Nokia 1110

Nokia 1110

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  • Rana from Lalru

I like this phone very much bcoz it was my first set which i bought in 2005, i did lot of masti & fun with ds phone in the early days of my life.

  • Anonymous

mine is awesome like it very much!!

  • Anonymous

My Nokia 1110 won't display complete msg. How can I rectify this, please.

  • kasi

my handset is nokia is very good pice

  • monica k

totally agree with the above comments...I still use mine!!!...I found a selection of different cover designs at a market store... after the original ones became too old, including the finger points also in different colours...I love that it is 'retro' and looks different to modern mobiles!!!

  • AMIN

best phone ihave seen it is always the best and evry one could bought it.

  • Ayub

I miss snake xenzia and pocket carrom games now in new handset

  • Ayub

It was cheap and best fone I used it for 5 yrs.

  • AnonD-182744

My first phone :') I miss it...

  • yoyoyo

i still use him

  • piyush kalbhor

myyy first phone

  • Anonymous

my first phone

  • rumtzai

nokia rules

  • chena

kanchan, 27 Mar 2013its realy nice yarserios

  • AnonD-94933

3. Nokia 1200 born 2007; sold 150 million.
2. Nokia 3210 The chunky gem, selling 160 million.
1. Nokia 1110 sold an astonishing 250 million after it went on sale in 2005.

  • Anonymous

i like it

  • kanchan

its realy nice yar

  • Lirahalibonoe

I have forgotten my security code and therefore unable to open the phone beyond the security-code prompt. How do I unlock it


Im still using this phone, excellent model in its range.....

  • John

Good hand competent hand set and easily unbreakable. The people of India has given warm welcome for this launch. It has induced people to use mobile phone as their part and partial of life.