Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 brings 15% faster CPU, 50% more powerful GPU

17 November 2023
The latest 7-series Qualcomm chip slides in between the SD 7+ Gen 2 and SD 7s Gen 2.

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Spanky, 17 Nov 2023This is VERY disappointing! What if they released the S8G3 ... moreSD 7+ gen 2 goes to 1.1 million in Antutu V10 just like the 8 Gen 3 and D9300 that goes over 2 million points are made in Antutu v10 benchmark.

Not like the site we are in that is lazy to make v10 score for the Poco f5
Or even a lot of phones dont have the performance benchmark scores under phone specs.
They even have long-term usage reviews for phones but still cant update the phones specs in the site

S7+ Gen 2 goes like 930k in Antutu v9 while in v10 it's around 1.1 million score

For some phones there is even both v9 and v10 score written in specs but who knows why they favor these phones over others.

I dont believe F6 will be better. Maybe they use 8+ gen 1 in it for it to be upgrade on performance only. Basically what i have seen from Poco is that F1 was great then F2 was ok as like a facelift and then again F3 was really good and then f4 was nothing special while F5 again really good so F6 be probably nothing special and better to wait F7 to be something really good again

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    • 17 Nov 2023

    CargoJoe, 17 Nov 2023Lol don't know if they really afraid to release a powe... more7+Gen2 was not a new was basically a nerfed 8+Gen1 & that was too good for a 7-series chip from Qualcomm perspective.
    7+Gen2 was an exception in Qualcomm portfolio.
    Qualcomm has long standing habit of making midranger chips far behind their flagships,especially in GPU,Modem,DSP capabilities.

    So no wonder,Qualcomm made 7Gen3 or 7s Gen2 are noticeably slower than 7+Gen2.

      Spanky, 17 Nov 2023This is VERY disappointing! What if they released the S8G3 ... moreIndeed, it's quite misleading that a "gen 3" is going to sit between the "gen 2" and "gen 2+".

      It seems Qualcomm focused all their resources on the development SD8 Gen3 and didn't really put too much effort into developing the SD7.
      Maybe they deemed it "good enough" for non-flagship devices.

        Anonymous , 17 Nov 2023My father's old j2 prime is running fine for 7 years. And that only says that your dad didnt get defected product and thats it. There are people out there who have Poco X3 Pro without the motherboard issue too. Also there are people out there who have Xiaomi phone for also 7 years and still working.

        It's the amount of trolling people do over Xiaomi phones cause they had like one model in India market that had motherboard issue and now it's like trademark for this brand to have these issues like a feature.

        It's why there is a need to point out that Samsung have had issues with budget class, middle class and flagship class phones trough out the years too. From xiaomi so far only from there sub brand as Poco and even for that 2-3 years ago that was Poco series top end middle class phone as that is X class that is middle class and F class is Poco flagship

          Vikass17, 17 Nov 2023Samsung is famous for that too. In M , A and Old J series.It's not the problem cause it's Samsung and not a Chinese brand.

            Lol don't know if they really afraid to release a powerful version compared to the 7+G2 or they decided to nerf the 7G3. What's the point of calling it Gen 3 if it's not better than Gen 2? Names of Snapdragon is starting to give Intel Ultra a run for it's money.

              This is VERY disappointing! What if they released the S8G3 and placed it below the S8G2 and compared it to S8G1? Just mind boggling.

              Furthermore, there are now flagship SoCs which reach over 2.200.000 points in AnTuTu, while the S7+G2 doesn’t even score 1 million. To truly release a successor to the S7+G2, it should have scored about 1.400.000-1.500.000 in AnTuTu, to keep the proportions fair and decent, when compared to flagship SoCs!

              I’m waiting for a successor to the Poco F5, but if the F6 uses this S7G3 crap, it’s useless.

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                • 17 Nov 2023

                Garbage junk , better off buying S888™®®

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                  • 17 Nov 2023

                  They compared it to 7 gen 1 instead of gen 2 dang

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                    • 17 Nov 2023

                    Hugo, 17 Nov 2023Hope some phone with a 3.5 mm jack and a high end (or mid-r... morePoco F5 appears behind you.

                      Jongjave, 17 Nov 2023Because this chip is slower than 7+ gen 2 and Qualcomm neve... moreThat doesn't matter, what does, is that their naming makes no sense because of that.

                        DOAofficial, 17 Nov 2023Hmmm Qualcomm taking a page out of Apple's books where... moreBecause this chip is slower than 7+ gen 2 and Qualcomm never release 7 Gen 2 chip. Hahahaha.

                          This should be the 7 Gen 2, while the 7s Gen 2 is an absolute joke and should be called the 6 Gen 2

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                            • 17 Nov 2023

                            Hope some phone with a 3.5 mm jack and a high end (or mid-range)processor is released.

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                              • 17 Nov 2023

                              On paper this is a downgrade compared to the 7+ Gen 2 but we'll have to wait and see.

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                                • 17 Nov 2023

                                Mills, 17 Nov 2023Qualcomm should ask TSMC to stop fabbing SD695 (but there w... moreThat's because TSMC 6nm already mature with very high yield, and capacity have lots of idle.

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                                  • 17 Nov 2023

                                  potato4k, 17 Nov 2023Qualcomm: we are releasing 7gen3 OEMs: thanks, but we will... moreQualcomm should ask TSMC to stop fabbing SD695 (but there will be buttloads in some warehouses though)

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                                    • 17 Nov 2023

                                    7Gen 3 vs. Dimensity 8300
                                    I pick the 8300!!

                                      Last time I checked, the video recording happens in frames per second, not Hz.

                                        Stoon, 17 Nov 2023we have seen only 2 devices for SD7gen2 ... why qualcomm is... moreFor Masses, this is practically successor of sd 778G. Sd 7+ gen 2 is for bragging rights but it's not possible to produce lot of them.