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Nokia 1110

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  • AnonD-504138
  • vxZ
  • 21 May 2016

I absolutely love my wee Nokia 1110 !!. I acquired a mint condition, as-new grey hand set just a month or so ago. It has the Nokia Silicone "wet-suit" protective cover, and i have a spare battery (the current batt. is excellent - with up to 6 days between charges under avg. use). Aside from the metric/imp. converter, another feature i love is the talking clock/alarm. Very handy, but also a novelty. I personally have a dislike for touch-screen/smart phones. I have a laptop pc, and a 7in tablet, but when it comes to mobile phones - all i want is to txt, make and receive calls with clarity and to have a good battery life. Which the Nokia 1110 does. It's light but has a quality solid feel to it. Voice call clarity is good, and battery life is excellent. If you are luck enough to find one of these in good working order, grab it, because these somewhat "retro" phones will outlast most modern smartphones in both battery standby life and the units life. IMHO, old is good ;-)

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    • GWP
    • jaD
    • 14 Apr 2016

    AnonD-523220, 06 Apr 2016Great phone. Tracfone says it needs replaced as it is G2 n... moreG2 means Generation 2 cellular network, G3 (3rd Generation) is a newer technology, they are up to G5 now with latest smartphones. They are stopping the older system to process the signals from the older G2 phones.

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      • AnonD-523220
      • kEy
      • 06 Apr 2016

      Great phone. Tracfone says it needs replaced as it is G2 network. It does not have any network I know of. Free new phone G3, what ever that is, Seems too complicated as all I want is to push the buttons and talk. Guess I will find out when new phone arrives and I already think I may not like it. The 1100 is small and uncomplicated and fits a small pocket.
      All this happen when I wanted to buy more time. Now I must wait for new phone. They call this progress, I do not think so.

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        • vG8
        • 31 Mar 2016

        why dont they re release this phone ?

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          • Subrata Mitra
          • Mfx
          • 07 Jan 2016

          I'm buying this phone 2005 and now 2016..... this mobile still now ruining.... with no any problem. great nokia.

          we all hope nokia will come back again....

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            • AnonD-483097
            • uNV
            • 01 Jan 2016

            plz NOKIA come back again on your own face.

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              • AnonD-478962
              • utG
              • 21 Dec 2015

              This is my first phone..really super

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                • leghy
                • ajU
                • 20 Nov 2015

                The hottest phone in stable operation over 10 years. There can be intercepted

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                  • dilip
                  • 2Z3
                  • 24 Aug 2015

                  ple.came back agein

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                    • Guddi1994
                    • Hkt
                    • 18 Aug 2015

                    Best phone ever. Using it past 8 years. Never had any problem.

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                      • aazzz
                      • Y}N
                      • 18 Aug 2015

                      how long does the battery last

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                        • ronee
                        • tUd
                        • 23 Jul 2015

                        i hav his one , its till running with good back up

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                          • hi
                          • 7AT
                          • 08 Jul 2015

                          where is this phone made like what is the address

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                            • Rajnikant
                            • 7jV
                            • 12 Apr 2015

                            This is the best instruments

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                              • antcaro
                              • BG4
                              • 27 Feb 2015

                              The best cell phone of all time. I have mine for 8 years and it works like a clock. I have a moto G 2nd generation but I prefer my old nokia 1110.

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                                • nah
                                • Rxb
                                • 17 Feb 2015

                                weapon of the gods

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                                  • hglk
                                  • teq
                                  • 05 Feb 2015

                                  I love this phone.. :)

                                    It was my 1st mobile phone. my dad still use it. very nice phone made by nokia. almost 6 years now. i learned how to call and sent message from mobile phone. enjoyed a lot. Thank you nokia.

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                                      • raj
                                      • Y}K
                                      • 08 Oct 2014

                                      totally agree with the above comments...I still use mine!!!...I found a selection of different cover designs at a market store... after the original ones became too old, including the finger points also in different colours...I love that it is 'retro' and looks different to modern mobiles!!!

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                                        • wongteknologi
                                        • tA$
                                        • 30 Sep 2014

                                        Nice phone until now :)