Nokia 3510i

Nokia 3510i

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  • M
  • Matt
  • 01 Apr 2003

Hey can anyone PLZ tell me the following things about this phone, how many txt messages can this phone store?? Where can i get FREE ring tones from without having to pay for them? And free pictures or logos?? Cos I cant find a website without having to pay for them. PLZ help me!!!!

    • j
    • jabs
    • 01 Apr 2003

    can anyone tell me what gsm is and can this phone use mp3? thanks oh yell ive found downloaded tones from my wap are low in sound if anyone could text me some descent tunes id be greatful

      • D
      • Dave
      • 26 Mar 2003

      Does anyone know how to get FREE ring tones from?? thanxs a lot

        • j
        • jedz janjua
        • 22 Mar 2003

        heyya ya pplz jedz here nuthin 2 worry bout guyz! will do anything 4 ya guyz! so u guyz wanna know wap n Gprs site for free games u got it!
        for free games visit: "Http:// " from there u can fine free games i ve many more but email me if any1 of u wanna know bout free polytones or games java app etc! i m right here! n yeah 1 more u want free polyphonic tone here the site:
        " Http://" hey n yeah rem no spcaes!!
        ba bye

          • J
          • James B
          • 21 Mar 2003

          does any one know a web site with free picture messages? does this fone have moving messages? please reply !

            • a
            • angel_guy
            • 19 Mar 2003

            I have just bought the nokia 3510i, replacing my old phone (3330) and I think it is a brilliant phone with many features! Especially compared to the 3330.

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • 09 Mar 2003

              Can somebody tell me where the volume control button is?The arrow keys dont do it & there rnt any keys in the side too.Considering the noise in India u could hardly hear what the caller is talking.

                • p
                • peed-off
                • 06 Mar 2003

                Horrible little phone. Naff keyboard. Naff the way the sides light up. Perhaps fun for four year old kids.

                  • 4
                  • 4yrs of nokia
                  • 05 Mar 2003

                  Very nice phone a small bit bigger than my last 3310 but , i think the screen is too dark when the light isn't on so you can't see the signal or batt level , and theirs no beep when you go to charge the batt, but other than these 1st niggles,the phones great when the light is on very bright, the tones are good , I've heard worse like the J7 but their good a nice phone for only €179

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • 04 Mar 2003

                    looks alright, but the screen, its too dull! the lighting on it is v. bad!!! brighten up for fucks sake!

                      • j
                      • jedz
                      • 02 Mar 2003

                      hey guyz canany 1 of tell me where can i get free games for 3510i "FREE" via wap o gprs thank you!!!!!

                        • I
                        • Io
                        • 25 Feb 2003

                        Englosh: I thought i can save 150 sms with his "large" memory like others cool Nokia (6210, 6510, 6310 etc) but i can save just 50. Fuck...
                        Ro: Am crezut ca pot salva 150 de sms-uri cu memoria lui "mare" ca la alte mobile Nokia mistoace, (6210, 6510, 6310 etc)dar am constatat ca nu pot salva decat 50 de sms-uri. Poate ma anunta si pe mine cineva daca telefonul lui se comporta la fel.

                          • M
                          • MICKY
                          • 24 Feb 2003

                          i've just bought the phone and i think its great, colour is ok, but its cool in the dark.

                            • H
                            • Herman Kim
                            • 23 Feb 2003

                            I have this phone right now and I hate it. The menu is complicated, the size is too big, everything is slow, too much loading for games, no clour on WAP, colour quality bad, the phone crashes (!)alot of times...
                            The list goes on. My friends are VERY jealous bcus of my phone but I simply don't think it's a reliable phone. I'm switching to a Samsung which I really like.

                              • I
                              • Io
                              • 18 Feb 2003

                              From Romania:
                              I have this model about a week and i think so far is good. I had before 6210, 6150, 6510, Z5, 2618, 3210, 511. So i must say that i know telephons. No major soft problems, but i recomand you that you should wait a few mounth until you by it, because until then he will have a good soft. Polifonics tones are acceptable but total inferiors compare to others phones. It's rong about one thing: Why you have the meniu "Phone book"? Because in principal screen when you press names you enter in the phone book. It's a shity thing...Anyway, because my english is shity too, i say thats so far is a good model at low price.

                                • r
                                • redVIRION
                                • 13 Feb 2003

                                well... i decided to but this phone, it's nice, almost cheap and.... it has a color screen.
                                i hope it will have satisfing options for backgroud etc.

                                  • B
                                  • By
                                  • 12 Feb 2003

                                  Hey Ven seems as though u got a faulty one as mine doesn't do that and i've downloaded games etc.

                                    • v
                                    • ven
                                    • 12 Feb 2003

                                    I just bought this fone yesterday & i am pretty happy with it.The color screen is amazing.considering the price u pay the features u get r amazing.the only thing i found wierd is that once u play the games (java!)& close it,the fone gets switched off for 3-5 sec & then switches back on!Is it only with my piece or is it common?

                                      • e
                                      • erw
                                      • 08 Feb 2003

                                      s chassis will get 1 soon. beans

                                        • m
                                        • malak
                                        • 03 Feb 2003

                                        im going to buy this one but if it kicks my ass then FUCK NOKİA