Latest Geekbench results show the Exynos 2400 is closing the gap to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

04 January 2024
The results come from a Galaxy S24+ and a Galaxy S24 Ultra, respectively, and the Samsung chip compares more favorably to its rival than it did a few months ago.

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  • 07 Jan 2024

It was never about performance. It was always about sustained performance and the power draw. Exynos just sucks the battery's life while providing less performance compared to Snap Dragon chips.

    Ender2002, 06 Jan 2024With Exynos Vs Snapdragon the problem is not performance bu... moreyes..good point but exynos nerd still dont want to believe it... so sad..

      DeepIn2U, 06 Jan 2024Oh & YOU work for Samsung to know all there is about th... moreIf they could raise clocks without losing efficiency, they would. Samsung doesn't raise theirs as high as TSMC chips. Ask yourself why.

      It's the same reason the Kirin 9000S at 7nm caps out at 2.62GHz.

      Samsung can call their nodes whatever they want. 1nm, 0.5nm. As long as the perfomance is similar to the competition's 5nm or 6nm, then that's the effective potential of that chip.

      Which brings us back to the main question of price. If SD8G3 is made with 4nm and Exynos 2400 is effectively a 5/6nm chip, why would anyone pay the same price? I would maybe buy Exynos if it were cheaper.

      If Samsung went out and admitted their node was 5nm as they should, then it's actuallt impressive that they can almost reach Snapdragon and Dimensity with an inferior node. But they don't do that because they want to keep up the illusion that they're equal because it allows them to charge almost the same money. Money comes before conscience. People shouldn't fall for it though.

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        • t7@
        • 07 Jan 2024

        once crappynos be on par with snapdragon, it'll also beat it out with overheating, throttling & battery drain department.

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          • NMy
          • 07 Jan 2024

          DeepIn2U, 06 Jan 2024Mr Anonymous, Sorry but you're wrong on the first ... moreThe Apple A9 (the iPhone 6S's chip) was also fabbed by both TSMC and Samsung. And even though this was in 2015 and Exynos didn't start to go downhill until around 2018, the Samsung version had worse battery life. Go figure.

            DeepIn2U, 06 Jan 2024Mr Anonymous, Sorry but you're wrong on the first ... more"Its more than likely that although the 8Gen3 + X6x modem is designed by Qualcomm the die, and collaboration to have RAM imbedded into the SoC IS using Samsung's chipset as well as RAM and storage on the motherboard!
            ^ This is JUST how the industry works anyone can google this."

            Im very bad at googling, kindly provide source.

              With Exynos Vs Snapdragon the problem is not performance but power consumption.
              My S22 Ultra is a piece of junk with Exynos, hot when doing basic tasks(especially when using camera in any scenario photo-video-video call), low battery life...and yes with Android 14 and One UI 6.
              The TDP of Exynos 2200 was listested as 8W but, I get frequently spikes at 12-13W ,this is huge , is a phone SOC with pasive cooling, not a laptop chip.

              So with Exynos 2400 and its deca core config, I don't think will be much power friendly even if is on 3nm ... EU should ban the selling of Samsung Exynos inside the Union

                Let the heat build up, then we'll know...

                (The heat in the market, not in the phone... although I'm correct both ways) :D

                  Anonymous, 05 Jan 2024Exynos is Samsung's baby and they will never let TSMC ... moreMostly agree on quality and most times for yield by TSMC.

                  But Fall to late 2023 affected yields for the SD 8 Gen 3, that's exactly WHY Samsung has some of their foundry capacity filled with this manufacturing into 2024. Apple's early push for the M3 and M3 Pro and M3 Max SoC's was the reason TSMC could not guarantee 100% yield for Qualcomm.
                  There is news on this site and elsewhere on this btw.

                  Late 2024/2025 it'll be back to TSMC exclusive 2nm manufacturing for 8 Gen 4.

                    Anonymous, 05 Jan 2024dude you're not making sense. 1. Apple never used Sa... moreMr Anonymous,

                    Sorry but you're wrong on the first 3 counts:

                    1. Apple never used Samsung chipsets.
                    ^ INCORRECT:
                    Original iPhone chip?
                    Samsung ARM 1176JZ – 1 core: 433 MHz

                    iPhone 3G chip?
                    Samsung ARM 1176JZ – 1 core: 620 MHz

                    iPhone 3GS chip?
                    Samsung ARM Cortex-A8 – 1 core: 833 MHz

                    2. Qualcomm never used Samsung chipsets.
                    ^ Incorrect. Qualcomm has used Samsung's chipsets.
                    First be VERY careful NOT to confuse a chipset (stack of various chips, including clock, RAM, long ago external from the SoC for DSP, a few transistors on DIE), as well as X65 5G modem by Qualcomm. An SoC (Silicon On Chip) is the CPU - Hi vs Low processors, NPU (AI processing), DSP (digital signal processing), etc.
                    Its more than likely that although the 8Gen3 + X6x modem is designed by Qualcomm the die, and collaboration to have RAM imbedded into the SoC IS using Samsung's chipset as well as RAM and storage on the motherboard!
                    ^ This is JUST how the industry works anyone can google this.

