get custom ROMs now, it makes less phones a realistic option for me personally. I'm not willing to buy and use a phone that provides a very poor software experience. This is like the majority of phones on the market IMO.

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        • 27 Sep 2022

        I'd lean toward the Dimensity this gen just to have AV1 hardware decoding.

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          • 26 Sep 2022

          CptPower, 25 Sep 2022To be more specific, exact and to the said question littera... more"Extra buttons more sensitive screen and few more gaming gfeatures are nice add on but for most users are just a gimmick not worth to have"
          it's because it's a niche product and not many are able to get their hands on. also, there are a lot of people who are unaware of shoulder buttons built-in these phones. I always, ALWAYS, have faces surprised in awe whenever they see that my ROG Phone 2 can play God of War via emulator AND play it as if I am using a gamepad or controller because of Air Triggers. they tend to say, "wow! I wish my phone has those extra buttons" or something like that. people are simply unaware. this is why Apple is so popular due to marketing. even as simple as their lousy AOD is getting attention because of marketing

            Akinaro, 26 Sep 2022Truth is that custom roms where never big in global market,... moreThese days, the only reason you want to install custom ROM is you want to go deGoogle. I used to do that before with my Samsung Note 4 running Havoc-OS Android 10 without GMS installed. I did enjoy some performance improvement, but it did take a toll on battery life. When the battery stopped working well, I decided to leave the custom ROM bandwagon and got myself two LG phones, the V50 and the Wing. Nowadays, I'm looking at phones outside the average consumer norm. Will I install custom ROM on those two LG phones? Definitely not. Will I buy another phone, regardless of the brand, and go back flashing a deGoogled custom ROM in it? Absolutely.

              dbjungle, 26 Sep 2022I've noticed lately that less and less phones get cust... moreTruth is that custom roms where never big in global market, its just when people sit in tech sites and play with software and hardware they think that EVERYONE do that because their friends and people on forums do that too. But heavy mods like custom roms are use by maybe less than 1% of users of android.

              Today less and less people use custom roms because there is no need for that and even mid-range phones are smooth and without too much issues that need to be corrected by customization. You have build in themes, custom launchers are much better etc etc.
              Like even having root is not needed that much, last time I rooted my phone was because I wanted to change DPI but for like 3-4 years now android have that option in settings. And even uninstalling stock apps have no sense with all that memory phones have today, you just disable them.
              Also people FINALLY realize that custom roms actually not make phone that much faster, its placebo as you just installed clean system its obvious that it will be faster compared to stock where you already had your apps and games installed.
              Back in times of Android 2-4 custom roms had some advantages but today? literally 0 of usefulness.

                YUKI93, 26 Sep 2022That is why smartphones with Mediatek SoC aren't that ... moreI've noticed lately that less and less phones get custom ROMs regardless of the SoC vendor. The 3 small phones in the Xiaomi 12 series (12, 12X, 12S) all have one custom ROM total between the 3 of them. This situation is almost as bad as my Dimensity 1100 Realme Q3 Pro; 1 custom ROM vs 0. This reality is what has pushed me more and more to Pixel over the years.

                I haven't ran a GSI on any of my Snapdragon devices in over a year or so, but the GSI I'm running on the Q3 Pro is an okay experience but not a great experience. The camera cut out isn't avoided and GMS eventually starts to check aggressively for updates after a month or 2 with no update. This leads to massive battery drain. Draining over 50% overnight without being used. In my case, I haven't been able to successfully flash the past 2 GSIs so the phone is unusable. I have a lot of phones so I can live with it, but it would be a different story if this was my main or only device.

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                  • R5v
                  • 26 Sep 2022

                  Atleast asus make good decision. Because people want snapdragon or dimensity variant. Atleast there's a option.

                    Ok, I will say MediaTek is really good to work with.. Oh shit, I have to go to the toilet now guys..

