Samsung Galaxy S23 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 tested by Geekbench

17 October 2022
This is a preview of the performance we can expect from Qualcomm's next flagship chip, which has an unusual CPU configuration.

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PhoneFreak45, 17 Oct 2022But if you're not keeping it for three years wouldn�... moreDac for? People needs phones

    Qualcomm Snapdragon are closing the gap so quickly an apple 😱

      Elderman, 17 Oct 2022Its about value,,like who will ever buy your 500k km car th... moreBut if you're not keeping it for three years wouldn't you rather other hardware goodies, like a nice DAC?

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        • 17 Oct 2022

        If this is going to be S23 final design, I am not impressed. They getting uglier every year since S21.

          PhoneFreak45, 17 Oct 2022Well after looking it up seems it's 2 years updates 3 ... moreIts about value,,like who will ever buy your 500k km car that everybody knows at 600k dies
          Same here after 2-3 years nobody wants a stuck phone anymore

            SShock, 17 Oct 20223 years of updates. Where and since when? It's a mirac... moreWell after looking it up seems it's 2 years updates 3 years patches. What I don't understand is why that's a deal breaker for you, am I right to assume you'd be getting a phone sooner than 3 years in anyways? Besides, it's not like a new OS is really that important. Android 12 changed almost nothing on my V60, but lo and behold, still perfectly fine and usable. No more usable than it was on Android 11, but also no less. Also, I'd encourage you to look at it from the companies perspective. Sony's mobile division has a mere 5000 employees that put out 4 phones a year with 2 years of updates. They also sell a lot less than Samsung, because Samsung is heavily advertised. However, for the amount of people there, they put out some great phones. They're the only company keeping the microSD card slot and headphone jack in 2022. Don't know if you were going to say anything, but first let me point out that a microSD card takes up about as much space as a sim card in a phone, doesn't impact waterproofing since a sim tray is already needed, and can triple the amount of storage you have even if you sprung for a 512GB Xperia. Storage that's fast enough for recording at 4K 60FPS, and can easily manage watching videos or listening to music stored locally. Say what you will about it being slow, but the point still stands that it's fast enough for doing all things you might want extra storage for. As for the headphone jack... Well good audio never ages, and having a headphone jack doesn't impact you in the slightest. Nobody should specifically not want a headphone jack on their phone, even if you prefer wireless, it doesn't hurt you. Mini rant concluded, more towards people that don't like those sorts of things than you ^

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              • 17 Oct 2022

              SShock, 17 Oct 20223 years of updates. Where and since when? It's a mirac... moreAce 2 announced last year with android 11 is gonna get android 13.
              Better than having 5 versions of OS, that makes device slow like galaxy Y. Exactly what happens to iphone.

              I know many former iphone users that got sick of slow devices after so many updates.

              By the way, I still have not received the fix of bugs introduced with iOS14. Already on 15.6, still same crap.
              I wonder why it shuts down apps when 3 of them are open, when my phone does not do it even with more than 100 apps open.

              The iOS is even crappier than android 12, which is worst android since android 4.0

                PhoneFreak45, 17 Oct 2022Don't know til you have experience with all of them. S... more3 years of updates. Where and since when? It's a miracle if you get 1 year from Sony which is why I never even considered looking at any of them, let alone actually buying it. Would consider if it's really 3 years now. But then, it's also matter of how timely they are. Getting Android 13 when Android 14 is already out is like not having updates at all.

                  SShock, 17 Oct 2022Many rubbish brands with bad software support that is.T R O L L D E T E C T E D

                  Man no brand is better. Just one little question for what sake is good having for example 5 OS updates if your hardware cant keep up with your software.
                  After 5 years (in which 99% people will long time swap their device for new one half of that will have like 3rd device at that time they swapped once every 2 years) so once again after 5 years you end with a device with latest software but unable to run even most basic apps which also will be updated to newest versions.

                  Just for example in 2015 had my Lenovo Vibeshot a great phone of that time and era for 400 bucks with 3GB ram and 32GB storage and were playing my favorite clash of lords game without ay laggs bugs etc.
                  Nowdays running same game on a same phone but updaed to latest september 2022 update 2022 woudnt allow me to run even the game not to mention any battles will be impossible to preform due to improved graphic on game compared to same game from 2015. Many else improved too.
                  Even facebook is not the same as it was many years ago.
                  And believe me most apps will does not run properly or at all on ancient hardware.
                  Thats all i want to say.

                    Anonymous, 17 Oct 2022Nope all these cores X3+A715+A710+A510 are all Arm V9 chips... moreDoesn't the Pixel 7 series already done that. It's only supports 64bit app only.

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                      • 17 Oct 2022

                      Rol1x, 17 Oct 2022I'm sorry for Samsung, but if they do not use Snapdrag... moreWhy is a crap?

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                        • 17 Oct 2022

                        Do not buy 2023 phones, wait for 8g3.
                        The GPU is gonna have biggest leap of latest years.
                        OEMs have been testing samples of 8g3 already.

                          Shadocx, 17 Oct 2022Until you see the GPU performance... And at least, it'... moreWell man erase all the usual and typical samsung bloatware from the phone and you get a formula one phone driving on a rocket petrol with enhanced nitro and ultra avesome cumbustion.

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                            • 17 Oct 2022

                            Weibo tipster (not DSC nor iceuniverse) says this is capped performance (heat management) and correct score for 8g2 is 15xx/5200.

                              mesand, 17 Oct 2022Yes... I also wish iPhone would be available with Android..... moreMan you can have latest updated OS on apple device some kind of old model for example Iphone 8 or older but youu may eventualy ends with a phone with newest software but unable to run even most basic tasks and apps due to very old hardware.
                              Rather will have new hardware and old software than viceversa.
                              Because new hardware will run anything odl hardware with new OS wont run latest games and due to lack of ram and CPU and GPU speeds will be slow crawling and good maybe for brownsing and apps such as facebook, tik tok etc.

                              So once again new software is fine to have but new hardware is even more important.
                              Anyway most people sells or buy new device every 2-3 years to not end up with very updated but old phone unable to learn new tricks due to lack of hardware capable of doing new tricks.

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                                • 17 Oct 2022

                                sixtymes, 17 Oct 2022Finally proof in what I have been asking for months, if thi... moreNope all these cores X3+A715+A710+A510 are all Arm V9 chips according to Arm themselves , published in 2021.

                                X3 +A715 and A510 are 64bit only, but A710 still has 32bit support.

                                For this reasons we have to wait for one more year for 100% 64bit only chip along with Android 14 which is a 64bit only OS.

                                  Ayy Lmao, 17 Oct 2022So this chip have the performance of the A15 bionic, a chip... moreIt's just a prototype and inside a samsung device. Even the TSMC built 8 plus gen 1 inside the Z series performs way lower than the standard 8 gen 1 fabricated by Samsung in other OEM's.
                                  And most of the apps used by average user in both platform perform similar regardless of the synthetic benchmark scores. The only thing to consider nowadays is how much efficient the chip is and the Bionic chips have better CPU efficiency and similar GPU efficiency according to tests done by golden reviewer and geekerwan.

                                    one again Samsung will pis on the European marked. As long as the European customers are willing to pay more and get the Exynos chip, Samsung will stick to this policy.

                                      SShock, 17 Oct 2022Many rubbish brands with bad software support that is.Don't know til you have experience with all of them. Sony makes some high quality handsets and they're doing 3 years updates now.

                                        PhoneFreak45, 17 Oct 2022Well, there are many brands to choose from. Samsung is but ... moreMany rubbish brands with bad software support that is.