Hot take: Google Pixel 7, 7 Pro lack in innovation, Pixel Watch has big shoes to fill

09 October 2022

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Haha, this article was so pointless. Samsung, Apple, Pixel "peaked" sometime ago. At this stage, consumers are really faced with what they attribute to be their main driver to a smart phone Whether it's the better security/privacy options of Apple, the UI/customization of Samsung, or cleaner pictures/general stock experience of the Pixel, innovation is likely left to the Xiaomi/Asus of the world to include something extremely unique.

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    • rup
    • 12 Oct 2022

    Why so much hate from GSM they drool at Apple what did they change between a 13 Pro and 14 Pro I own a 13 Pro not much change just the camera which is not a big change and the chipset.?

    I have as my second phone ordered a pixel 7 pro my first ever pixel I see it’s as a bargain 850 pounds less even say 200 pounds I sell my gift worth 350 the watch I end up paying 650

    Come on GSM arena be fair

      Amomus, 10 Oct 2022i think you dont understand how logics works You can compa... moreIt doesn't matter if it's mobile or desktop. All that matters is that on iOS you cannot install what you want and you do not have true multitasking. Clearly you don't understand how ChromeOS works. Also you double replied the same thing like some kind of astroturfing bot.

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        • 11 Oct 2022

        Anonymous, 11 Oct 2022Yeah, I kind of agree. It's a needlessly negative head... more

        They nailed it. This guy often calls things as they are so it's nice to hear what he says.

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          • 11 Oct 2022

          Here in India if 7 pro sells for on and around 60-65 k then it will certainly be the best deal breaker with that amazing camera . Google should price it properly and trust me people will die to buy with this chipset. . Its not on par with 2 Main contenders howver at this price it will be excellent . .

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            • I4b
            • 11 Oct 2022

            I'm mean Apple hasn't shown much innovation with it's phones in year's so......

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              • 11 Oct 2022

              Funny, that's the same thing Apple does with iPhones and they are revered. They give you an updated version of their chip, a few new features packed in the same body style since idk when. They all look a like so I lost count...

                cniru, 11 Oct 2022Still made in Vietnam. Manufacturing is not going to come b... moreYes, not manufactured in US. But the software and operating OS is where nefarious things could be done. Like reporting user data to an unfriendly state. Or a master kill command to disable the phones. Note: I am not saying that companies like OnePlus are doing that, and I don't believe they are. But technically there is no reason they couldn't do it if they decided to or were ordered to by their government.

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                  • 11 Oct 2022

                  Anonymous, 10 Oct 2022Ikr. You have to be a complete Apple fanboy to say such a thing.You are almost correct! When it came to comparing, the first crush caused is the way device is made to feel like, where they appear to have not paid Much attention, which would have bought them more purchase!

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                    • 11 Oct 2022

                    Rippy, 11 Oct 2022I'm surprised at this negative click bait title on a r... moreYeah, I kind of agree. It's a needlessly negative headline. The 7 is a refinement and addresses what was learned from the 6. I am disappointed by the fake non-secure Face Unlock, but I guess it's still better than the completely unsecure similar gimmicks common in the Android world. The camera is still one of the best available and the price/quality/support make it arguably the most appealing Android available now.

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                      • 11 Oct 2022

                      Rkm, 10 Oct 2022That is one of the thing people forget about android. Andro... moreits like using programs with latest update on computer running windows 8 right?

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                        • 11 Oct 2022

                        I'm surprised at this negative click bait title on a respected site. There's no currency is saying no major innovation. What we have is refinement over gen 1. You really have some first world issues going on. Be peaceful in your spirit and treat your audience with more respect and mature objectivity. Geez

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                          • 11 Oct 2022

                          maxmin, 10 Oct 2022Same for me. I was on OnePlus 3, 6T, 7T. OnePlus has really... moreStill made in Vietnam. Manufacturing is not going to come back to the US anymore. Firstly, because US is no longer the largest market (even if it is profitable - logistics doesn't make sense), and secondly it will never be cost competitive with any ASEAN country or India (soon perhaps even LATAM and African countries). Even if Chinese manufacturing costs rise.

                            Anonymous, 10 Oct 2022Pixel Fold will be a sales loser, as are all the other fold... moreI would disagree, but truthfully you are right. I still think foldables are too chunky to replace the portability of smartphones. If they can slim it down to 5mm unfolded (10mm folded) and shave just a few more grams off, then I would be sold.

                            I believe foldables will benefit greatly from future technological innovations. So looking forward to the future at least.

                              I'm way more excited about the Pixel Watch than the 7. Huge fan of that spherical design.

                                I would say Pixel 7 lacks gimmicks and that's great! A "simple", well balanced phone is great. What I wish they did, was to push the boundaries. Give a 1"-type sensor; that IMX989, or at least Samsung GN2. Add a periscope camera with 10x zoom. Make lenses be glass.

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                                  • 11 Oct 2022

                                  That's why we need Huawei back.

                                    I must've missed this article about the iPhone 13&14/Pro models!

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                                      • 10 Oct 2022

                                      I think that the Modem upgade alone is worth the upgrade. I have the GP6pro, and love it. I travel a lot. If I am in the wrong place, the phones modem kills the battery. I don't need anything else to be fixed. So, Pixel watch deal ($219 off), when buying a new phone, plus getting 700 cash for my Pixel 4a was a no brainer for the modem.

                                      If you're not a Google fan, it may not be worth it.

                                      My advise to everyone is also this... If you are used to a certain brand, stick with it! The grass is never greener on the other side!

                                        Fearghast, 10 Oct 2022There are some differences like a better, more flexible ult... moreThanks you and AngryLithuanianmy51
                                        To answer and hit.
                                        To be honest I never had issue with pixel 6 pro just last 4 months battery drain more that only issue I had, before was amazing 8h+ on display with 20% left in night.
                                        Yes camera and battery I hope will great upgrade hope battery life will good like 6 pro first 5 months.
                                        Thanks all I will do upgrade.