Weekly poll: will you use the Fairphone 5 for the next 8 years?

10 September 2023
The phone will get software support for at least that long, possibly up to 10 years. And it comes with 5 years warranty and the best repairability of any current phone.

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Interesting phone and interesting concept. I very much consider this Fairphone 5 to be my next phone. But for now my S22 Ultra is all fine for the coming years.

    sorry Fairphone, but if you want people to use your device for longer period of times you need to at least give us latest top of the line specs.

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      • fCC
      • 10 Sep 2023

      Anders, 10 Sep 2023"Very entitled and short-sighted individual." Sad... moreOh it's you. Aren't you that person always asking for headphones jack and card slot. Ironically I saw you bash Sony xperia under some article. So you want every feature and a phone, without compromise but then again, don't want to pay up for it ? That's not how it works. You might buy a Nokia basic phone then. It's affordable and also has fm radio

        Uncommon Sense, 10 Sep 2023People like you are the reason why phones are losing more a... more"Very entitled and short-sighted individual." Sadly, you just described 90% of people

          Uncommon Sense, 10 Sep 2023People like you are the reason why phones are losing more a... moreWell you can complain as much as you like to but the truth is, that the audio jack and card slot and about to be things of the past on phones. It's already common for flagships to lack them, and soon all phones might do away with them. There is bluetooth so it's okay 👍

            I mean, I would as a long-term backup phone. But then paying 700 euros for a backup phone wouldn't make much sense I guess.

              Cpt.Power, 10 Sep 2023Trash comment and jack is a garbage is not needed if you ca... moreDo the human race a solid... Hold your breath for 10 minutes

                Zendroid, 10 Sep 2023With 1 update every second year, and 4 security updates a y... moreYeah, sites seem to forget this fact. Receiving only every second Android version would tire after a year, let alone 8. There are too many compromises for too much money.

                  YUKI93, 10 Sep 2023I still see people using 2016 and 2017 phones to this day, ... moreiFixit sells parts to repair Pixels, and the Pixels are much better phones for the money.

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                    • 10 Sep 2023

                    If fairphone choose a lighter OS like android GO then it could possibly last that long

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                      • 10 Sep 2023

                      If the Fairphone had an 8 inch screen and double the battery I would get it.

                      I'm using my huawei mate 20 x for now.

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                        • 10 Sep 2023

                        For secondary or spare phone, my answer is Yes, since i keep change my primary phone every 1-2 year

                          This is a compelling proposition for a person who can afford the Inflated price and is not a tech nerd.

                            The concept is cool, but unless there are flagship components, I won't buy from this company.
                            The specification of this phone will not be enough for the next three years, let alone 8

                              L.O.R.D, 10 Sep 2023The absence of an audio jack is okay to me since I don'... morePeople like you are the reason why phones are losing more and more features everyday. You're okay with losing everything that everyone else likes until it's something you're not okay with losing, then you cry. Very entitled and short-sighted individual.

                                8 years? I wouldn't even use it for a day.

                                  I could get behind the ethical goals for this (paying a fair living wage, easily repairable phone). But it's a niche phone for ethically-minded consumers who don't mind spending flagship prices for a mid-range, which doesn't speak for most consumers.

                                  It would be nice if there's an option to upgrade/replace the motherboard/chipset at an affordable price. It's idealistic, given mainstream companies only want profits for new phone purchases over modular parts. But I'd rather see this than to replace my phone every 2/3 years just because the motherboard is irreparable.

                                    It's true that some use their phones that long, not me though. Even if it was 4x200mp 8" Foldable with 200W charging and 1TB memory, I wouldn't be so sure. Tech change fast these days, you buy a phone and few days later there is new king to envy.

                                      Anonymous, 10 Sep 2023The fair phone is a great concept towards reducing waste an... moreWell, I wish them good luck, it is not that I am against this company, I just doubt it will work fine after a long time(and it will be even really outdated by then).

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                                        • 10 Sep 2023

                                        yes gonna buy it this phone is what i need long support long lasting phone fairphone getting my money also i am pretty much done with the usual brands