Nokia 1110

Nokia 1110

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  • Rashid

Hi, Can we do ringtones in it and game plz help me

  • Anonymous

Nokia 1110 is a great phone but the black screen is no so great. Not a smart idea of it being black with a green light. It is a pity that you cannot change it.!

  • Carl Koenig

In answer to the question about volume control, it is possible only when you are making a call or speaking.
The control in the middle of the phone which has a North/South and West/ East possibilities controls volume when the phone is being used to dial a call or when speaking on a call but NOT in the standby mode. Pushing the East button increases the volume and pushing the West buttom decreases the volume.

  • Liquid

i've recived a nokia 1110 today ..i think it's great:) my opinion

  • Habibur Rahman Nuri

I am Habib. I buy Nokia 1110. But I have a great problem. When I recieve a call then I can not hear easily. Because Incoming Call Volume is very low. It any solution please send me mail on Please this problem is very dangerous for me.

  • Anonymous

this phone has the best batery i ever had,the record of this phone is 14 days,is the best

  • mike

I just got it..after 2 hours af playing with menu, tones and stuff i think that it is a nice and fast phone..the display is great and greater would be only if changed green into yellow..outside in plain sunshine it's readable but you must have no problems with youe eyes

  • Anonymous

can u get a usb cable for this phone???????

  • ghaedi

How can i change the background colour of my nokia1110? someone help me.

  • Anonymous

That's a phone. Enter a number and call. When a call comes, receive. After all it's a mibile phone for the "masses".

  • stephen muwonge

Please can someone help me with my Nokia 1110 it's last year's model my problem is i cannot send out a sms text it refuses every time yet i can ring out and recieve calls but sms's are not happening for me at present.The Nokia is only 1 week old. thankyou Mr Muwonge

  • andrew

Hi all
i recently purchased this handset one thing which wants to know how to compose ringtones which consists of space can anybody help me out??

  • >

Phone is Really Cool...But need to Know ThiZ..

1.) Can I Connect to PC? Data Cable..?
2.) Change into Colour Display ..?
3.) Download Ring ToneZ..?

Please Can you Help Me..?

  • muhammad Aftab

only Display must be vice versa required.other wise it is really nice product.

  • Alamgir

I am fully satisfied with this handset.

  • dj_andy

Great phone for is money... I like the black screen, but today i have changed the LED's to white. Is so cool. SUPERCOOL!!! Is another phone. I don't understand why Nokia guys are so bad, to put green lights instead of white ones. The keypad has white, whynot the display??? Overall, good phone, great sounds!

  • Andrew

This phone is wicked...i love the black screen but, i think there is more to it this phone...:-)

  • Nordia

Ihave a great problem with this phone. Whenever i activated the key pad code and i tried to open the key pad it still using the press* and itsnot asking for the code that i entered earlier.

  • raj

i like all the fecilities of this phone.
i have a doubt that , how can we down load additional ring tones to this phone

  • farouk

I have this type of phone (nokia 1110).When i was searching on net I came across the nokia free tunes.But very unfortunately I couldnt down load them on my phone.Iwant some hot tunes.May you help me achieve my request!