It's official: Nothing Phone (2) will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series chipset

28 February 2023
It's most likely the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, but the company is being vague at the moment.

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  • 01 Mar 2023

Surely it will have expandable storage and headphone jack and priced to compete with A52s.

    Pangsailousai, 01 Mar 2023Ah and there comes the clue, you are obviously shilling for... moreMaybe its you "self claimed engineer" who dont know how Mobile market work? You think your Theory at class made you most important person?

      "" We're expecting to be drip-fed tidbits of information about the new device over the next few weeks or months, since that's a strategy that Nothing CEO Carl Pei loves and has employed many times before, including at OnePlus before founding Nothing.""

      Oh yes indeed, I remember fondly, each little update with (1) phone...
      Get ready for, Nothing Phone 2 has bluetooth, it has AMOLED display, it has 3 rear cameras, it has LED notification lights on the back, it has 8GB RAM minimum, it has a 512GB model, etc, etc... Wow, what surprise.

        Hemedans, 01 Mar 2023They sold more than 1m units, so they have strong user base... moreAh and there comes the clue, you are obviously shilling for Nothing. Now all we have to know is why.

        Everything is starting to make sense now, the excuses, the deflections and the lack of any knowledge on how things work at a technical level.

        GSMA needs to have a policy against corporate PR disguised as random user's 2 cents on these forums.

          Hemedans, 01 Mar 2023Do you think why they didnt? Because of midrange soc, with ... moreCut the BS will you, patents and license have nothing to do with this. It's just a matter of getting off their rears and getting work done. It is literally adding in the telco parameters into the IMS they are obviously enabling for NA and EU, IMS is a program from Android core, nothing to do with royalties to anyone. If you enable that you need to also enable the telco parameters for it to work. Nothing just didn't care for any markets outside of NA, EU yet they put enough marketing funds to market the device in Asia. That's called cashing in with no effort. Exactly the kind of business practice that should be shot down. There is a reason why people are advised not to pre-order anything because almost all the time these days corporate is after easy money without having to earn their pay. Video games launched in alpha state with content stripped out but sold at full or more than full price and there are fools gullible enough to pre-order these things.

          You are the prime example of this, bending over backwards to defend a company that doesn't even know you exist. Stop it. Stop making pathetic excuses. Have some self respect.

          Sheesh, corporate zealots are the worst.

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            • 01 Mar 2023

            Anonymous, 01 Mar 2023Normal users? They still care about updates and don't ... moreOkay ask normal people(non-geeks) around you what OS version they are running. You are in for a surprise.

              Anonymous, 01 Mar 2023Whats the point ? the price will be just very high, nothing... moreThey sold more than 1m units, so they have strong user base for startup company.

                Pangsailousai, 01 Mar 2023Not what I said. What your carrier wants to do has no beari... moreDo you think why they didnt? Because of midrange soc, with 8xx series soc you can get all license in single package but with midrange soc you cant, you are limited. For you its just rooting and Modify for them its millions of fines and long court battles. And not just Volte even Bands plenty of phones you can unlock them but Oem dont do this due to some licence, certification and patents,

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                  • 01 Mar 2023

                  I can't see them making good choices for parts
                  And truly hated the nothing phone ones design

                  Basically nothing brand takes away everything that's not nailed down and gives you nothing

                  Truly are everything that's wrong with the smartphone would

                  No SD card slot
                  No handphone jack
                  No good storage amount
                  Bad Notched screens
                  Bad soc
                  No changer
                  High price for little return
                  No nothing really

                  Etc etc etc
                  But yeah garbage nothing 1

                  I can't see a brand starting off so badly making anything nice as most brands get worse with age and nothing brand kinda started off as bad as it gets
                  So only downhill from here

                  Nothing 2
                  Most likely they pay a hlftly price premium for Snapdragon 8+ gen 2 binning control

                  Then cheap out on something really important like cooling

                  12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, a 120 Hz OLED display, and a 5,000 mAh battery

                  Most likely 1000 pound phone

                  That's tiny little bit of storage space that's just not enough there days for most people

                  If you think 256gb u need 512gb you can't use all the storage the os takes up room
                  U have leave some storage free for swooping space for wear leveling out and such

                  Always buy twice the storage you think you will need
                  As cheaping out on storage space is most common mistake most people learn the hard way years later

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                    • 01 Mar 2023

                    The S23 Ultra shouldnt be the phone we all think about when talking Flagships or at least it shouldnt be the phone we compare all other phones with. Barely any "normal" person is able to spend 1500$ on a phone "just like that". Of course thats what we all call "Flagship", but we see the pixel 7 outshine the main camera of a s23 for half the price and we call it "mid-range" - what for? The price of 650$ is more than many people are able to spend on their monthly rent.
                    I wish to see a Nothing Phone (2) around the pricerange of 700-800, that doenst even need to do alot more than the nothing phone (1). Why compete with the phones 1000$+ if you can easily pick on the pixel phone people who are willing to accept a new manufacturer with more ease than the fanbwois and gals of samsung and apple who wont ever buy any other brand.

