Apple confirms iPhone with USB-C is coming

26 October 2022
Executives confirms the move, even if Apple is not happy.

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  • AnonD-1066415
  • m46
  • 26 Oct 2022

Well, it was about time. I think the only way you can make Apple do something (that they don't want to, because it doesn't bring them enough profit), is to force it on them. Good for EU for enforcing this on them.
To tell you the truth, I would have hopped Apple will refuse this and exit the European market, in retaliation. Apple brought only bad ideas in recent years (removing headphone jack, removing charger from box, now removing sim card slot). So, them leaving the European market, would have been really nice. Stay only in US, Apple!

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    • David
    • HCY
    • 26 Oct 2022

    Apple should have gone straight from their 30 pin connector to USB-C and been one of it's early adopters.

      77, 26 Oct 2022Lightning connectors cost £18 in UK, for that Typc C at 100... moreBecause good USB-C cables totally don't cost the same. Your comparison is totally nonsensical and you keep throwing up the most expensive cable examples. Why would you need a 100W on iPhone when they charge at what, sub 30W ? It seems only bad news for anyone is for you in particular, because you seem to take it super personally for some dumb reason.

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        • 26 Oct 2022

        About damn time the change has come to TYPE-C connectivity to apples aging lightening crap!

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          • 26 Oct 2022

          SShock, 26 Oct 2022Because some connector would be "bad news" for th... moreLightning connectors cost £18 in UK, for that Typc C at 100w is £15
          It's milking them out
          No memory expansion available on Mac, but too buy what they offer, ripping out them with no blood left
          And you're supporting the fruit

          Even in every MacAple techsites and forums millions off fans hate dissatisfied beyond, and you're giving credits too the fruit, its beyond unbelievable

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            • MZt
            • 26 Oct 2022

            Honestly, the eu doesn't own apple. Plus why don't they ban all laptop non-usbc chargers?

            The eu is just having a big tantrum (same with brazil)

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              • Maria
              • sEB
              • 26 Oct 2022

              When apple said " coming", it can be a year to go, two years to go, three, four, ... it is because they may search for the unique name for that.

                So they are happy to use it in everything else than iPhone but since EU mandates it it's bad?

                And don't get me started on Apple and ewaste. The company that started the trend with no bricks in package to "reduce" ewaste after they shipped 5W chargers to customers? 😃 Don't forget they still ship the apple sticker with their products creating so much unnecessary waste. And the latest ipad with the dongle is another example of their hypocrisy.

                  rghaleb, 26 Oct 2022Why isn't Apple happy about it though? I get that they... moreA lot of phones still have USB 2.0 data connection even though it's USB-C type.

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                    • 26 Oct 2022

                    rghaleb, 26 Oct 2022Why isn't Apple happy about it though? I get that they... moreApple gets licensing and testing fees from lighting compatible devices, if they start using usb c they won't get that anymore or at least the number of items that will go through that process will be greatly reduced.

                      they should ship an adapter that turns a lightning cable into a usb c cable. that would solve the e waste thing

                        Why isn't Apple happy about it though? I get that they were "forced" to do it but It's overdue anyway, what is wrong with having a higher spec connector? The lightning is still USB 2.0 which is shameful in a $1,000+ phone in 2022..

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                          • 26 Oct 2022

                          Vango, 26 Oct 2022Love how they market USB-C as an upgrade on the iPads and t... moreTrying to save face... Lightning s ucks and they know it.

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                            • Duderino
                            • nid
                            • 26 Oct 2022

                            Wake up. Lightning effing sucks, weak connector galore. Micro usb sucked as well, but usb c is the best so far, so deal with it.

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                              • Vango
                              • rJE
                              • 26 Oct 2022

                              Love how they market USB-C as an upgrade on the iPads and the MacBooks, but they're suddenly a liability to upgrade to for the iPhones.

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                                • cyber
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                                • 26 Oct 2022

                                don't sell them in the europe-is simple as it looks

                                  77, 26 Oct 2022Lmfaooooooo Bad news for Blue TrixxBecause some connector would be "bad news" for them how exactly? You're just special case of high sodium hater and nothing else.

                                    WOW game changer 😂

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                                      • 26 Oct 2022

                                      the salt from apple in this article haha. can i have some for my fries 😁

                                      about time

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                                        • 26 Oct 2022


                                        Bad news for