Nokia 5233

Nokia 5233

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  • Sajeeb chandan from

[deleted post]You can format ur memory card. But be aware of that it will delete all data from ur memory card. Better than u can scan ur card. This will remove ur all kind of viruses. If not the problem is solved u can format ur phone by this code *#7370#. This will remove all data from ur phone and card. Sorry for my bad english. Thank u.

  • Anonymous

cool phone thanks 4 nokia 2 release a phone lyk dat in affordable amount

  • Sathish kumar

It is Super Handset,Iam really enjoing with this,One of the best models after 6233.

  • utk

sony v.j, 15 Dec 2010hey guys ,never use c6 fimware.lot of bugs. do not get fooled by... moreAgreed, atleast wait till the release of stabler versions. :-)

  • sony v.j

hey guys ,never use c6 fimware.lot of bugs. do not get fooled by youtube videos or the discussions. i tested it and again came back to the original. do not ran after fancy theme effects like idiots. and if you want to use a cfw,use any 5233 based one.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2010why the uda file is~ blank(249B) in Katalyst?to gain more space in C:// drive.

  • Anonymous

hitman47, 15 Dec 2010guys dont go for flashing your handset and all there a software ... morecan spb shell remove certificate errors?no.
Does it consumes much ram ?yes.

With a custome software you can install almost all apps and it not consumes much ram. Also a lot of other advantages. So, it is up to you to decide.

  • novice pony

hi guys. Check this site for loads of usefull softwares and games for s60v5 mobiles. Appniapps. Com. Most of the softwares are cracked and available for unhacked phones. And sb please guide me wether bluetooth of this phone has hid profile? Means can we connect external bluetooth keyboard with it. As iwas previously using 5320 nokia and it had.please reply thankx. Pony

  • hitman47

guys dont go for flashing your handset and all there a software by name sbp shell u can find the cracked version or the registered version on install it and blive me ull forget symbian 3 or android or apple , its a awsome software...
5233 rocks

  • hitman47

Aquarius Beast, 14 Dec 2010Hi Guys . . . Can you please tell me some cool sites where i ... you got loads of free downloads there

  • Anonymous

PP007, 14 Dec 2010Hi all, After doing a bit of research I hv decided to buy thi... moreaudio quality is not bad at all . in fact its better than some other models of nokia /other brands.its magnificent set in its range.i rate it by what it has not by what hasn't.i give it 9.5

  • Anonymous

Overseer, 15 Dec 2010Thanks mate for letting them know what i meant.i meant camera fl... morewhy the uda file is~ blank(249B) in Katalyst?

  • Overseer

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2010Overseer told u that flashlight was camera's flashlight. This mo... moreThanks mate for letting them know what i meant.i meant camera flash light. And the images captured in indoor is not good enough,it gives so much noises.but outdoor clicks are good.

  • utk

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2010Guys im confused about buying a headset. By showing ur comnts im... morePhilips is a relatively new entrant in the field of headphones. So the chances of getting fake models are less. You will find lots of Sony and Sennheisers knock offs but not philips.
Recognising real from fake atleast in case of philips would be difficult. You will have to depend on build quality alone as sound quality at first would be kinda pathetic. It requires about 50 hours of burn-in time to produce it's real audio output.

  • Sbdevilmind

dlsnhuff, 14 Dec 2010i wanna ask that be FAQ : 1. how is sound quality [music] if : ... moreYour post is already answered. Still i would like to point out some of the misunderstandings that you have, just for your information.
Nokia n8 has video capture capability to take 720p videos. That is, resolution of 1280x720. Wvga is only 800x480. Although its a fact that no mobile camera takes wvga videos. 720x480 known as D1 is possible. And 'p' in 720p means 'progressive' not 'pixel'.

  • Anonymous

Guys im confused about buying a headset. By showing ur comnts im thinking about philps she/shh 9700. But im in bangladesh. So im not sure if i can find it in here. If i find it then im not sure that it is original or duplicate. Some1 tel me how can im sure abut its originality.

  • OWNER_OF_5233

Guys u noticed. Sometimes when i'm going to capture a image there show some discolor or not gud quality. If so then i swiched it to video mode. . .haha. Bcz sometimes it make me confused. What is gud. Image quality or video quality. Most of the mobiles image quality is better than its video quality. But this mobile is difrnt. I think by comparing with its image quality the video quality is so nice. So dont use camera 4 image capturing, direct video. .hahaha.

  • Anonymous

dlsnhuff, 14 Dec 2010thanks a lot... that's quite give me information about it. i s... moreOverseer told u that flashlight was camera's flashlight. This mobile has no camera the way this mobile isn't gud 4 camera but its video quality is nice like n95,5800. If ur budget is 6k then go 4 it.

  • Anonymous

Eby, 14 Dec 2010Most of the people are in big mistake - Image acceleration and... moresame thing with 5233 also .

  • Anonymous

Overseer, 14 Dec 2010M giving the answers serially- 1. The sound quality is clear an... more5233 has flashlite 3.0. Its flash player can play flv videos.