                      Hemedans, 01 Mar 2023Yes any band can Have Volte but it doesnt mean Carrier can ... moreNot what I said. What your carrier wants to do has no bearing on what a device is capable of at its HW and FW levels. Nothing Phone (1) has no VoLTE or VoWiFI support for any telco in Malaysia, that's because the Nothing's team hasn't bothered to setup IMS services or even include the HOS/XCAP settings of the Malaysian telcos in their IMS related XML files. If I root the phone I can do all that and make it work but why the heck should I be doing their work for them? No regular user should bother with root and other experience breaking rooting methods to get simple VoLTE and VoWiFi supported.

                      Pay attention when I say: Telcos in my country do NOT block any device from getting IMS provisioning on any gen4 towers on their networks, the device in question here simply lacks any support for the region whatsoever. Not what you are talking about where telco is actively preventing provisioning based on towers your phone connects to, ergo the band your mobile might be using at the time. Go to a different area and the behavior is different and features that weren't working start working again because the bands have changed. Nothing to do with the band itself but the telco misappropriating bands. International standards have laid down that if your tower provides 4G then you have to provide all 4G features universally. How that's is achieved and managed is the telco's problem, not yours. You as a paying customer need to vote with your wallet and show them the finger when pulling fast ones like that but I digress.

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                        • 01 Mar 2023

                        Whats the point ? the price will be just very high, nothing wrong with SD778..... nothing cant be serious if they will double the price for a very unknown name and bad support...

                          AnonD-1086827, 01 Mar 2023Yeah, and it will cost 1000EUR. At this price point, you mi... moreSo you'll buy a chinese/indian made iphone that uses some chinese parts and a south korean phone (next door to china) but will not buy chinese? Unfortunately most people think like you which is why apple and samsung do so well, just turn your brain off and buy popular, media pushed choice.

                          If it works for you thats good i guess but generally the advancement of tech and the actual best phones are chinese and a lot of top chinese companies are starting to offer 4 years of updates/5 years security/update more regularly than samsung (oppo got android 13 before samsung and recieves monthly updates/security patches). Xiaomi and honor need to up their game for software support but thats about it.

                            Pangsailousai, 01 Mar 2023I would urge you to stop talking making things up if you do... moreYes any band can Have Volte but it doesnt mean Carrier can put Volte in all bands, even in my Country here only 800mhz has Volte, the reason is 800mhz has large coverage, you can cover whole region with few towers while 2300, 2600 etc has higher internet speed but with limited coverage.

                            So it depend with carrier, to be safe make sure your phone has all bands in your country and only soc with many bands as possible are flagship ones.

                              Nicolas F, 01 Mar 2023I want every company to release new phones every two years,... moreYes..and keep adapter and accessories inside the box

                                Hemedans, 01 Mar 2023Its Complicated i will give you Example of Jio. They had... moreI would urge you to stop talking making things up if you dont know what VoIP means, VoIP it's Voice over 'IP'. 'IP' as in Internet Protocol. Once the internet access is established either via mobile data or your WiFi, that is it, everything else happens over IP layer. Bands are completely a Physical layer aspect, there is no bearing whatsoever on the upper layers of the modem stack.

                                I do this as a side gig apart from my main line of work (engineering).

                                It has nothing to do with bands whatsoever. It is entirely down to IMS and related settings under the system folder which no telco can touch via OTA unless it is the telco that handles the system updates for your Phone, like some contract phones of Samsung needing AT&T to push the updates, Samsung does not provide feature updates directly for AT&T like how they handle ROW firmware. This goes for most other phone brands under AT&T which is why AT&T is hot garbaage but I digress.

                                LG V60 has no support whatsoever in Malaysia, I rooted it and enabled VoLTE support manually VoWiFi was more of a challenge but that got that working too once I understood how LG's peculiar flavor of handling IMS works. My local telco didn't block the phone based on it's vendor signature, a thing I confirmed with their IT dept before I started my work to make VolTE and VoWiFi work. One of these days when I get time I will publish the method on XDA forums. And no, it is not as simple going into build.prop modding some settings to '1'. You need a multitude of files and apks from other builds to get the service up and running and then have HOS and XCAP APNs in the system folders so you dont have to set those in everytime manually besides tedious edits to certain sections of XML related to the IMS service to properly pick up and switch between VoLTE and VoWiFi autonomously

                                VoLTE is possible over any network so long as there is bandwidth to ensure QoS because unlike GSM calls where call drops are rare due to the high inherent QoS insurance. Some networks used to market VoLTE as HD voice over 3G networks because they were able to ensure bandwidth in certain regions. This has gone away these days with 4G. 2G just doesn't have the bandwidth via EDGE/GPRS so out of the question for VoLTE.

                                  Anonymous, 01 Mar 2023They have focused on it long enough and the phone is almost... moreI want every company to release new phones every two years, that would be much better.

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                                    • 01 Mar 2023

                                    ishreal, 01 Mar 2023no one cares about the headphone jack. you people are so an... moreThey will cry no matter what. I bet they use cheap trash wired earphones and not serious in ear monitors. Nowadays true wireless earbuds are great. Even if you pay only 30 dollars.

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                                      • 01 Mar 2023

                                      Anonymous, 01 Mar 2023Most normal users don't care about updates. I have see... moreNormal users? They still care about updates and don't want to use the same thing. Updates are good both for security and new features. Yes they can brick something too. But very rarely.

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                                        • 01 Mar 2023

                                        Matallica9, 01 Mar 2023One mans Cool Features is another mans Bloat 😁If you talk about bloatware it is very minimal. You just need to uncheck all apps during first setup.