Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

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  • sonyia

reallyyyy good value for money good work nokia

  • aryan

i buyed this 5 days ago...
it looks gud but next day its speakers started giving some very irritating sound......
i heared this from so many of many frnds who buyed new handset......
and can anyone tell me what version of software is available now...

  • Anonymous

Hey . . I bought this phone 3weeks ago. . And i often face restart problem and sometime the music gets stucked while playing music player and java application. .and currently i am using a 2gb memory card but i have seen in some website this phone support 8gb card as well but in the phones manual and nokia website it it clearly stated,this phone only supports upto 2gb . . So is it really possible to expand upto 8gb,please assure me

  • redge

MY REVIEW ON 5220 xpress music using my own phone....
lewlz this phone rules in different way but still it wont replace my w810i the one that i lost...

i got this phone one major problem is that it really restart itself i dont know why i got 1GB as a package and its not working well in this unit so i upgrade it to 2GB still i encounter the same problem it restart by itself... sometimes it slows i think it depends on the theme cuz' animated themes slow the phone processing just my openion...

so far good phone but i want more battery life for in my dry run this phone lasted:

6 hours of gaming
25 hours of music playing flight mode
20 hours of music playing normal mode
5 hours of video playing
18 hours of txting
4 hours of call time
2 days for normal usage minimal use

well it comes handy with its resolution and s40 5th generation, thanx to them i was able to install

200 java games
40 application including winamp player
120 themes (the themes of 5300 & 5200 works)
520 songs in MP3,M4A,acc,wave, wma format
4 movies in 3GP format

animated themes works well,the display is very gud comparable to 16M TFT of 5310, the sound is OK but E65 is louder what a shame for a music phone, i like the flash message,
slim but not that compact, lovely design its an eye candy, head turner, gud camera without an auto focus use the memory card as default it save the image faster, gud UI but poor display under the sun meaning no light sensor? why?

nice crystal like lining on the front cover, the back cover has rubber feel and has a nice design in a back you can see from the back that it has a illusion trick it will make the phone smaller from that view...

over all i will rate it 7.5/10...

and im a proud user of this phone with the price of 7500 here in the phillipines complete package is a great deal plus a one year warranty...

  • Anonymous

the phone looks gd but the bk of it spoils it lol gettinn the phone soon

  • Anonymous

phone is great!! but need info on how to troubleshoot the memory card... just bought a new unit along with it the standard microsd 1gb card. I have only loaded around 90+ mp3 tracks into it. And an error pops up and sometimes the phone hangs up, and a message says that the memory is full. When i check available memory it says both on the pc and on the celphone that i have still around 400+mb of space left. Tried trouble reformatting it three times now, but still get the same errors. need help.

  • kuuyu

my friend bought this phone with me, and its a really very good phone.. and it only cost P8,000 here in the philippines.. the picture quality is amzing.. its not look like 2 mp.. it really is clear and the sound is also great.. all in one compact phone.. great phone, very great..

  • kontolover

Great phone..speaker much better than 5310. I put 8GB microSD & still work marvelously. This is a recommended phone

  • TheJoker

using this phone make the user different from others.
people always focus/think/see on the different side. so Nokia release a different design phone. why hate different? aint different cool?
and one more "Why so serious?" lol

  • Kouks

Revorski, 31 Aug 2008the thing is i want to download a movie from my pc and watch it ... moreyes it is possible all you have to do is convert the movie to mp4 from your pc and then you can watch it on your cp

  • Revorski

Manish dobhal, 28 Aug 2008it will play 3gp, or mp4 filesthe thing is i want to download a movie from my pc and watch it through my cp. is that possible?

  • Prabakar

Prabakar 9840149470, 30 Aug 2008I bought it a week before for Rs.7800/- from Wavetel. Seems to b... moreLinks> Images>

  • Prabakar 9840149470

I bought it a week before for Rs.7800/- from Wavetel. Seems to be OK. It has hanged 3 times and has restarted 2 times in this one week period. Camera clarity is some what OK. Refer>
Video clarity is very poor. Refer>

  • kamran

one introduction on some other mobile review website said "good web connectivity" what are your comments guys? is the browser performance better than 6120c?

  • jen

can i ask. what do i need to do to make the memory card my default receipient on any transfer file to my phone? where can I find the settings?

  • Sekar

Just 2mp camera,
it is ancient already,
also operamini does not work in s40 phones, unless you have a billing scheme, atleast not here in mumbai/india.
i knew , for i once used 5310 express music, that had the same specs as this phone............

  • Sandeep Singh

Hi i want to know about these mobile. Which content we get in the new box of it.

  • rakesh

it`s specifications r nice wht about the price of the 5220xpressmusic

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2008hey ne 5220 users out there...hows the sound in headphones as co... moreit'snice

  • Anonymous

baba, 27 Aug 2008can enybody tell me does it suport wma file? One can transfer the audio files with Nokia PC Suite: mp3, mp4, aac, -aac+, and wma /convert mp4 and aac.
Yes, wav can b played 2 :D

I've discovered that I can't control the brightness of the screen :( In sunny days it was almost blank.
I like its sound, enough for non-pro listener. Never compared it with SE and other models.