Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

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  • Prince

guys.......have any compared 5220 with n91 in stereo headphone??? i think n91 have much louder sound than 5220!!! ????

  • Manish dobhal

Revorski, 28 Aug 2008good day! what type of video file does it play? i tried wmv, mp... moreit will play 3gp, or mp4 files

  • ramakanta

its good in music.but not in camera .it is a 2 mega camera but zoom is 4*.this is very light.but it works very fast with 1gb card

  • Anonymous

Just had a the unit this week. Just wondered if this thing suppport .m3u playlist files? tried setting it up on winamp 5.54, but it can't read the playlist file i've created. It's pretty hard to create the playlist file manually on the phone, not if you've got 4gb worth of mp3's. No problems so far with sound and memory card problems. Planning to get a 8gb card. Still have to find out how to set up playlists in .m3u format. Anybody know any good 3rd party applications in case this thing can't support .m3u?

  • Asad

sound quality is good but not like walkman phones

Sony Ericsson is still leader in music phones

  • kmb

why is it restarting? what can i do to stop it?

  • Anonymous

hey ne 5220 users out there...hows the sound in headphones as compared to 5310???

  • Revorski

good day! what type of video file does it play? i tried wmv, mpg, it wont play

  • Vinkle

I bought it yesterday.....amazing phone,good sound in speakers but not so good in headphones. But very fast interface. 1GB card included in box.(New Delhi) INDIA.

  • ravi

dis cell is super cool i m using it & it sounds gr8.
hope dis ll bv liked by mah other frnds also
i would sipmly reccomend other to buy dis also

  • vinod

hi i m vinod from faridabad i have 5220 express music.i think that is great stylish for new generation people .

  • baba

can enybody tell me does it suport wma file?

  • Frede

Jeff, 23 Aug 2008So I read everywhere this phone only supports up to 2GB cards? I... moreI found the following page which confirms that 8 GB cards indeed work. It puzzles me why Nokia would not confirm this in their sales specs.

  • happy2b

amit, 25 Aug 2008can u pls tell me whether the light around the muzik shortcut ke... moreyes, it can be set off in the Settings menu

  • happy2b

gagan, 26 Aug 2008it has flash or, it doesn't have a flash(camera)

  • happy2b

Just bought 5220 ;D in Israel.
My 1st mob with such specs so to say
It's very light in hand, slim. 5220 has distinctive number buttons and rubber back cover. May b not so fast in menu as 6300, yet enough for decent usage. Needs a cover or a protective film at least.
Came with all standard accesories except from the battery - BL-4CT!!!. It was brought from Turkey:the languages r English and some Arabic. Gonna change it 2day 4 BL-5CT.
When I'll use it 4 while I'll post more :D

  • Anonymous

hey in sum sites they hav given that the phone has an usb connect of 1.1 version which is too slow in data is true???

  • mani

i mean u cn neva eva get a gud pakage den diz..
no it don ve a flash

  • mani

i ve bought dis phn ystrday n m sooooooo hapy wid diz deh i cnt stop moislf 4m apreciatin i8.. doz who r confusd 2 buy i8 or nt, plz don b cnfusd, buy i8. trust meh u cnt eva get a gud pakage den dis..its so sleek n sexy n ov vryy lgt weight n cumz wid 1 gb card, headphnz n data cable..
d quality ov music is soo gud, u cnt resist urslf frm listning music wen itz in ur hand n camera is alzo suyperb
Der is only 1 prob deh i8 hangz sumtymz buh i still luv i8

  • gagan

it has flash or not.