Galaxy S24 series' early benchmarks show Exynos 2400 matches Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

22 January 2024
Samsung’s latest flagship chipset edged out the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in Geekbench and 3D Mark Solar Bay GPU tests.

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justasmile, 22 Jan 2024People would still do their research before buying and they... more"People would still do their research before buying and they can see that Exynos is not far from Snapdragon.."

Sure it's not far from it, but it's not the same thing either, yet they are asking the same if not more money for it, it's just not right.

That research also doesn't matter much for people that want a small phone, only one version is sold in any given market, if that's the Exynos version, then that's what they can buy.

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    • MGNate
    • I26
    • 22 Jan 2024

    jerem06, 22 Jan 2024The most important thing is energy efficiency. Samsung sta... moreSamsungs fabs have been usless since the 888.

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      • fCE
      • 22 Jan 2024

      Darth Caesium, 22 Jan 2024Samsung is literally copying a page from Apple's bookYep. They been copying the fruit since a while

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        • 22 Jan 2024

        Darth Caesium, 22 Jan 2024People who care about battery lifeme too

          Anonymous, 22 Jan 2024Once again Samsung's flagship phones have a processor ... moreSamsung is literally copying a page from Apple's book

            mircea, 22 Jan 2024This whole topic is so useless. Samsung promises and delive... morePeople who care about battery life

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              • rK9
              • 22 Jan 2024

              But what about signal reception on the Exynos version?

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                • Shiny Dave
                • nxt
                • 22 Jan 2024

                It will be very interesting indeed to see if this is replicable.

                If Samsung's in-house chip is actually a performance and efficiency match for Snapdragon 8G3 - and I'm still pretty sure it isn't, or it would've been in the Ultra in Exynos markets - that's a game-changer, that bodes extremely well indeed for the Pixel 9 (if they're even going to make one given the scale of Samsung/Google collaboration on Galaxy AI) and would also make the S24+ the clear and obvious choice for European buyers like myself.

                Again, I'm assuming Snapdragon > Exynos until confirmed otherwise, but the mere thought of that changing has me intrigued.

                  Those stability numbers are atrocious tho lol

                    MRSTEK, 22 Jan 2024Anyone who knows Genshin Impact should know different phone... moreTest is not just genshini there are plenty of games, also Geekbench Multicore Exynos use just 4.5W, there are plenty of test really, just watch same chanell and relab chanell you can see.

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                      • nU2
                      • 22 Jan 2024

                      Lets see CPU throttling test. That's where exynos falls apart for sure. Samsung can have the best gpu, but surely the worst CPU.

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                        • 22 Jan 2024

                        DarlingYext, 22 Jan 2024So then use Snapdragon only, easy solution.😂What is it dude! Y so hard on Samsung Engineers
                        Rumors alone are triggers to your hearing, probably you will be flabbergasted if it happens Exynos efficiency space SD in the long run

                        Chill and keep an eye on watch, nerds and geeks knows it's ain't happening 'Exynos is superior but it just rumors claiming they did better than previous personal bad-asses of theirs... Try see some light in Samsung, even at average because they ain't giving up at this point!

                          Zendroid, 22 Jan 2024Paid benchmarks will always be like that. Real life perform... moreTroll harder, keyboard warrior.

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                            • 22 Jan 2024

                            gaming performance or nothing. manufacturers love to cheat in synthetic benchmarks and since frame generation is nonexistent on phones, frame rate at high settings is still a very good test

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                              • Fliplife
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                              • 22 Jan 2024

                              This incredible for the exynos.

                              Amazing stuff. This is exciting and really paints the way for the s25 and beyond

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                                • 22 Jan 2024

                                Zendroid, 22 Jan 2024Paid benchmarks will always be like that. Real life perform... moreAre you living in a cave? AMD stop being the oven people know since Ryzen.

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                                  • 22 Jan 2024

                                  Anonymous, 22 Jan 2024"maybe people will stop see smartphones as gaming devi... moreWell they said that since 10 years already. I don't see much improvements, only in graphic each and there. Gameplay is the same, average at best, you still need to pay to advance or pay to get better things in the game, etc.
                                  So, yeah, is the future, but maybe for companies, that doesn't mean is also good for customers. Is funny how some "nice mobile games" look like the 2D platform games I was playing in the 90's on my PC. So, yeah..

                                  I would rather play some nice PC game on a portable device (Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, MSI Claw), than play Fruit Ninja or some pay to win game, or whatever mobile game on a phone. No matter how powerful a phone will become, there is the limitation of the mobile game developers and the limitation of the games.

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                                    • 22 Jan 2024

                                    "matches Snapdragon" lol that's just copium. Did you watch the video? Snapdragon won in pretty much every benchmark. And most importantly it wont battery test (like it always does).
                                    S24 Exynos 1080p 13h50m
                                    S24+ Exynos 1440p 13h22m
                                    S24 Ultra Snapdragon 1440p 15h00m

                                      Paid benchmarks will always be like that. Real life performance is a totally different thing! Exynos can't match sd on anything irl. Random gpu lags, slow down when it feels like it, overheats like any amd. And it only got worse after the partnership with amd.!

                                        Mindi Jnr, 22 Jan 2024I won't say completely fixed but in terms of performan... moreIf you look at the 3D Mark test the Exynos-equipped phones have better stability than the SD phone so they are more efficient. And that's despite the S24 Ultra having a better cooling solution. Battery percentages are also pretty close even with smaller capacities on the base and plus model. Two chips can't be identical but they are close enough to be considered equal. I would say it's fully fixed!