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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

tno, 02 Oct 2008mahn.. Awesome phone. for sure. does anyone know, that it has a ... moreYes, it does, in addition to handwriting recognition and a virtual dialpad with T9 for input.

  • tno

mahn.. Awesome phone. for sure. does anyone know, that it has a "onscreen touch QWERTY keyboard"?
cuase thats what i want..!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Hazzy, 02 Oct 2008there are a few styluses you can buy for capacitive touchscreen ... morethis isn't at all an iPhone competitor, it's targeted at the same market that Nokia has always held, and that android is attempting to break into.

  • Hazzy

there are a few styluses you can buy for capacitive touchscreen phones like the iPhone. like this one called the Pogo:

perfect for those cold days in Finland with your gloves.

Nokia went cheap because they're behind in touchscreen technology and this is the fastest way they could come up with an iPhone competitor.

handsets like these shouldn't be called touchscreen phones. they should be called stylus phones.

  • Coma

Hazzy, 02 Oct 2008from a review on "While the touchscreen is sharp... moreIf you knew anything about touchscreens, you should know that Resistive and Capacitive not only have the same costs, but one is not older than the other. It's just two different ways to handle touchscreen interfaces, depending on the application.

That being said, I cannot comment on the review of the prototype Gizmondo used.

  • snuxoll

Hey, I wonder if this will come with Nokia's sip client now that I think about it. I've been wanting to buy an N85 because my N75 is old and because it has the sip client. The camera's not a big seller for me and this has a much better price point.

  • snuxoll

phoneking, 02 Oct 2008no stereo speakers as advertised why not ????I assume gsmarena got the specs wrong, the phone *was* just announced.

  • 5800

diz hve been tha best fone i hve ever seen

  • phoneking

no stereo speakers as advertised why not ????

  • Anonymous

snuxoll, 02 Oct 2008First of all, I see a lot of people asking why Nokia used a 3.15... moreSame here. I aint a fan of touchscreens, but with 5800xm around, i might start touching too.

  • Dan

Hazzy, 02 Oct 2008from a review on "While the touchscreen is sharp... moreThat was the prototype. Wait for a review with the retail version.

  • snuxoll

First of all, I see a lot of people asking why Nokia used a 3.15MP camera and not their standard 5MP module? The answer is simple, this is *not* an NSeries device, this is *supposed* to be below the N7X tier, not that it looks it with that spec sheet.

As for the 'old' touchscreen technology, it's cold in Finland, land of Nokia, capacitive touch screens require *gasp* contact with your fingers to work. This means it wouldn't work through gloves, just thought I'd point that out. And it's not like transistive touch screens are innacurate by nature.

I really am amazed that Nokia decided to enter the touchscreen battlefield with a 'low-end' phone by their standards, but I suppose it will be competing with the price-point of the iPhone and the likes.

I've avoided touch screen phones because they've always been gimmicky, but now that Nokia's in the game I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm gonna touch it damnit!

  • Anonymous

Hazzy, 02 Oct 2008from a review on "While the touchscreen is sharp... more Wow, I already knew something unusual on this. Quite a full-feature touch phone for only ~ 280 € ? That explained it.
Touching flaw on a touch phone, that sucks.

  • Adliayob

Oh yes! Both Samsung and LG will definitely launch their S60-5th models very soon. This is a good news for us!

  • Hazzy

from a review on

"While the touchscreen is sharp and bright, it's resistive rather than capacitive, which means instead of accurately picking up the light zap of electricity from your fingertips, it registers where two thin layers of the screen get pushed together under your finger.

On the prototype we played with briefly, it's much harder to get touches to register, and far less accurate than the iPhone's capacitive screen.

The 5800 packs a built-in stylus for this reason—you'll be using it a lot. Don't plan on using this thing for heavy emailing or texting—you'll probably be using T9 text entry with the touch dialpad or the stylus for most of your text entry unless you have the patience of a monk, which kind of defeats the point for an all-touch device these days."

ultimate FAIL. Nokia went cheap and used old touchscreen technology to cut costs.

  • blah

u can turn off 3G feature if not unused right?? i dont use mobile internet

  • blah

very nice...
3.5 standard jack
very good batt life....hopefully
30fps is quite good for video quality right?
price very good too

  • Dan

The most awaited handset of 2008 is here. Good.
Some websites say its going for 279 euros. Is that really true?

  • Arun

The features are EVERYTHING INCLUDED and the cam is 3.2. I see people complaining. Do you know why its 3.2? its because this phone is MID RANGE PHONE. not high end. Its the immediate answer to iphone. In india iphone costs 31000 rs but this phone is 279euro, that means 17000 rupees. Now u see, with mid range specs also iphone is beaten! And this is the first device so wait for higher end phones they will come!

  • Anonymous

this is the daddy of iphone :P