                    3. They used Samsung's foundry, and Samsung's only competitor is TSMC.
                    ^ I've already corrected you on this. Since they're using Samsung's foundry and there is no REAL competitor for Storage + controller chip UFS 4.0 and these being imbedded into the SoC for best performance they're using Samsungs chips.

                    Also Samsung's main competitors are Intel (Samsung goes NOT just make mobile SoC's and like Qualcomm will soon be designing their own desktop class ARM SoC's)

                    Micron Technology, Inc - storage and RAM
                    GlobalFoundries (new comer est 2019)
                    SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation)
                    ^ based in China

                    Applied Materials, Inc. (AMAT) - competition for semiconductors/transistors for screens.
                    ^ a small but still competitor for Samsung.

                    Is EVERYONE forgetting exactly WHAT Samsung makes?! Why they're THE second ONLY smartphone manufacturer since Android launched to have survived? (Sony is a third because their deal with Ericsson absolved after the Xperia X1 was designed manufactured and launched).
                    etc they've been doing this for at least a decade in all and most industries

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                      • 06 Jan 2024

                      S, 06 Jan 2024I am using exynos chipset mobile since 2015 and faced no pr... moreit's fine if you don't care your being duped. other people might be nerds but that is better than being brainless consumers handing out cash not fully knowing what they get. I can't recall an exynos phone I had in which I didn't have battery anxiety, but I didn't for snapdragon powered phones.

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                        • vxp
                        • 06 Jan 2024

                        reports like these have been popping up for years, exynos closing the gap or at par with snapdragon but every release still a disappointment. stop selling inferior phones for the same steep price!

                          RamaR, 05 Jan 2024Lower clocks and 2 additional small cores MAY help with eff... moreI TOLD YOU ALL for the past 5 months that Samsung's Exynos 2400's performance would be negligible and NOW we see everyone (including all the Anonymous 2400 haters NOW shift their stance)!

                          Humble pie with foot in mouth shall we Anyonymous (yours) lol.

                          Now we ALL see the performance of 5% is amounted to a few hundred megahertz lower in speed for the multiple cores vs the 8 Gen 3.

                          THE REAL performance differences will not be in software directly - unless AI heavy and specific.
                          Also with Samsung Dex.
                          Finally battery life and case heating if that'll be a tell tale sign of either SoC

                            alcatraz, 06 Jan 2024Why does it have lower clocks? Because it's overheatin... moreOh & YOU work for Samsung to know all there is about the Exynos 2400 that you can fully verify right?! lol.

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                              • tZj
                              • 06 Jan 2024

                              NOK6600, 05 Jan 2024its been since g S8 exynos have been bad media press and ne... moreits been since galazy s8 the flagship exynos as world know now is inferior chip by samsung .
                              10 minute of 3D mark rendering test make it throtlle like h....ll

                              the exynos phone should be $100 cheaper than Qualcomm chip is more justiciable.

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                                • xjH
                                • 06 Jan 2024

                                I am using exynos chipset mobile since 2015 and faced no problem on 2 samsung device at all.
                                Only nerds will find those random numbers that prove slight increase or decrease in terms of performance.
                                Nerds will keep doing nerdy stuffs as they don't have other things to do in real life execpt shaming inventions which they can't build on their own hand and mind.
                                Feeling sorry for those nerds.

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                                  • Enthusiast
                                  • kS7
                                  • 06 Jan 2024

                                  Regarding Samsung exynos chips including their current flagship exynos 2400, given the history of exynos chips poor history of having issues along with exynos chips basically being a rebrand of Google's custom tensor chip also being flawed with issues and problems, I would just avoid exynos and stick with Qualcomm all the way. Qualcomm has a long history of good quality chips and is clearly more established and more reputable than exynos which explains why Samsung chose Qualcomm 8 gen 3 over exynos 2400 to power their flagship S24 ultra phone while the lower S24 variants are powered by the inferior exynos 2400. With that said, that proves Samsung admits Qualcomm is superior to exynos.

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                                    • sgj
                                    • 06 Jan 2024

                                    I wouldn't mind Exynos performance gaps if they focused more on efficiency.

                                      Hemedans, 05 Jan 2024Exynos use same cores as sd 8 gen 3, the reason it score lo... moreWhy does it have lower clocks? Because it's overheating. You're just running in circles trying to bite your own tail with this logic.

                                      Do you understand that the max clock for a few seconds is kind of arbitrary? They can both do 3.5GHz if they want but the price is immediate overheating and throttling, power consumption. The difference is that Tsmc chipsets can actually win performance benchmarks without losing the first place in efficiency. Samsung can't.

                                      Right now Mediatek is a greater threat to Qualcomm than Samsung is.

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                                        • Carnage
                                        • rJj
                                        • 05 Jan 2024

                                        Even if they improve with Exynos the people won't except it. They really need to rename their cpu because when people hear Exynos they expect nothing but disappointment.

                                        Same they did by renaming touchwiz to One UI. Everyone praises one UI but no one does for touchwiz.