The iPhone SE isn't dead anymore, to be resurrected as iPhone 14 clone for next year

27 February 2023
It's got an OLED display and an Apple-made 5G baseband chip.

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Great, finally apple is starting to improve their SE to the next generation... Now I guess no one is gonna complain about the small screen anymore

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    • ilya
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    • 15 Mar 2023

    se 4 same iPhone XR with new chip

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      • QY@
      • 08 Mar 2023

      Anyone here still a fan of literally any iPhone design with a home button? No notches, no curved display, no swipe bar that you can't hide... anyone?

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        • stikoz
        • n37
        • 07 Mar 2023

        An SE in the MINI body and size please.

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          • 05 Mar 2023

          An SE in the Pro Max body and size please.

            AnonD-1086827, 02 Mar 2023And is only normal. People use their smartphones for videos... moreDo not forget the usage while doing trivial things with the other hand, that are impossible operating a phablet. So for those not able or willing to hire servants to do trivial tasks one hand operation is quite handy....
            e.g. Carrying groceries, a suitcase or what ever.

            Phablets has become so oversized that some people use smart-watches to do phone tasks without the need of pulling out the monster device...

            BUT A large screen is very handy in many situations, but they really need completely new UI guidelines (Both Android and Ios), so only the reachable part of the display is needed for touch, but still using the whole area for display. (Yes I am aware of the modes for shrunken usage, but that leaves the unreachable areas black, so sort of highlights the issue more than solving it)

            So until then, we still need phone-sized phones...

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              • AnonD-1086827
              • ps9
              • 02 Mar 2023

              AnonD-731363, 02 Mar 2023Man i am not going to force people anywhere i am just said ... moreAnd is only normal. People use their smartphones for videos/movies, gaming, web browsing, messaging. All these things are way better on a bigger screen.
              The only plus for mini smartphones, is that they sit nice in your pocket and they give less fatigue in time. Not enough, in my opinion.

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                • 02 Mar 2023

                EskeRahn, 02 Mar 2023Are you a Maoist by any chance? It is the same basic idea:... moreMan i am not going to force people anywhere i am just said small model are dead and compared to regular and big sizes they dont sell well thats it.

                  veryangrynerd, 02 Mar 2023We would all love a iPhone 12/13 mini SE, but in Apple'... moreIt actually baffles my mind that an almost 3 trillion usd company doesn't understand that while I sit here on my toilet typing this with a negative bank balance.

                    Daemon Targaryen, 28 Feb 2023If I wanted the size of the iPhone 14, I would get the 14. ... moreWe would all love a iPhone 12/13 mini SE, but in Apple's own genius analysis people are not into small flagships anymore. It is definitely not because they released the SE 2020 2.5 YEARS after the iPhone 8. And so every single small phone user already bought a small phone and then they go ahead and release a true small flagship 6/7 months later. It is totally not because of that.

                      Actually 1000IQ geniuses they are going to put the same SOC as the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 2022, they are going to start offering it from 128gb for 499 and make it sound like a super deal because you are finally getting the better cameras and the oled display only 20 USD more from the SE 2022 128gb model and become heroes. To not damage their marketing bending $100 steps they will offer the iPhone 14 with 128gb for 599 come September this year. So that people now have to choose between 2gb of ram they never advertise with 2 extra gpu cores, OR get extra storage on the SE model.

                        blue, 28 Feb 2023What sets SE apart is price.Well you could read SE as "simple edition" or "small edition".

                        The problem is that most manufacturers equals the two, and fail to see that there are users that want a cheaper(=simpler) device that is still phablet size, while others want a phone sized (=smaller) device that is still highly speced, so that it can be fully one hand operable, also for those not having extremely flexible long thumbs.

                          AnonD-731363, 28 Feb 2023Actualy SE is dead. Only ultra sells best. Small models... moreAre you a Maoist by any chance?
                          It is the same basic idea: One type of xxxx for everybody.
                          Have you ever heard the phrase: "Different people different needs" ?

                          That the majority prefer oversized phablets over phone sized devices does not means that it goes for everyone.

                          Let us in general have variety, big bars small bars, clamshells, foldables, numeric key phones, keyboard phones, etc etc.
                          Rather than thousands (litterally) of big bars with slight variation only.

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                            • 01 Mar 2023

                            All the consumer cares about here is what is the cost implication here for the end user? Specs seem fine and 6.1" these days is still relatively compact but if it's not sub 500 euros or probably even under 450 euros, it's not going to make a dent really.

                              Anonymous, 28 Feb 2023I purchased a 150EUR Android phone with 120Hz refresh rate.... moreYou did not compare a literately a budget phone to a flagship????? Also for your information iphone 11 lag alot and it doesnt have the specs to still be priced that high.

                                This is a smart move because that XR SE was gonna flop ultra hard. The SE doesn't have to be current, but it should at least be modern.

                                  Blue, 28 Feb 2023Because a) nobody cares b) lower power consumption c) Ap... moreWhat spec hunting? And who said that nobody cares? Dude it's all about the experience on our eyes. Much people complaint about the iPhone 14 & Plus that still come 60Hz screen, which is doesn't acceptable for that pricing.

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                                    • 01 Mar 2023

                                    If it's 14 clone it won't have the magical home button there is no faster way of switching between apps in the World. It will kill SE's passion.

                                      An iPhone SE in the body of the iPhone 12/13 mini would've been the ideal solution. I'm still hoping for Apple to go for it, especially because there's already a phone that exists to serve the purpose of what the incoming SE is intended as. Heck even an iPhone XR redo at $400 would do. An iPhone SE with the body/specs of iPhone 14, at $400? Yeah, not happening anytime sooner.

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                                        • RIL
                                        • 28 Feb 2023

                                        So there's gonna be an SE Plus too right? RIGHT?