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                      • 26 Sep 2022

                      You left out batman

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                        • 26 Sep 2022

                        YUKI93, 26 Sep 2022That is why smartphones with Mediatek SoC aren't that ... moreOS upgrade support by Mediatek is lousy compared to Snapdragon

                          [deleted post]In everyday usage and playing game difference is so small that if I would give you phone with Dimensity and say its Snapdragon you would say how cool and fast it is...

                          So its not better its just literally the same in everyday.

                            I am tempted with that Dimensity SoC, but I'll wait and see the software support for it. Since the ROG Phone 2, every model got two major OS updates. If ASUS can deliver the same support for both 6D and 6D Ultimate, I definitely don't mind buying either one.

                              Kangal, 26 Sep 2022I think you have that backwards. You can download document... moreThat is why smartphones with Mediatek SoC aren't that popular within the custom ROM community. Regardless of brands, they always tend to go for Snapdragon-powered smartphones.

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                                • 26 Sep 2022

                                I'll have whichever one I can afford.

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                                  • 26 Sep 2022

                                  I voted there are better gaming phone out there

                                  As am of the option a gaming phone should have built in fan's just like there gaming laptop equipment

                                  I also think SSD storage drive are going make huge performance improvements and smoothness improvements for gaming phones

                                  I hope there's thing's become standard in the near future for gaming phones the benefits would be massive

                                  Out of mediatek dimensity 9000+ & Snapdragon 8 gen 1+
                                  I pick the Snapdragon processor phone only because
                                  It's got 18gb ram
                                  But the mediatek only got 16gb ram so is just little worse

                                  But both are good gaming smartphones and pricing and game compatibility should be considered when buying a gaming smartphones value for money is key

                                  People don't realise how much ram you need for a huge game library on a smartphone and multi tasking spit screen mode screen overlays FPS monitor's emulation running virtual machines recording gameplay live streaming Competitive gaming etc

                                  Such use cases in the real world are different too estate of performance on a clean test benchmarks with everything closed in the background

                                  It's of my opinion expensive gaming smartphones
                                  Are for power users heavy users and serious gamer's and gamer's with a huge game library

                                  My advice is buy the smartphone for your needs
                                  Buy a step up from what you think is good enough

                                  You basically just get too keep the smartphone longer till you're next upgrade this way

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                                    • 26 Sep 2022

                                    I prefer snapdragon

                                      Anonymous, 25 Sep 2022what you mean mediatek not secure when they not released ke... moreI think you have that backwards.
                                      You can download documentation, drivers and SDK directly from Qualcomm. Most OEMs provide proper sources with QSD chipsets. Compiling them is a fairly straightforward task, although most/all phones now have limitations to flash unlicensed code (boot lock).

                                      MediaTek doesn't do that. They're getting better, but they're still far away. They don't provide source, and when they do it is incomplete. If you try to compile it, it doesn't work, and flashing it will likely brick your device. One way around this the community has done, is to collect incomplete sources from different phones, and Frankenstein it to work. It was only a few years ago that MediaTek told OEMs and Developers that if they wanted source code, they had to pay money for it. Which is actually illegal as per GPL2 law.

                                      The reason for such hostility is that plagiarism is rampant in China. This is MediaTek's way of protecting their efforts, even if it is NOT their intellectual property. They don't want their local competitors (RockChip, Unisoc, Allwinner, AMLogic, VIA, etc etc) to steal their drivers and code, and use it on their chipsets. Perhaps making their chips better and undercutting MediaTek. But that's not right, MediaTek should and must do the right thing regardless of perceived threats. If they want to go all proprietary, then they can invest the billions in R&D like Apple and make it from scratch.

                                        Tubalover69, 25 Sep 2022While the 6D has slightly worse standby battery life, it ha... moreIt's not like Dev don't optimize to Mali, it's Because Mali drivers are bad and no one care, the reason Adreno Gpu are better its Because Qualcomm provide necessary tools to Dev and they have good drivers.