Weekly poll: who here is getting a Google Pixel Fold or a Pixel 7a?

14 May 2023
The first foldable has only one foe to worry about - limited availability. Wait, we mean the Galaxy Z Fold4. And the Pixel 7a may have made the Pixel 7 obsolete. Or has it?

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  • 14 May 2023

When you look at galaxy fold 4, pixel fold looks way worse, especially with the chipset. Even software wise, samsung looks better, even the stock Android look can be easily imitated into it with customisation. Also fold 5 is coming in a few months and that will outright destroy pixel in every way. Don't see this one selling well at all.
Pixel 7a isn't looking too good either and would rather spend extra and buy the 7 or any other phone in that range.

    7a in Sea Blue 💙

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      • 14 May 2023

      The 6a was a good midranger. The 7a is way too close in specs and price to the 7, probably with the intent of making people buy the 7 instead because it's "better value" than the 7a. I'm not a fan of that...

      The Pixel Fold is... weird. It's their first foldable, yet they price it just like the Galaxy Fold 4 which is much more refined and going into the 5th generation already. While Google may be better with software, the Galaxy Fold is probably a better product overall. But I honestly don't like either because foldables right now just aren't good enough for me. The cons heavily outweigh the benefits...

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        • 14 May 2023

        I cannot buy either of them because Google is still not selling phones in my country.

        As former Samsung og Fold and Fold 3 user i think rollabels will be the future.

        Pixel 7a is overpriced and neither of them support Nreal Air or Rokid Max which is strange.

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          • AA8
          • 14 May 2023

          Neither of them. Cause despite being one of the leading Maps provider in the world, Google still thinks that there’s only 5 countries that exist in the whole world

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            • 14 May 2023

            IMX363, 14 May 2023Pixel 7a is way too expensive. Should've been €400, ma... moreyeah.. 250 is nice

              potato4k, 14 May 2023The best steal imo is actually the Pixel 6a. $350 for rough... moremy point too

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                • 14 May 2023

                never been fond to vanilla, been for years with miui😍😍😍

                now i am tryng funtouch os on iqoo11, yeah its great, with just a lil bit flaw compare to miui, especially on app lock feature

                  Going to buy op 11 I think. Fast changing good batterylife and camera. And metal body.

                  Do not know what else. Maybe oppo find 6 global version.. when it comes.

                  Apple 15 max pro off the table I personally sanctioned american good. Force to use Google which is a shame.

                    YourLocalCafe, 14 May 2023Pixel 7 is just a better deal over the 7a in every single w... moreI agree, but some people just want a smaller phone.

                      Vic4BBM, 14 May 2023I currently use 6a as my personal phone and 4a as my work p... moreI have owned every Pixel A and still have all of them except the 3a. I also have an iPhone 13 I got highly discounted through my work. I am a bit of an iOS hater, but I personally feel the Pixel 6a is a considerably better experience that was available for often less than half the price of the iPhone 13.

                        Anonymous, 14 May 2023pixel phones are only available in select markets & reg... moreRegion locked? When I was still using the Pixel 5a I moved to a non Pixel country with my USA 5a and had absolutely no problems. Can you explain what you mean?

                          potato4k, 14 May 2023The best steal imo is actually the Pixel 6a. $350 for rough... moreI agree with you about the 6a. I have both the 6a and 7a and I've been telling friends and family that if I needed to only buy only one phone I would pick the 6a over anything. The experience you're getting on that phone for the price which has often been $300 / €300 is unbeatable. The 7a's camera is actually quite a bit better, but the 6a's camera is already better than the majority of phones on the market. Personally, I don't care about wireless charging or 90Hz. So it's a matter of deciding if 2 more GB of RAM, Tensor G2 and the camera upgrades are worth the extra $150. IMO the 6a is just too good as a baseline to warrant it. With that being said... I still love my 7a so far and will continue buying Pixel A phones on launch until they give me a reason not to.

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                            • 14 May 2023

                            IMX363, 14 May 2023Pixel 7a is way too expensive. Should've been €400, ma... moreThat is not how you conduct a business. They won't make a profit if they sell less than €400.

                              I don't like how that "stripe" is visible in the middle of the foldables. There is still a lot of work to be done on the manufacturing technology of these screens. So I prefer any other model vs foldable. And I think that's why Apple hasn't launched a foldable yet...

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                                • 14 May 2023

                                I was thinking to get me Pixel 6a for more compact size but cant say compact to them for too tall phone for 6.1 inch screen if we compare phone size with other 6.1 inch screens like iphone 14 and galaxy S23

                                7a cost 550 euro in my country so it be out of the question as for that money i need to just add 50 euro more and go with S22 that is all around better in every way over 7a and also all pixel 7 series.

                                But now best bang for buck come out and it's Poco F5 where i dont need to compromise anything like 3.5mm jack and some other features. I dont care for camera as even budget phones today have good enough camera for social media clicks

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                                  • 14 May 2023

                                  Even price is a specification, that's what these manufacturers are forgetting these days,
                                  You just can't hike prices in the name of inflation especially when te gains are evolutionary not revolutionary

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                                    • 14 May 2023

                                    1800 for fold no thanks.
                                    A for 500 uses same CPU and GPU and cost 500.
                                    Fold uses equal specs apart its foldable no thanks.

                                    Google Pixel 7A no thanks rather will buy Poco F5 pro. Much better phone for less money.
                                    If i add maybe 100 i can have Oneplus 11
                                    If i add maybe 200 i can get Moto Edge 40 pro.
                                    Google will be interesting if they learn to use 200-300W charger and charging speeds.
                                    Waiting 2 hours to charge the phone and then deplete battery in another 2 hours playing big game like Genshin Impact, Diablo Immortal etc. is a big no.

                                    Maybe for 300 good deal and for non gamers.

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                                      • 14 May 2023

                                      In the UK the Pixel 7A is £449 with Pixel Buds Series A.
                                      Big appeal to me over the Pixel 7 is the repairability.a
                                      There are already teardowns and it seems the battery can be replaced without having to go through the screen - you can just take off the plastic back.
                                      The only reason I am in the market for a new phone is the risk involved in replacing the battery on my Pixel 3A.
                                      Modern phones are fast enough and my 3A has all the features I need, but the battery will always eventually die and need replacing.

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                                        • 14 May 2023

                                        ithehappy, 14 May 2023There are plenty reasons to get the 7 over 7a. Yes agree, the price difference is just too small to justify, at least here in europe. But that said, the 7a is a very fine phone for people who want a Pixel for normal use of making a good photo now and then, browse the web watching some vids, doing some social media activity and so on