Apple asks for sales ban on Samsung devices

25 May, 2014
Along with the sales ban, Apple is also asking for the full $2.2 billion in damages.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

In the end.....Apple may be left with 1 million patents and 200 customers.

When they copy other mnufacturers.
Check out ios7.

Apple are just Losers.

  • AnonD-55045

Would you tell me exactly what did Apple develop for ages before bringing it to the market?

The capacitive touchscreen first used on LG Prada?

The application store found on a lot of earlier platforms?

The grids of icons?

Samsung did copy the original iPhone design in the Galaxy S. After that I just don't get it. Why is the Note 2 even listed in the to-ban devices? I have a Note 2 and it looks nothing, zero, nada like an iPhone, neither hardware nor software wise. Apple is getting silly greedy and stagnating the market with these obnoxious demands.

  • AnonD-81824

no need for ban . already nobody buying galaxy phones.

and im not apple fan .. but LG and sony fan and samsung hater from starting from s3

  • Tim

And here i thought Apple said that this wasn't about the money ... riiiight.

  • dude

Those phones aren't even for sale anymore.

  • epic_fail

oppo is even better than apple in terms of innovation

  • AnonD-238040

I must agree even the China phone like Hwawei, Oppo is better than Apple, thats why apple & the yankees r afraid of them & have CIA & NSA spying on those China company

  • AnonD-267388

What a bunch of hypocrites.
All these big companies avoid paying legitimate taxes (morally speaking)with all their sneaky tricks.
This is according to the Australian Government.
They want to do something about these big companies fleecing countries of legitimate taxes.
What a bunch of phonies?!?!?!?!?
They have too much power. Money is power.
Power without Justice is just Violence.

  • Singhrahuljha

samsung is theif, samsung stole dsigns of apple phones, court should band htis company.

  • AnonD-104956

apple: the company that never grew up.

  • HiImAFruit

Hi I'm Apple and Samsung makes my processors. It's a good idea to sue them until they stop making stuff for us and beat us completely.

  • AnonD-202213

AnonD-263433, 26 May sure neither the swipe to open nor other things may e... moreReally real true.

  • Anonymous

Apple still generate so much hate :)

It still means its the most popular and wanted product in the world. The illegal copying king samsung make sure to spread this news, so that they might gain pity and sell their worthless copy phone from cold stocks.

But no worries, every 1 mth, there is a new copy phone from Samsung, Good Hunting Apple.. you can sue them once every month!!

Apple becomes more and more pathetic. By its actions and lack of innovation it repels more and more customers. And yeah, it's so easy to infringe a "patent" if Apple patents such things as a "square shape"! Pathetic, too bad...

  • Seb

Last two generations of iPhone looks very similar one to another. Probably they run out of ideas so they trying to find different way of making money. Pity that they go this way to make some money. Hopefully they will invent something new that will revolutionize whole mobile market instead of do almost nothing and rip off poor ppz that r blinded by the brand appearance.

  • AnonD-263433 sure neither the swipe to open nor other things may explain the success of Samsung phones. They are just light years better than the old Applef..ts. sure if Apple produced a SUPER SMART NOTE 3....
But they don't, so they go cry mummy to the courts

  • AnonD-267377

That's all apple's good at these days, lawsuits.

  • Pand0r

mrJ, 26 May 2014Yes, hope Apple wins case, show. competition/Industry to St... moreHow in the hell does Apple winning help Competition? All it'll do is drive up prices and stifle competition... Please think before you type ;)

  • AnonD-8044

AnonD-87800, 25 May 2014At least Android is FREE. You can do anything you want wit... moreIts that prison that attracts folk..Apple made a smartphone easy to use by normobs and that why folk buy them whereas Android is for geeky folk who want to do anything with their phone..I enjoy both..I do get bored with IOS so go to Android for more fun then get frustrated go back to IOS and so on..

This suing each other is fair if you copy something that is patented,, you try spending ages bringing something to market and then Joe Bloggs comes along and just rips of your idea you would be angry and sue,,What they should do is just agree to share tech or licence it for a reasonable fee it must be better than these million pound court battles..

Apple are a very greedy company and this eventually will be their downfall,OR,like all the great platforms before them they will go out of favour and lose market share fast..