Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Rudolf

finally there is some light. i've hear and read about it that nokia was comming with this model and i couldn't wait for it. but sadly it won't be available in my country not yet. i live in suriname and i hope that this phone will be available. but the phone itself look promissing. Iphone beware... thank you nokia...keep up the good work

  • NokiaDict

This phone looks stunning, amazing!... But I'll not change my N82 for this device...

  • Anonymous

dude..why would you buy urself and gf,,the same phone..and 2..would she like this phone..its more for guys..dont think ur gf would like to use this pen to write texts...

  • Anonymous

Just wait month or smth like that and u will see HIGH end touchsreen from Nokia ;)

  • Anonymous

why not 8mp...if it was 8mp..this phone would really sell...and i would buy it..but this 3mp is just pathetic..for this phone...maybe they will announce some nseries touch screen with better specs

  • Anonymous

Awesome phone... But i still can't believe about price :D 279Eur !! Its too cheap :D THX NOKIA

  • param

wow great phone with touch screen but why camera is 3 megapixel. Execept camera i think its best nokia phone.

  • Daniel

I think it is really good looking and I will by 2 just upon release, one for me and one for my girlfriend.

Very good job Nokia.

  • isG

cool 4ne...

  • ttp

this is so ugly mobile! I am so dissappointed on Nokia. And I think that the user interface is not very userfriendly.

Few days ago I thought that I am going to buy this mobile, but hell no anymore. Shame on you Nokia!!!