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  • utk

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2010!@utk,sb,winder.. Hw can i view system folder in default file... more1) Use nokia file browser(not available in 5233 by default)
2) No, graphical smiley is not supported.
3) Use the pencil app for marking files & msgs.

  • DIPU-5233

I like this all Nokia product with model,because it is all type features and so many design. so never i take any mobile phone,only Nokia is my lifestyle. NOKIA CONNECTING PEOPLE............

  • utk

[deleted post]type *#06# on your dialer and apply for cert and key using the imie that you get from your phone. Make sure that the imie you submit at s60certkey is the same as that shows up on your screen. The chances of ur phone being a clone are low, so don't worry about it.

  • nk333

SidewindeR, 01 Nov 2010Mate try downloading a signed version from mobile9. Power mp3 si... moreIm asking too basic questions but please dont mind.
How do i know before downloading whether application is signed or not. I have doing by trial and error with 100% failure rate. Please suggest some way out of this.

  • Anonymous

Roshan B S, 02 Nov 2010It's a gud phone. But neither a memory card nor a data cable i... moreit comes with a data cable now.but the length of the cable equal to the length of the

  • Roshan B S

It's a gud phone.
But neither a memory card nor a data cable
is supplied.The headset is too bad.[Loudspeaker volume has quality but lacks loudness.]
A serious user might
need all the 3 which
may cost around 3k.
So think twice b4
buying it.

  • Anonymous


Hw can i view system folder in default file manager??Is thr a way 2 view smileys in txt ??Is thr a better way 2 mark msgs ???

  • shane

help me sidewinder,utk,sbdevilmind..i think my phone dosent have a valied imei...well it goes like this..i tried to put d cert key from cer.opda and s60 cert key but it shows invalid fone is jus 1 month old and i get sdis crap!help me my fone cloned or sumthin?

  • mohit

from where i can thr firmware files of revenge^6 daily mobile forum there is no link for the frmware...sidewinder please help me.

  • Anonymous

how can i get back tn my original firmware from cstm frmwre..

  • utk

utk, 02 Nov 2010No, not possible at this time with the available firmwares. Unli... moreBtw, idk whether Dravidian is supported on latest firmware.

  • utk

SidewindeR, 01 Nov 2010Mate I would advice you to stick to a v21.1.004 based cfw for th... moreI heard the creator of Revenge^6 is going through a though time. He met with a bike accident(minor injuries) and later fell from stairs. So we may have to wait a bit for Revenge^7.

  • utk

venugopal, 01 Nov 2010utk,can i install malayalam fonts in my phone?No, not possible at this time with the available firmwares. Unlike S40E5 devices like 5130XM that has a firmware for each and every region of India with local language support, 5233 firmwares for India comes with a single language pack(Indo-European).

Indian firmware variants supports Indo-European languages and it does not support Dravidian languages.

  • utk

SidewindeR, 01 Nov 2010Hmm back to the old drawing board I guess... So as long as I use... moreI think it's perfectly safe as far the memory card stays in your phone.

  • Sbdevilmind

SidewindeR, 01 Nov 2010Oh I've passed that test as well mate... The phone could not fin... moreNice!!
Hey, do you have the application that can change the phone's font size. I had it but lost it.

  • Sbdevilmind

venugopal, 01 Nov 2010utk,can i install malayalam fonts in my phone?It is possible to install different languages by using firmware variants meant for a specific country or state. I don't know if any firmware variant of Malayalam language is present or not, but i will tell you one thing. When i had my nokia 5130 XM(s40v5), i put inside it the firmware variant meant for singapore. That way i got all the japanese or chinese fonts support. As a result, when you open a chinese website then instead of boxes, you will see those fonts. Looks beautiful, although useless(how am i supposed to know chinese, lol). My point is that, what you are asking is very much possible. Note: remember, even if there is a firmware variant available for your region, its not necessarily true that your native language is present in it. You can't know that unless you install the firmware and check it manually.


Hi Guys, i have some questions. THANKS IN ADVANCE.
Lets role man,
1. Can the processor be overclocked? What is the limit if it can be?
2. Does it harm the phone or proves useful? and what difference it makes in running games and applications?
3. Is Wave 2pro i.e. s5333 hvng qwerty pad, betr than this?
lookng 4rward 4 superb replies from u fellows.
And I am from Pakistan.

  • venugopal

utk,can i install malayalam fonts in my phone?

  • FRom Karachi

Hey Guys, I have a questuon. Can the processor be over clocked? And does it work or harm the phone?
Thanks in advance. And Sidewinder, do u play Halo multiplayer?

  • SidewindeR

mohit, 01 Nov 2010hey current phone version is 21.1.004 and the upa... moreMate.. Revenge^6 is based on v21.1.004. you can download it from the link below

For detailed flashing guide and for all the necessary tools, just check out this link as well.