Galaxy S24 Ultra tipped for a switch to flat screen as well

22 August 2023
New dimensions suggest so.

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That sucks. I don't want a flat screen nor a wide phone. Can't they just make the Note20 Ultra with hogh-end internals? To this day I haven't seen a more beautiful device (well maybe except the S6 Edge+ in gold).

    Anonymous, 22 Aug 2023Funny, under-display selfie cam is automatic NO buy for meSo you admit that the iPhone having a notch is acceptable over a under display camera? Because that’s what it sounds like to me. If you’re ok with hole punches on a phone then the hate for the notch on the iPhone was unjustified and yet everyone followed lol

      walkman8, 22 Aug 202390 mm wide smartphone slab? C'mon man. Are you by any... moreLOL you really think Shaq would be on these forums?!? Also nope, don’t have big hands like that but don’t have child like hands. I prefer 16:9(or 16:10 when it comes to PC monitors but that’s another topic) due to compare it’s all media.

      21:9 is actually great because it’s basically Ultrawide 16:9 but it’s way too tall imo for phones.

      20:9 is just an neutered 21:9 ratio and hate it more than the 19.5:9 phones in these resolutions and it seems like they wanna be TV remotes but don’t have IR blasters sooo…why?

      19.5:9, the iPhone ratio, that Samsung followed later is a useless resolution and can’t believe Samsung followed Apple with that because I preferred their previous ratio of 18.5:9.

      18.5:9 is the halfway point of 16:9 and 21:9 and having the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at that ratio with 1440p was sublime and wish Samsung would go back to this. Weirdly m, Huawei made the Mate 20x with a 18.7:9 ratio

      17:9 is a neutered 16:9

      23.1:9 is an abomination of a ratio and should be burned and forgotten in time. If you need that ratio for one handed use then you must have really small hands because using the Fold 4 cover screen was a nightmare to use as a phone closed. That’s just my opinion for me of course.

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        • 22 Aug 2023

        iH8allFanboys, 22 Aug 2023If Samsung goes flat display and have a under-display camer... moreFunny, under-display selfie cam is automatic NO buy for me

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          • 22 Aug 2023

          Its grate

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            • 22 Aug 2023

            I loved my S23 ultra but I had to sell it thanks to the ugly curved edges

              Anonymous, 22 Aug 2023In case you havent noticed, all phones with UDC are full H... moreZTE under-display camera is higher than Full HD resolution since you wanna mention them. It’s not 1440p but it sure ain’t 1080p. And since you wanna bring up the Z Fold as well, the fact that it’s possible to have an under display with 1440p, is enough for me. We just need the tech to get better as time progresses.

              Also, I would rather have a Under-Display camera that does not ruin the screen, ESPECIALLY FOR A FOLDABLE, than a hole in a screen. Actually, I prefer if there were No selfie cameras at all and just the main one the back.

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                • 22 Aug 2023

                Concluding that a change to 79mm necessarily means a change to a flat screen is a bit of a stretch, IMO.

                However, I would love if Samsung ditched those useless round screens. It was never more than a marketing gimmick that had no advantages whatsoever, quite the contrary.

                I hope the next step will be the return to screens with square corners. Rounded screen corners make no sense whatsoever. TVs have square corners, computer monitors also and cinema always had square corners.

                Yet, some genious decided a few years ago that it would be a good ideia to goback to the round corners of old TVs, wich were rounded because it was not technically possible to have square corners with cathodic ray tubes until the 1980s. To justify an absurd decision they came up with that BS that round corners are more resistant in case of a phone drop. If they were so worried about screen resistance in a fall, why insist on rounded screens, wich are more prone to break in a fall?

                  iH8allFanboys, 22 Aug 2023Not really especially if you keep at the same length of the... more90 mm wide smartphone slab? C'mon man. Are you by any chance Shaq?

                    you have to suffer, 22 Aug 2023one handed use would be pain. 16:9 on an bulky S ultra make... moreNot really especially if you keep at the same length of the phone. It would be 90mm wide which is still slimmer than the Microsoft Surface Duo and it would have at least a 7 inch screen. Plus Samsung phones usually have one handed mode

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                      • 22 Aug 2023

                      iH8allFanboys, 22 Aug 2023If Samsung goes flat display and have a under-display camer... moreIn case you havent noticed, all phones with UDC are full HD.
                      Zero with 1440p display.

                      The higher is resolution, the worse it is for this tech.
                      More pixels to block light.
                      Z Fold has lame UDC that is not even invisible like zte.
                      Do you want that crap on Note?

                        If Samsung goes flat display and have a under-display camera, that’s a buy from me.


                          id finally get a samsung ultra

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                            • 22 Aug 2023

                            A flat screen would make finding decent screen protectors a lot easier I suspect. They are mostly a nightmare for the S23U. If they don't have problems with the curved edges, they are quite likely to be caused problems by cases. I have tried quite a few different ones and had difficulties with all of them in one way or another.

                              BrianCoriour, 22 Aug 2023Sony phones are 21:9 why not make it like that ? Instead of... moreIt actually doesn't look as ugly as you might think. Take the upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro, for example. It has a flat screen while having quad curved edges, and a very round corner radius of 114 pixels to match it. The phone simply doesn't look ugly. The curved edges are there to help hold your phone better, and they prevent your hand from hurting when holding the phone for prolonged periods of time. The curvature is a good thing for ergonomics, and it doesn't look bad either. If you think I meant that the frame should also curve into where the bezels are, then that's not what I had meant. I must've said that incorrectly.

                              As for why I suggested 19.5:9, it's because Samsung uses it on all of their other phones, so it would be a decision based on consistency. I myself actually prefer 20:9, but Samsung seems to prefer 19.5:9, so unless all Samsung phones changed to something else, 19.5:9 makes the most sense for them. I'm personally not a fan of 21:9, as phones end up becoming too tall and unwieldy even though the manufacturers always make them less wide. It makes phones essentially have less useable space as well.

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                                • 22 Aug 2023

                                I love Flat screen!!
                                Easier to protect!
                                You can even use sapphire screen protectors!

                                  Great news. I hope they won't change the aspect ratio. This would be an amazing phone. I hope that more manufacturers will make phones with a smaller aspect ratio than 20:9.

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                                    • 22 Aug 2023

                                    Took em long to realise that most people dislike that curved shee

                                      George399, 22 Aug 2023People happy and launching fireworks but they will never bu... morethat is very real, hahahahaha when they launch it for 1400 happiness will go away

                                        Darth Caesium, 22 Aug 2023Good job on the flat screen, but there is still more that s... moreSony phones are 21:9 why not make it like that ? Instead of 19.5:9 ?

                                        Also curving the edges but keeping the screen straight and flat. Will make it look like an old phone. Most phones back then did this and still had bezels at the time. It's why curving the screen with the edge made sense as it gave the phone less bezels and bigger screen. Just look at any old iPhone and android. You'll see why a straight flat screen with no curved edges but a curved edge frame wouldn't make sense even back then. For the reasons I explained. Going the direction you said would make Samsung phones look OLD, CHEAP, UGLY, and we already know how Apple people on ads and even customers would make fun of android people even more now.