First Snapdragon X Elite laptop leaks - slender, fanless Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 14.5"

18 April 2024
Details are scarce for now, but the laptop should offer extreme portability - and AI, of course.

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B52, 19 Apr 2024I switched from MB 13 Pro M1 to a Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro with de... moreI also got the pro 7 but with intel arc integrated and i still get more than 10hrs. I dont usually game though, just purely office works with a little bit of editing. Sound here is very good

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    • YYX
    • 19 Apr 2024

    Its success depends on the performance of the OS, especially when the laptop isn’t charging, and software compatibility.

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      • 3cH
      • 19 Apr 2024

      This will be a fashionable accessory for those not in the Apple ecosystem.

      Can't take it seriously until all software works as intended.

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        • 19 Apr 2024

        Again with the trackpad on the left side ... are they able to put it on the middle of the laptop? Why does the webcam is not on the left side too :))))?

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          • 19 Apr 2024

          I anyway like flipflops much more tha any number of any TOPS.... ;-)

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            • 19 Apr 2024

            I hope it'll work nice with Linux.
            But 16gb of ram isn't serious. 32 is a minimum for work, I think.

              yungfishstick, 18 Apr 2024I'm glad this processor is going to make it into mains... moreIt's about time Windows on ARM be taken seriously. Not everyone wants overkill CPU firepower and prefers a long battery life while using a desktop OS.

              As for Qualcomm's previous laptop SoC, some OEMs use it, Lenovo included. But for some unknown reason, it was made for business and enterprise customers.

                MindTheGap, 19 Apr 2024With how bad the native app compatibility is, and how bad A... moreWhile I understand your point, there are scores of modern x86 laptops without user-upgradable RAM and SSD slots. I know that x86 still gives the best desktop software compatibility than ARM. But if that's the case, I might as well go for an ARM laptop/tablet. Even with Windows, it still proves to have a crazy battery life.

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                  • B52
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                  • 19 Apr 2024

                  I switched from MB 13 Pro M1 to a Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro with dedicated GPU as I needed windows.
                  After a long research I found that the Yoga Pro is closest to the Macbook, regarding the quality.
                  Excellent keyboard with 1.5mm key travel (absolutely similar to the thinkpad keyboards!), stunning 3K matte display with sufficient brightness and automatic brightness control, super webcam, USB-C, USB-A, HDMI ports included, very nice design in a slim metal house and plenty of horsepower under the hood.

                  Only downsides of the lenovo are the battery life (which is less than half of the macbooks runtime) and the medium noisy active cooling.

                  These could be solved with the ARM technology, so these ARM Windows news are very exciting to me.

                    It should run great, possibly better than Intel for mundane tasks such as Edge and Office, which are native. Emulation is still a hit or miss.

                      Mills, 18 Apr 2024If 800-950 USD, then it has the potential to be a M3 MacBoo... moreDoesn't look premium enough to be a "macbook killer" tbh

                        With how bad the native app compatibility is, and how bad ARM laptop when it comes to component replaceability (RAM, SSD, etc.), this still won't convince me to switch from x86 laptop, at least for now.

                          David, 19 Apr 2024The whole appeal of Windows is x86 and decades of software ... moreI don't think Windows on ARM will replace Windows on x86. It is likely that both will become the dominant choice in the future. I mean considering how efficient and quite ARM laptop is, I'm pretty sure it would be great for almost any task, except probably something related to gaming (no cloud gaming is not counted as "gaming"). And I don't think ARM would be popular on PC (some people prefer a computer that has components that fully replaceable, there's a reason why many people still prefer PC over Mac Pro and Mac Studio even though they already had a MacBook and an iPhone).

                            Kangal, 18 Apr 2024Intel has a strong grip on the industry. Sure on beefy gam... moreKinda hope that MediaTek plunges into the laptop chipset world too to compete with Snapdragon lol, so they can provide a chipset with similar performance on cheaper price, similar to AMD.

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                              • 19 Apr 2024

                              The whole appeal of Windows is x86 and decades of software compatibility. Windows RT failed and this will to.

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                                • 19 Apr 2024

                                Prediction: They will run great, have excellent performance, and not do nearly as well because Qualcomm got greedy and overcharged for these things.

                                  SShock, 18 Apr 2024Windows running on ARM, this makes no sense knowing how ter... moreWTH!
                                  Windows for ARM, like in made specifically for ARM.
                                  Hope developers port their apps to this. Tired of poor battery life (15hrs advertised/paid review, but 4 to 5 hours in real life normal use) heat and noise in windows laptops

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                                    • 18 Apr 2024

                                    Wish it has either Miniled or Oled screen.

                                      Intel has a strong grip on the industry.
                                      Sure on beefy gaming notebooks that Intel has been competitive, but on more traditional laptops and especially the thin light/ultrabooks.... well, AMD has been offering much better products. Even then, with cheaper prices, faster performance, and longer battery life, we have seen the industry move too slowly to shift from Intel to AMD.

                                      Similar thing could happen here.
                                      These Qualcomm chips need to be even longer battery life (given), even faster performance (probably), and lastly even cheaper (ding ding ding) to break through those barriers. Because they already have three big barriers in front of them: legacy software support, financial ties between the ODM to Intel, and lastly a shrinking market as people are buying less laptops and desktops with the adoption of phones, handhelds, tablets, and alternative computing profiles.

                                        Fanless cound be dissaster it could overheats even on playing golden axe from 1889 or wolfenstein 3D from same era or old Dune great grandmother of all RTS games.