Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge German pre-orders launch

11 September, 2014
The smartphone is listed at nearly €1000 on Amazon, but other retailers have it for €699.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-296725, 12 Sep 2014Wow, €999OR you could get the €699 option
OR you could wait a week or 2 until they drop below €600
OR wait a couple of months till they drop below €500.... just saying.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2014Based on past Note history, an increase in screen resolution is ... moreNote 4 = get lower 3D futuremark score...that means,
One+1,OneM8,MiPAD are much faster than Note4

Note 4 = S_._ck
QHD=marketing whores

Please accept the life reality....

  • AnonD-296725

Wow, €999

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2014yes ..your comment perfect.. QHD display = 2014 marketing rus... moreBased on past Note history, an increase in screen resolution is offset by improvements in software and hardware and should mean that the Note 4 battery life is better than the Note 3 (Samsung is saying 7%).

In relation to the usefulness of a QHD screen
Below are some comments from hands on Note 4 reviews:

BoyGeniusReport: "I won’t mince words: The quad HD display on Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 4 is the most gorgeous smartphone screen I have ever seen."

PCAdvisor: "While using the Note 4, we found that the screen had an incredible sense of depth, and we can imagine that it'll be difficult to go back to full-HD once you've used a smartphone or tablet with a Quad HD screen like this one."

Gizmodo "The Galaxy Note 4′s screen is the star of the show. The display is undeniably stunning,.... I often involuntarily muttered “wow” to myself while swiping through different menus and apps, so that’s a good sign."

anandtech: "the difference in resolution between 1080p vs 1440p was quite noticeable to me."


  • Anonymous

AnonD-397, 11 Sep 2014Finally REAL price for THE BEST device on the world! Take my mo... moreLot of crap......

  • paragb

Omg ! This comment section has become a samsung haters & old note3 users playground ...guys this is very very obvious thing to happen and i bet everyone is aware that this is a price to pay for the latest tech .....if u want it now get it or leave one is forcing u to buy it now..

  • Anonymous

Dovice, 11 Sep 2014Got a lengthy hands on with the Note 4 and Note Edge at ISA a fe... moreWhat...Note 4 the fastest...what da crap you said..."give me a break"...
the 3D futuremark score wont reach 18000(that is failed)..TEGRA k1 device score about 27000...(9000 more better)

QHD display is the cancer in the NOTE4.

  • Anonymous

mina, 11 Sep 2014Me also. QHD just eats your battery more and compability in andr... moreyes ..your comment perfect..

QHD display = 2014 marketing rush = useless in mobile usage

  • Anonymous

AnonD-305805, 11 Sep 2014Apple's camera 8 MP sensor delivers quite some pictures though. ... moreyessss bro...the picture quality is not Megapixel absolute
determination....there are few factor with LENS teechnology...

Some android fan...pretend to understand this...or they are naive.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2014One big advantage of QHD on the note 4 is the use of the VR syst... moreVR gaming with the size of phablet...Come are drunk..

Higher resolution(1440p) will degrade the device GPU rendering performance and slowing down the overall operation of the operating system.
Even the text font look sharper as what you claimed just now, you still need pinch zoom the screen that will match the human eyes focus perspective(degree) view.

Higher ultra pixel resolution is "NOT PRACTICALLY USABLE" for mobile because its still with the small size of form factor compare to desktop.

Can you imagine...last 10 years ago...a PC with 17" screen monitor 1280x720 still and will able to read the text properly and still crispy even compare nowsday standard 1980x1080.

Why the heck 1440p is needed with small size of hand?????LG and Samsung has making "HUGE MISTAKE" of the 1440p screen.

  • AnonD-293308

Why does Germany get this pre order first and the US gets nothing. Bs.

  • Anonymous

mina, 11 Sep 2014Me also. QHD just eats your battery more and compability in andr... moreOne big advantage of QHD on the note 4 is the use of the VR system. The resolution needs to be halved to achieve a stereo effect which only gives you 255ppi. If it was the HD screen the resolution would be down around 190ppi which isn't enough.

Every one always says the new resolution will lead to worse battery life but the opposite always happens because of other improvements.

  • simonh

ill stick with the note 3 wait for some genius at xda to port over note 4 software and ill be happier and wealthier than if i stump up for note 4 itself,it feels like samsumg are doing an apple and making minor ugrades to their phones and expecting everyone to stump up loads of money for the privilige of the having the latest number...

  • mina

AnonD-278667, 11 Sep 2014LG is the best wait when the real phablet rival for the note 4 ... moreInteresting. I'll wait for next year. I'm keeping my note 3 because when I saw this its just not an upgrade. I think many note 3 user like me know this. It's a minor upgrade even the edge. The edge is just a side screen nothing else. It doesn't help on anything in reality use. It's a gimmick and renns even talk about this qhd does nothing but eat your battery, still not yet compatible on android apps and movies/ videos are fullHd so it doesn't really help again another gimmick. We need to think when buying a phone sometimes.

  • AnonD-278667

LG is the best wait when the real phablet rival for the note 4 appears the LG G pro 2 will definitely be better than Samsung best phone. the 3 was the S5 competitor and not the note 4.

  • mina

DarkSync, 11 Sep 2014I want to upgrade but after seeing the price.i better stay with ... moreSame here mate.

  • mina

AnonD-262556, 11 Sep 2014now one needs to sell his home to get this device!! to hell wid ... moreThis might true for other countries.

  • mina

no thank, 11 Sep 2014impossible buyer will buy note 4 to the price is very expensive.... moreAgreed. To pricey for just a phone. You can even buy microsoft surface pro 3 tablet/ laptop only 799. I ask my friend he will buy it on that price he said " no, it's not practical" he rather buy an s5 than this thing.

  • AnonD-397

Finally REAL price for THE BEST device on the world!
Take my money and SHUT UP!
This is status/prestige device!!!
Samsung don't have real competitions...
It's NOT expensive, because is the best!
crApple is expensive for old unusable technology... and
we know how this "business" ending. Nokia is example!
crApple have only brand name, just like Nokia and use TOO MUCH money for nothing... but... not for long time!

  • AnonD-305805

darkraver, 11 Sep 2014Yeah, the same reason appleheads buy the iphone despite 8 mpx ca... moreApple's camera 8 MP sensor delivers quite some pictures though. 1 GB is sufficient as iOS doesn't require more. But yes, also Apple can be ignorant and I think they could have done MUCH more with their iphone 6's releases. Pretuding camera wth? plastic bands? Plain ugly. Not to mention no stereo speakers, not waterproof, huge bezels, and so on.