Nokia 3510i

Nokia 3510i

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  • 4yrs of Nokia
  • 01 Feb 2003

Its supposed hopefully to be out the 1 of feb in ireland on vodafone €236 upgrade , today really can't wait,

I've had a 3210 and currtenly on a 3310 but its giving trouble switching itself off in the middle of a call,

i think the HS-1C camera headset is compatible with the 3510i , not sure though

    • B
    • Bert Brouwer
    • 29 Jan 2003

    Great phone! We hope to sell it soon in our Dutchtone Shop! Good price Vs. quality! Please keep me informed about your website?! Is there something as a newsletter, I can receive?! Thanks!

      • M
      • MATRIX
      • 26 Jan 2003

      check out ......... .................. loads off goodies for your 3510i s ok respect ...........

        • J
        • Jawaad
        • 21 Jan 2003

        yeah Excellent phone, has many features, overall itz a gr8 phone, ut is there any Wapsite which offers free j2me games for this cell.
        thnx bye

          • D
          • David
          • 21 Jan 2003

          I'm about to buy this phone, looks very funky and the color-display rules.
          a real deal, monthly 20 euro(abbonement) and 30 euro when i purcase it

            • H
            • Hery
            • 17 Jan 2003

            Do you know how hard to get money in this year?? I think u should make good product with price around 1-5 dollar baka!

              • M
              • MATRIX
              • 14 Jan 2003

              good phone have a samsung t100 . but it is feature less compared to this little number . any wap sites for funky wallpaper .

                • J
                • Jedz
                • 13 Jan 2003

                Yeh this cell phone really Rox, To many fatures..Excellent phone..

                  • M
                  • Mr Ed
                  • 12 Jan 2003

                  I've owned this phone for 2 weeks now and on the whole I am very pleased with it. Stand out points are build quality, menu system/display and signal strenghth.It Beats my T68 hands down in these areas. On the negative side the phone is a little bit bulky. I paid £125 from in the UK

                    • l
                    • lollyloza
                    • 10 Jan 2003

                    Hi,I'd like to know if you can use the covers of the 3510 on the new 3510i phone.Are they the same size?

                      • B
                      • Benna
                      • 08 Jan 2003

                      Hello guys!
                      Yap Nokia phones are just the boom! But here in kenya the cells are quite expensive! Can anyone know where i can get a cheaper nokia even second hand?? Email me pliz...3410 /3510i....
                      Thanks Lol

                        • j
                        • jedz
                        • 07 Jan 2003

                        this cell roz...Excellent cell phone..just gr8...but only problem cant find its wallpapers???is there any website which offer 3510i colored images

                          • P
                          • PhOnE KiNg
                          • 06 Jan 2003

                          good offer in virgin mobile this fone yes the 3510i is ony 130

                            • j
                            • jedz
                            • 03 Jan 2003

                            listen up jakov i know 7210 has a better display n also a much better price? is tat true guyz......n tatz only cuz of itz large display screen..

                              • r
                              • ruzi
                              • 29 Dec 2002

                              design ok but the colors on cover isn't good.

                                • J
                                • Jedz
                                • 28 Dec 2002

                                Whatever but u guyz r jealous of nokia....SAmsung n other companies suxk nokia rulz...check it out guyz really itz an excellent cell with all the features a cell can except infra red....itz same as 7210 just the shape is deifferent thumbs up 4 nokia..

                                  • J
                                  • Jedz
                                  • 28 Dec 2002

                                  hey guyz this cell rocks i know itz shape is not good but check out all the features of 7210 in just 1/3rd of itz rocks..same colors same function the difference is only wut.....This cell rocks...

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 14 Dec 2002

                                    3510i-250/230$ 3650-480/520$ 5100-450/480$ 6100-500$ 6800-500$ 7250-720$ 8910i-720$

                                      • J
                                      • Jakov
                                      • 14 Dec 2002

                                      There is no camera for phone that costs less than 250 $/EUROs.

                                        • b
                                        • ben
                                        • 11 Dec 2002

                                        does anyone know if there is/will be a camera attachment for this phone?

                                        its a waste of time asking about this kind of stuff at the carphone 'cos they dont know anything about the products they sell!