Nokia 500

Nokia 500

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  • fanboy

I want to see stephen elop's face while releasing this "electronic communication machine". This device would be the most innovative product during this season by Nokia.

  • AnonD-3240

no GPU.....bound to lag in apps with visual will run terribly bad on it....and the lag in the video is due to the same....dont expect u'll get the same depth of graphics as on n8 or x7...

  • AnonD-16060

Consumers are really getting confused about which smartphone to buy as time goes by. As soon as you purchase a device, another one with broader specifications is released in the market. What i can say about this trend is that guys just establish your tech needs and purchase what satisfies your tech needs. But the nokia 500 really looks touchy. :-D

  • yuvraj

hey guys m plang 2 buy i phone 3g s......
plzz suggest which wud be better..

  • jeedy

why on earth NOKIA cant release a phone which has all the features, alwys they leave out some feature off from all the fones and they loose there market, come on NOKIA come up with a some gud ideas and release a fone which has all features and some cool apps

  • Norg

Total crap, 2 years old X6 was beter...

  • divaka79

256 ram,512 rom

  • Arnab INDIA

dont listen to me just compare it with iphone 3gs. And u will understand with company cheat how much money...just see...

  • Arnab INDIA

Look at the price its a great phone with ample of Net connectivity ,good Screen resolution (even better than iphone 3Gs).push mail free of cost(better than Blackberry data plans),Flash 4 support(almost support 95% web pages which contain flash) 1 Ghz processor(any one have any phone with 1 ghz phone under this price please criticise me ,other wise shut up), Symbian Anna operating system(thats lags behind in some respect of social networking but i guess most of the ediots in the world spent more time in social networking sites because they are not social in real world & they dont have any work to do.).I request all my Nokia fans just go for it,not beause it manufactured by Worlds most dependable phone company but its specification and value for money.
Thanks a gsmarena team.

  • AnonD-13321

Daily interest 0 to 22 in just a few hours. Nice stuff :)

  • George

Nokia Are Youy Crazy ??? Symbian Already costing you to lose the war and yet you all still using Symbian???
The market is already in ios and Android....
If this carry on....Nokia ...Sooner You Will be Out
Heed the consumer advise i am waiting for nokia to release Android Mobile rather than Symbian......Nokia Stores so little Apps compare to Android Apps.....
Symbian is out already.....

  • Alamzeb

I need a video call on skype in nokia .plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Alamzeb

Plz Nokia stop Cheap models And no difrence C5 and Cheap 500 .. Plz Wrok on Skype Video call..There is No one nokia to skype Video call I hate Nokia...

  • Anonymous

Does it support office and pdf?

  • AnonD-6289

I'm guessing this will be like the next-gen 5800.

  • shredder_otagel

holy crap!
and here i was waiting for nokia wp7. now if only nokia would UPDATE their OVISTORE much like how the android market works then just maybe i might buy myself another nokia phone.
was really itching to get an android phone but the battery life just aint for me, twas the wait for the wp7.

  • AnonD-6938

it's the era of 3.5 inch or bigger screen! Nokia, please more aware with the market lately

  • Anonymous


  • fireball

ah..finally nokia is concerned about power by adding 1ghz processor.

  • AnonD-588

Wow Excellent phone with all facilities and reasonable price Nokia is Rocks again.