Weekly poll: who here is getting a Google Pixel Fold or a Pixel 7a?

14 May 2023
The first foldable has only one foe to worry about - limited availability. Wait, we mean the Galaxy Z Fold4. And the Pixel 7a may have made the Pixel 7 obsolete. Or has it?

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dbjungle, 15 May 2023It depends who you're asking. To me there is a very t... moreFair point. I also like relatively narrower and smaller phones. Currently rocking the original OP Nord right now, because I am a college student. Once I have some money I will definitely explore more tech. But yeah, I am fine with my phone's size.

    When did the Nexus peak? Probably by the 5 but I thought Nexus One and 4 looked better. I still own a Nexus 5, BTW. Pixel peaked in design by 2 XL with the panda but I prefer my black non-XL 3 without that bathtub notch. It's like a Galaxy S8 but a Pixel or smaller Pixel 2 XL. I also think the white from the 2 XL gets too dirty. I don't want it to turn yellow.

    I hope the Pixel Fold 2 keeps the same chassis as its predecessor. Maybe just trim the bezels, thickness, and weight some more. Keep the rounded sides. I would hate it if Pixel Fold 2 is the same size as the Z Fold 1 through 5s. I don't want tall and narrow. I want the foldable to feel like a real slab when closed and a wider cover display provides this when typing.

    Google phones do get BIGGER by Gen 6....

    Nexus 6
    Pixel 6

    Will we ever return to the sizes of the Nexus 5 and Pixel 5? So far with the Pixel Fold, we are returning to them based from height but not width, thickness, or weight....

    Nexus 5: 137.9 x 69.2 x 8.6 mm, 130 g
    Pixel 5: 144.7 x 70.4 x 8 mm, 151 g
    Pixel Fold: 139.7 x 79.5 x 12.1 mm, 283 g

      YourLocalCafe, 14 May 2023But the difference is negligible.It depends who you're asking. To me there is a very thin line between manageable and deal-breaker in size. Particularly in width 74mm wide is a hard deal-breaker for me while 73mm wide is fine. I did use the Pixel 5a (73.7mm wide) as my primary phone for a year, but I was very much not happy with the size the whole time. I buy a lot of phones and have had some other large phones and I have never daily carried anything over 74mm wide.

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        • 15 May 2023

        7a would be of interest, but as often with Google it's crippled by the storage. That's what my Pixel 2 had 6 years ago, but was getting tight by the end of its life. It just doesn't cut it now.

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          • 15 May 2023

          The problem with the Fold is that it's too wide. The purpose of that style of foldable has to be to give you a phone that's small enough to be manageable when folded but a big screen when you need it. The Pixel Fold is already one of the widest phones on the market even when folded (8cm wide), so misses the point completely.

            MyName, 15 May 2023Owning Pixel 6 Pro for almost two years, my next phone will... morejust wait for pixel a series.

              red color on a pixel looks beautiful imo
              sort of like a strawberry.

                Owning Pixel 6 Pro for almost two years, my next phone will be Pixel 9, or Pixel 10, not pro kind. I prefer flat screens, pocketable size that don't rip your jeans pockets when you sit down, and not a big fan of folding screens, which I believe are on the flimsy side.

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                  • Jimbob
                  • 7@I
                  • 15 May 2023

                  The fold looks like a prototype device. no chance im buying... 7a seems ok not sure why they are using gorilla glass 3 from 2013

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                    • spicy
                    • xFE
                    • 15 May 2023

                    Not this fold. Huge bezels, tensor chip with its poor battery management, and that price (Yikes)

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                      • 15 May 2023

                      The Pixel Fold cost the same as the Galaxy Z Fold4, so software experience will be the key selling point between the two.

                      As for the 7a, the difference between it and the 7 is not significant enough to take the 7a. I'd get a secondhand 7.

                        potato4k, 14 May 2023The best steal imo is actually the Pixel 6a. $350 for rough... moreDoesn't 6a have modem issues and fingerprint issues and bad battery life? That's why I chose Moto g stylus 5g 2022, and it has the headphone jack, MicroSD slot, and bigger internal storage.

                          Still rocking my launch day Z Flip 3 from 2 years ago and it's still pretty solid. Battery life could be better but it's not as atrocious as my LG G5 and iPhone SE (2016) once it got to iOS15.

                          If I do go foldable again, it will be for a book-style. I can tell not many people are excited for the Pixel Fold though. Foldables are still for a niche crowd since nobody wants to pay close to two grand for them.

                          I'm not excited by the Z Fold 5 or Flip 5. What's up with Samsung making all their flagships get the flatter sides like what the iPhone 12 through 14 brought back? I prefer the more gentler sides of the 2021 Galaxy phones.

                          One of the big reasons I want the Pixel Fold is because it does have the more rounded sides. It's only 139.7 mm in height or only 1.4 mm more than an iPhone 7 which is still a dream to hold after 7 years. And I want that wider cover display.

                          I can understand people whining of the $1800 price tag but "chunky bezels" or creases don't bother me. The iPad mini 6 and Surface Duos have chunky bezels. Nobody is whining about that. I think the crease is there to have Flex mode.

                          I'm more excited about the Pixel Fold than I am for the Asus ROG Ally. It's $1100 more but the ROG Ally's awful battery life is such a downer. To me, Pixel Fold will be the most exciting release of this year for tech nerds. Won't sell much at that price but tech nerds will love it.

                            Apart from the screen material and charging speed, it is basically perfect.

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                              • 15 May 2023

                              I am a huge Pixel fan and user, and a Foldable fan, I've used a Galaxy fold 4 for a brief time, before selling it, the Galaxy fold 4 is a beautifully built and the software is pretty good however I absolutely hate the double applications and Samsungs applications I would never use, I pretty much tried to change everything to look and feel like a Pixel device, installing all Google's I could and making them default, however as most will know you can only do so much, Also the dimensions of the Fold 4 being to tall when the device is closed, and how the Pixel Fold is more to my liking as it's quite similar to the Surface Duo, anyway I really missed the exclusive Pixel software features that I absolutely loved,like the now playing and call screening, plus the clean software experience, so I sold the fold 4.

                              Currently I daily Carry a Pixel 7 Pro and a Surface Duo the Surface Duo is mostly used for book reading and for the times I want to run two full screen applications at once, when I heard Google was officially releasing a foldable I was sold, and very much looking forward to carrying only one device again.

                              Unfortunately for me and other Australian 🇦🇺folks interested in buying the Pixel Fold, Google has excluded the Pixel Fold from it's Australian Google Store, leaving us feeling extremely disappointed,

                              I know this is just about smartphone tech, but I feel like I've been stabbed in the back, ☺️ after being so hyped from all the leaks on Twitter, etc to not being officially told anything untill saying we are releasing the Pixel Fold in only 4 countries, it's a bad move by Google.

                                Very slow charging 🤤

                                  dbjungle, 14 May 2023I agree, but some people just want a smaller phone.But the difference is negligible.

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                                    • 14 May 2023

                                    pixel 6a/7a are too small. I want a large phone for my large hands.

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                                      • 14 May 2023

                                      Anonymous, 14 May 2023yeah.. 250 is niceI don't know what you're high on to get that price, but I want some of that stuff too!

                                        I don't like how that "stripe" is visible in the middle of the foldables. There is still a lot of work to be done on the manufacturing technology of these screens. So I prefer any other model vs foldable. And I think that's why Apple hasn't launched a foldable yet...