Nokia 1110

Nokia 1110

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  • Anonymous

i think this phone is awful who came up with the idea of a black screen can i change this screen

  • frantz

I like the phone very much,but the probleme is with the black and withe just....

  • Sandeep

i actually bought Nokia 1110 coz i heard like that nokia 1110 is upgrade version of nokia 1100 & nokia 1108 with Speaking alarm and clock. and i am so much familiar with nokia 1100 & nokia 1108. for nokia 1110, All excellent except "Inverted screen" (light digit & black background). and when u dont like to see this kind of screen. mobile is totaly useless for you. so i sold out nokia 1110 within a day although i lost around 30% money from my buying price.

  • Behzad

Inverted screen (light digit & black back)
Can I change it? Please help me I don't like it!!
Can I connect it to PC?

  • ahyen

bought the phone for P2,900++ i think its worth it even if its lcd is inverted, size is just right, not bulky, very reliable phone.

  • Anonymous

All excellent except the display (inverted black & white). Awaiting Nokia 1112 ...


  • ~Leel

The polyphonic ringtone, the keypad style and the low price attracted me to buy her.

  • Anonymous

How can i connect it with my PC. I want to transfer some mp3 or AMR tones to my 1110.

  • gede

She's great fon.
Long life battery.
She can send my sms later, she can blacklist, she can do everything that i need from phone.
She's basic fon, but she's better than all expensive nokia fon coz she's fulfill my basic needs with love and care.
I Love her, my true love.
Go for it....

+6285220933338 (bali, indonesia)

  • Mubeen

i just bought this mobile. i change alot of handsets and nothing compares to a nokia. a basic set with everything right. this phone is intended for only those who need to attend a call or send a message.
chaddd .. the volume can be adjusted during a call by pressing the arrow keys ..... !

  • Anonymous

very good features

  • Tabarak Siyal

i wana know how to add mp3 toun in it

  • swaps

well i gto this 1110 , I it's 2 gd .
only Q i hav is... der is a kind of "port"(may b data)nr. d charg'n piont. can any 1 tell me wats d use of it?????

  • chaddd

I was wondering if anyone knew how to adjust the volume of the Nokia 1110 during voice calls?

I know how to adjust the volume of the ringing tone but not the volume of the callers voice.

I find that the callers voice is either too loud in quiet rooms or too soft in traffic. The manual has nothing on this topic.

  • Anonymous

i actually bought Nokia 1110 cuz it's the cheapest Nokia Brand New one i could avail of for a while since i just lost my mobile phone. I didn't pay attention to its feature but after a night and day with it...i'm starting to fall in love with's not only that is truly friendly it comes respectively in a nice package hehehe...Two thumbs up...Nokia family...


it is a good phone it last for a long time

  • Titus

Hi everybody.
I have something to say what i think it's wierd. I do not know what the problem is with you guys.
you all complain about the display that it is bad. When i bought mine. I tried it out in a very sunny and bright day and i can read the display perfectly. Also if the sun is shining directly on the display i can read everything. So some off you just have bad eyes. And the keyguard problem. i don't have that problem niether. It just worked fine. This is just a very good phone. Nokia just keep up the good work. greets Titus from the Netherlands.

  • blackberry_miss

guys, where do i get tones for my nokia 1110? im from the philippines, help please?

  • Adnan Jaffery

Well i bought the phone two days ago and i also agree to the people who have given comments on this set that it has poor quality display in the sunshine but one thing is cool which is its MP3 grade sound ringtones which lets u feel and distinguish amongst the crowd. So go get one anyways i like to lurk in the night so i think i can sight Nokia 1110 okay.

  • Anonymous

affordable elegant cute hehehe. nice. nokia is the best.