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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Moon

Can anybody plzzzz tell me whether this phone(Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic)can play videos with .flv format or else can i download the REAL VIDEO PLAYER/FLASH PLAYER???? Plzzz anybody help me out! I shall b grateful.. :)

  • Anonymous

Nader, 08 Jul 2010I'm gonna love v60 firmware, Divx support?? Awsome, even iphone ... moreDon't worry, even without V60 this phone has much more features than the Iphone...

Bluetooth file transfers for one....
And it can make calls unlike the new Iphone 4

  • Nader

I'm gonna love v60 firmware, Divx support?? Awsome, even iphone doesnt have divx!!!!! :)

  • Anonymous

The n900 has a newer version of Bounce. Can we get it for 5800????? Someone please comment!

  • Anonymous

I'm proud of my 5800, i am a very rough touchscreen user/gamer still this baby is holding on, even though its made in 2008!!!!! Absolutely love it =))))))))))))

  • Xuhaib

Love this love,since i bought.only lacks is the Poor quality camera,as its predecessor Nokia 5530 Camera lacks Carl Ziess but still its new firmware made lot improvement with gr8 camera quality.So 5800 needs to get new firmware with gr8 camera output in 3.2 MP

  • Anonymous

Sungod, 08 Jul 2010Hey if u want to compare the phone compare with a touch phone no... morehey another person thinking I am dis-respecting the Nokia 5800, I am not, i actually like the phone. If this was meant to be just an entertainment phone they could have got away with just Sybian 40 software but they havent they have used S60 (ok S60 ver 5) whereas all the E series phones previous (like E52) had S60 (ver 3) so e52 was a great phone and the specs/usability of the menu's features were good. maybe if they would have applied the same features of E52 to this Nokia 5800 (I know it might be incompatible with touchscreen) but if they did keep the features of the E52 (such as the phonebook and the active screen to name a couple)then this phone would have been better - What do you mean it is an entertainment phone? - it has a lot of business features too especially in the way of good calendar, to do list and converter and world clock and ability to load office programs so its not just aimed at music listeners!

  • danz

hi bro,,
i got good news for this tube..
nokia will release new firmware with biggest faetures...
please wait for this....
nokia will optimal ability this tube....
the homescreen like n97 maybe not include on this firm,...
i proud use nokia....

  • Andyr12345

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2010You are wasting your time talking rubbish about this phone like ... moreyou mis-understand I was not dis-respecting the phone or its features, I actually like the phone and think it has lots of good features. I only listed (personally for me) where I think Nokia could have improved on this phone and hopefully help people decide when wanting to buy one with detailed specifications/using details but you have took it wrong way.

  • enable java

my nokia 5800 and all nokia devices iv had befor always told me to enable javascript on web browser while it enable already and so i cant open many web sites.i dont know why?!

  • Anonymous

Gilly, 07 Jul 2010As a 5800xm user i recommed u to to go for X6 16gb version.. wh... moreits price is rs13700 now

  • nokia addict

guys if you want to check the latest firmware update?? go to nokia website or that is the most reliable source that i know so far. but if there is a news or a leak that there will be new version update, pls notify all the 5800 users here thnx :))

  • 5800 user

It is fake or a custom firmware

  • Roar...

anonymous, 08 Jul 2010Guys V60 is here.check it yourself .its the greatest firmware up... moreWhere did you find v60? I've checked Nokia UK site and it still shows v50...

  • Parth

anonymous, 08 Jul 2010Guys V60 is here.check it yourself .its the greatest firmware up... moreIn which country do you live? I didn't find any update!!

  • anonymous

Guys V60 is here.check it yourself .its the greatest firmware upgrade nokia has ever released.Changelog which i have found:
1.A new homescreen just like N97,with widgets.
2.Autorotate in homescreen.
3.Camera quality has improved drastically.
4.loud speaker output while playing music is very very loud.
5.KS has improved much.
6.Touch sensitivity has also improved and its quite responsive.
7.Speed of the phone has increased very much.
8.BEST PART IS :Divx/xvid Support .guys now u can actually load avi files into ur 5800 and watch movies on it.
9.WLAN performance has also improved now.
10.Battery need no charging for atleast 4 days now.
11.Multiple tabs in the web browser.
these r the changes which i have noticed.See for urself.

  • Parth

NEO, 08 Jul 2010I'm indeed pleased that the daily interest for this wonderful ph... moreMe too waiting for v60. Hope it brings home screen widgets like in N97!!

  • me

is this phone worth buying? Is it a reliable phone?

  • Aruna

NEO, 08 Jul 2010Hye.. The recommended initial charge needed is actually 8 hou... moreThanks,Neo

  • Rendy

NEO, 08 Jul 2010I'm indeed pleased that the daily interest for this wonderful ph... morewhat? the new firmware, v6.0 will come out??? hooaah.. I'll b waiting 4 it... I'm really recommend this tube 4 every1,