Google drops software support for Pixel 4a

20 September 2023
The 4G smartphone is not going to receive any more software updates.

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  • 21 Sep 2023

How ignorant is this article. The number of likes 669 on Pixel 4a specifications page with number of hits 5.6 million+ should make a clear indication that device was one of the most loved. It even beats some flagships with that level of popularity. People actually want a "small & functional tool that just works, at reasonable mid range price", and that exactly was Pixel 4a when it launched.

Sadly no phone satisfies that in today's market even when many people are demanding it. All Samsung & Chinese are pushing towards large slabs of madness.

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    • 21 Sep 2023

    No more security updates after 3y is a big shame. We must avoid everything from Google as a plague...

      Ck, 20 Sep 2023The centre punch hole is worse ! It is a hindrance to video... moreIDGAF about polls and don't watch videos on mobile unless it's something very short where I wouldnt are where it's the hole, I have big Tv for watching video content or 32" external display for laptop

        IMX363, 20 Sep 2023Not if you want to use Google Pay. True but most other bank apps work.

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          • 21 Sep 2023

          IMX363, 20 Sep 2023I really like my 4a. It's fast enough, the camera is g... moreWhether someone give software updates or not you can still use , so eu won't make it compulsory. Also for many manufactures by reducing software support they save some money and can give better hardware instead or they can sell phone for cheap. So yeah again I think eu won't make software updates compulsory

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            • 21 Sep 2023

            IMX363, 20 Sep 2023I really like my 4a. It's fast enough, the camera is g... moreTrue.

              So the 3 year android upgrades was a lie. Pixel 4A launched in 2020 along Android 11 (at lunch it had an outdated Android 10). It received only 2 upgrades until Android 13.

              I bought this phone from the official store and a Google employee confirmed that it will receive Android 14, but again, another lie.

                IMX363, 20 Sep 2023Not if you want to use Google Pay. To enable Google Wallet on the Pixel 4a, install PixelExperience 13 Plus and then Google Wallet. Since that ROM has been deprecated as of last month, install LineageOS 20 on top of PE 13+. Do not wipe the data. You will now have a supported (LOS) Pixel 4a with Google Wallet enabled.

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                  • 20 Sep 2023

                  My daily phone and personal best mobile phone since Symbian era Nokia E71. Maybe not a best or beast in anything, but overall best of them all Androids and Apples for me right now. Compact, lightweight, satysfying camera, fastcharged with still even ~2 days on battery after all those years of usage. Currently on LOS 20, because Google lost my support with its horrible upgrade politics. And now the phone it's even better and smoother. No fireworks maybe, but it'll serve me some more. At least maybe since someone will make something copact alike and lookworthy.

                    magnaroader, 20 Sep 2023Well for any Pixel 4a users, there's always Lineage OS. Not if you want to use Google Pay.

                      I really like my 4a. It's fast enough, the camera is great, the design is minimalist. It's a great phone.

                      Google dropping support for it a complete BS! 4a 5G gets Android 14 and 4a does not because they sew separated by one month release. What idiot of a manager looked at this and did not realize it would be a good idea and good PR to release Android 14 for 4a too.

                      EU forced Type-C on Apple. Time for the EU to force at least 5 years of updates on Android manufacturers.

                        3 years of software updates is barely okay but 3 years of security updates?

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                          • 20 Sep 2023

                          It is not enough.
                          I'm not an Apple fanboy but I still have security update for my 2016 IphoneSE.
                          10 years.
                          It is a chance that LineageOS exists on this device...

                            Welp. I guess 3 years is not that bad. Wish Google would at least continue another year or two just for security patches though.

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                              • 20 Sep 2023

                              dbjungle, 20 Sep 20234-5 years was never promised for the Pixel 4a.They never advertise that there are models that have less also.

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                                • 20 Sep 2023

                                Aakash, 20 Sep 2023Suddenly my finger sensor stopped working and caution appea... moreThe fingerprint sensor issue happened to me too. I think it was after an update. I went as far as replacing the sensor module but the issue wasn't resolved. I was forced to change my phone as my work vpn requires biometrics. Switched to the 6a, but the form factor of the 4a was perfect for me.

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                                  • 20 Sep 2023

                                  Per Google's support page, the 4a 5G is only supported until November of this year. And as someone who is writing this comment out on that phone, I can say that our monthly update is later than the Tensor/Exynos Pixels. Again.

                                    hmm, 20 Sep 2023The only point to spend more on a phone is to get the long ... more4-5 years was never promised for the Pixel 4a.

                                      Aan2007, 20 Sep 2023umpressive? if it had centered punch hole and they sold it ... morePersonally I prefer the upper left placement as it is out of the way almost completely in landscape, but everything has changed to centered hole punches.

                                        What are you guys on lately? The Pixel 4a was one of the most recommended phones the hear it came out.