Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

this is the daddy of iphone :P

  • Ankit

Looking nice a copy of iphone lol.;)

  • Dani

its beaten iPhone Hands down!

  • Anonymous

Good design, good specs but bad interface.

Its icon is very ugly.

  • Dani

Nice Nice Phone....

  • matija

very niceee
i will try to buy this phone...

  • Anonymous

i want it!

  • RaXa

attraCtive .. niCe featurEs .. mUst bE a g00d t0y!!!!

  • gam28toronto

King Kong, 02 Oct 2008They should have used the 5MP camera they know use widely. I sup... moreit's a 5- series phone what do you expect?

  • hugzzy


  • mkmd

Nokia has just imitate other company . this phone like (I phone)from apple & ( renoi) from LG .

  • gam28toronto

Finally! my baby has arrived!

  • Anonymous

Nokia have really outdone themselves this time, they improved their battery life time at last and also entered the touchscreen battle... the only downside is the 3.15 mp camera .. but anyways .. way to go nokia!!

  • King Kong

They should have used the 5MP camera they know use widely. I suppose the work on this phone phone begun too long ago and they took too much time to keep it up to date
But i think 3.15 Mp is still good especially if the video at 30fps has the same quality as N79 or N85, but i doubt it.

  • Rudolf

finally there is some light. i've hear and read about it that nokia was comming with this model and i couldn't wait for it. but sadly it won't be available in my country not yet. i live in suriname and i hope that this phone will be available. but the phone itself look promissing. Iphone beware... thank you nokia...keep up the good work

  • NokiaDict

This phone looks stunning, amazing!... But I'll not change my N82 for this device...

  • Anonymous

dude..why would you buy urself and gf,,the same phone..and 2..would she like this phone..its more for guys..dont think ur gf would like to use this pen to write texts...

  • Anonymous

Just wait month or smth like that and u will see HIGH end touchsreen from Nokia ;)

  • Anonymous

why not 8mp...if it was 8mp..this phone would really sell...and i would buy it..but this 3mp is just pathetic..for this phone...maybe they will announce some nseries touch screen with better specs

  • Anonymous

Awesome phone... But i still can't believe about price :D 279Eur !! Its too cheap :D THX NOKIA